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Commissioner Guide, Solving Disputes - Footballguys

Our commissioner guide offers tips on solving league disputes

As a commissioner, one of the hardest things to deal with is a dispute between two owners in the league. An owner may submit a questionable lineup or two owners may make a trade that looks very one-sided. The NFL may change the scoring of a particular play and it changes the outcome of a fantasy game, or one site may say a player is a tight end and the other may say the player is a fullback. The longer that your league is in existence, the more likely that you'll run across one of these situations. You can try to anticipate these type of things with your constitution, but what if you run into a situation that doesn't quite fit into what you already have in place? Here are a couple different approaches that you can take to resolve these situations without tearing your league apart.


Always remember that any dispute should be resolved with the overall goal of the league in mind. It isn't about what works best for you or the guy who is your best friend. You need to approach every situation thinking, "How will the league benefit the most from this decision." Even if the dispute is only between two owners, the rest of the league will be impacted by the decision. You're setting a precedent for future situations, and it might not involve just two owners next time. Always ask yourself what will benefit the most people going forward. If you proceed in a reasonable manner, you should come to a fair decision that works best for your league.

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