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Commissioner Guide, Rule Twists - Footballguys

Our commission guide looks at possible rule twists

Running a successful league is as much about experience as anything else. Over the course of a season, owners develop patterns of behavior and interactions. Owners find gaps in the rules or figure out how to beat the system and use it to their advantage. That's okay as long as it doesn't harm the league overall. As a commissioner, it's your job to recognize these things and try to implement rules to prevent it next season. In some cases, everything will be great, and you may just be looking to shake things up a bit. Either way, a couple rule changes/additions may be exactly what you need. This article will focus on how to implement general league changes, regardless of your format.


Changing or adding rules to your fantasy league is a straightforward process, but there are a few general things you should think about before making changes. For starters, think about the goal of making the rule change. Are you looking to stop a particular behavior by certain owners, or is your goal to create a more balanced league where everyone can win? Maybe you're looking to encourage more trades in your league or create more waiver wire opportunities. Whatever your reason, make sure that it improves the league overall. Implementing rules that only benefit two teams may actually hurt your league rather than help it. You should always consider the good of the league before making any changes.

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