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Commissioner Guide, Getting Started - Footballguys

Our commissioner guide looks at the basics of getting started

To begin with, you need to sit down for a bit and think about the type of league that you want to have. You need to make some key decisions before moving forward and once those are in place, you'll be able to get things rolling. Use this article as a guide to get things started, and check the other sections when you get to that point.

Money or Not? How Competitive Will Your League Be?

The most basic questions to answer right out of the gate is if you are going to charge a league fee and pay out prize money. Everything about your league really starts with this question. If you plan on running just a friendly league where no money is collected, much of your approach will be laid back and open. If you plan on collecting money, you need to be much more focused in your approach. You need to ensure balance and fairness. You need to make sure that everyone is fully engaged. You should be as certain as possible that people can't cheat somehow by helping each other or tanking a game. You must create a league constitution that is as detailed as possible, and you need to try to anticipate as many of crazy things that can happen as possible and try to plan for them.

If you have a pay league, you need to decide how much money that you want each owner to pay. You want to charge enough to keep it interesting, but not so much that you have trouble recruiting owners. Will you charge a transaction fee for free agency or trades? If you do, how will you divide it up at the end of the season? How will you divide the prize money? Will you award weekly prizes or will it be winner take all? Any additional fees or prizes will also have to be determined before you start.

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