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Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Football, Part 6 - Footballguys

Our beginner's series looks at how to prepare for your draft

Now that you have decided to take the plunge, and have a working knowledge of different league structure variations, and have familiarized yourself with your league's rules and scoring system, you are a step closer to the big event, the draft itself. One thing about the draft, it will be the main factor determining how your team ultimately does during the season (granted you can modify your team in season through savvy trading and targeted acquisitions from the waiver wire, subjects covered in later chapters of this guide). Draft well, and enjoy the benefits of success for the whole season. Draft poorly... well that really isn't even an option for a Footballguy, especially one schooled in this course. Just like taking a test or going into an interview, it is better to do so from a place of confidence and relaxed focus, which flows effortlessly from and is a byproduct of having done your homework beforehand. Don't be like those guys that grab a fantasy football magazine on the way from work, and look at it for the first time the night of the draft (at least give it a cursory look at lunch that day, dude!). Last minute scrambling can lead to disorganized and incoherent draft selections and team building.

The main areas that will be covered under this section's theme of Preparing for the Fantasy Draft will include the following (and they will be broken up into separate components and studied in isolation first, before combining the different strands of information and knowledge later):

  1. Scouting reports and player profiles
  2. Rankings and lists
  3. Mock drafts
  4. Thinking about what you know and putting it all together


The information and knowledge acquired about individual players, and the roles that connect them to their team's offensive schemes and plans can be likened to the building blocks and bricks that are the constituent parts of the team you will build. One of the most useful sources is Footballguys, including the player profiles, team reports, expert rankings, rookie impact reports, and faceoff series.

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