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Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Football, Part 12 - Footballguys

Our beginner's guide offers tips on making that playoff push

You have received sufficient advice in other sections regarding how to improve your team at different positions through waiver-wire work and through getting the best you can in trades. So, this section assumes you can already evaluate players and their worth to your team. When evaluating what to do with your team during your push for the playoffs, there are three major issues to consider:

  1. Is your team's personnel ready to make a push?
  2. If you are fairly certain you are making the playoffs, do you have the right players to make a run for the championship?
  3. Does your league have roster-move deadlines that will force you to add depth in case of catastrophic injury?

Is Your Team's Personnel Ready to Make the Push?

It is past the fantasy mid-season, and you are now focused on whether you will make the playoffs. What you need to do is evaluate your personnel to see if tinkering is required. If your team is strong but has had bad luck, or has players returning from injury, or is about to hit some favorable matchups for your key players, doing nothing may be the best advice you can give yourself. But, to make an evaluation, you must take a hard look at your team's strength and weaknesses. You need to devalue players who have upside but are not reaching it, and you need to be extraordinarily active in seeking a trade or two that will improve your weekly starting lineup over the last half of the season. Of course, don't ignore the waiver wire either.

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