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Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Football, Part 10 - Footballguys

Our beginner's series offers tips on using the waiver wire

The draft may be over, and the season may have already started, but if you really want to succeed in fantasy football, you're going to keep looking to improve your team each and every week. For every team that derails their season with a poor draft, there is one that turns their season around with a free agency pickup. Every year there are players that emerge from near-obscurity to dominate the fantasy scene. In some leagues last year, Jared Goff, Alex Collins, Marquise were exceptional discoveries. For every team that drafts a playoff-quality squad from the start, there is one that makes the playoffs because of someone they added during the regular season. Here are a couple of areas that you can focus on to find players who may have been overlooked by the other owners in your league.


It seems like every year, there is a rookie player who was drafted in the middle rounds that seems to explode onto the scene. These guys are often overlooked in a fantasy draft because they are just too risky to spend a roster spot on. Catch one of these rising stars early enough, and you can ride them right into the playoffs. Finding one of these guys creates one of the greatest feelings you can ever have in fantasy football: You feel great because you have outguessed every other owner in your league, and as your star continues to rise, every other owner in the league will be reminded of it! There is no better way to trash talk than to be massively successful!

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