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Average Auction Values - Footballguys

Summarizing average auction values for 2018

More and more fantasy football leagues are making the move to auction formats. I have written extensively about auctions, and I cannot tell you how much fun they are, once you take the leap into the format.

I have been asked by many subscribers to go out and find some Average Auction Values (AAVs) for auction leagues, which are the equivalent of ADP for an auction league. As many auction league players know, every auction is different and AAVs are just a guideline for relative value. Some leagues love to bid up quarterbacks, while others deeply discount them - but the relative value for all of the quarterbacks remains the same. That means QB5 will be about the fifth-most expensive quarterback, regardless of budget or league, give or take a spot or two.

The values below are based on a 12-team league with a $200 budget, and also an actual staff mock auction based on the same budget ($200) for players. Any player not listed below is assumed to be worth no more than a few dollars ($1-5), including all defenses and kickers. A few defenses sometimes go for more than $1 (such as Jacksonville), but as with most leagues, scoring differences for defenses vary widely and can impact the value of the top few options - but usually, a team defense should not be more than $2-3 at most. It should also be noted that the Draft Dominator produces auction values based on season-long results (which is why some suspended players have a depressed price).

Without any further delay, here are the values, first listed by overall value, and then sorted by position. I drew a line around $5-10, which results in a list of the Top 100-120+ players for your auction. That should represent most of your cap:

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