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Auction Primer: Overview - Footballguys

A complete overview of fantasy auctions

Here is everything you need to know to get into the auction side of fantasy football.

Auction Primer: Section I - Jeff Pasquino
Auction Leagues for Beginners

Auction Primer: Section II - Jeff Pasquino
Preparing for Auction Day

Auction Primer: Section III - Jeff Pasquino
Knowing Your League

Auction Primer: Section IV - Jeff Pasquino
Auction League Types

Auction Primer: Section V - Jeff Pasquino
Strategies for Building an Auction Team

Auction Primer: Section VI - Jeff Pasquino
Strategies for Operating an Auction Team

Auction Primer: Section VII - Jeff Pasquino
Nomination Strategies

Auction Primer: Section VIII - Jeff Pasquino
Auction Day

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