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Auction Primer: Section IV - Footballguys

Auction League Types

The setup of your league is a big factor in your auction decisions, and you simply have to consider them before you make your first bid. The size, setup, and scoring of your league matters at least as much - if not more - in your auction. Below are descriptions of several types of leagues and what are the important details to remember for each on Auction Day.

Standard Leagues - This covers both PPR and non-PPR leagues. By standard here we mean that the league is your typical fantasy league where you have 10 or 12 teams that play head-to-head matchups each week and then the best 4-6 teams all make the postseason. A typical league would have one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker and a defense in the starting lineup. The bench could range in size but would be usually 6-10 players deep. Normal auction planning rules apply here (be sure to review Section 5 - Strategies for Building an Auction Team).

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