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Auction Primer: Section II - Footballguys

Preparing for Auction Day

Education - Experienced fantasy players love to show off how much NFL knowledge they have - but it all has to come from somewhere. Whether it is Footballguys, Twitter feeds, news articles, NFL Network, ESPN or hundreds of other media outlets, you have to get an education on the NFL - and that learning never stops. The league evolves week by week, day by day - and while you can take time off from reading every last news blurb, at some point you have to catch up. Be sure that you are on top of things before getting ready for your auction.

Auction Tools - There are a number of these as well, including the old school paper and pencil, but most auction players have gone towards the laptop and software package approach. Footballguys offers the Draft Dominator to help you monitor the entire league in every way - budgets, rosters, player pool, adjustments to auction values - so that has to be a top consideration for you. Whatever you choose, pick one of them and use it during the auction. Don't worry about being mocked for having a laptop - a league championship quiets all those remarks in a hurry.

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