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Super Bowl Top Props

A Breakdown of Super Bowl Top Props

Top Props Super Bowl 53.

What is a prop bet?

For those that are unaware, during the Super Bowl you can essentially bet on anything that occurs from the start of the broadcast until the broadcast ends. Notice how we said broadcast and not the game? Things like the coin toss, how long the national anthem will be, what the first song will be played at the half-time show, how many times the camera will show players wives, and many more are extremely popular prop bets.

Due to there being so many prop bets, the Sportsbooks inevitably have mispriced something. While nothing is a guarantee, we are working in the realm of probabilities and essentially trying to come to the conclusion that something is more likely than the odds that are being given. For example, the coin toss is -103 which means that you would have to wager $103 to win $100 on DraftKings Sportsbook ($203 total). This is simply not a good bet, as a coin toss is a 50% probability with no way to gain an edge, and ultimately, you’re paying the website a rake in order to place that wager.

Top Props

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