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Buy Low, Sell High: Week 8

A look at the best players to pursue and sell on the trade market in Week 8

Buy Low

Taylor Gabriel, WR, CHI - Gabriel was breaking out as the Tyreek Hill in Matt Nagy’s Bears offense until last week, when Bill Belichick showed the diminutive receiver a ton of respect by playing more deep coverage, which opened up the middle of the field for Trey Burton. Gabriel getting that kind of treatment should show you where he is in the NFL speed wide receiver rankings, and what he can do going forward to build on his success. He still isn’t being taken seriously in a lot of fantasy circles but that will change soon.

Leonard Fournette, RB, JAX, Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN - It took a while but Cook and Fournette’s teams finally figured out that they needed to let their starting running backs get their hamstrings back to 100% before playing them again. Redraft teams that spent a first or second on one of these two backs might be in dire straits right now and ready to deal them for anyone who can help while they are on the pine. 6-1 and 7-0 teams should be circling the Fournette and Cook teams like vultures in trade talks right now.

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