DFS Roundtable: Mass-Entry Stacking

Break down for us how you'd distribute your exposure to stacks in mass-entry contests. Which stacks will you be especially overweight on?

Imagine I asked you to build me 10-20 lineups for a 20-max GPP contest; say, DraftKings' $10K Front Four. That wouldn't let you cover every attractive stack on the board, but would certainly allow solid ownership levels of your few favorites. Armed with 0.6% of the entry field, break down for us how you'd distribute your exposure to those stacks. Which QB/WR, QB/TE, or QB/RB superstacks will you be especially overweight on?

Justin Bonnema: I’d be looking to stack specific games. Most notably, Titans at Colts, Saints at Rams, Seahawks at 49ers, and Buccaneers at Falcons. My exposure would be heaviest to Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Marcus Mariota, in that order. And then I’d build a variety of lineups around these stacks:

Wilson/Doug Baldwin/Carlos Hyde

Wilson/Jimmy Graham/Hyde

Wilson/J.D. McKissic/Hyde

Brees/Michael Thomas/Alvin Kamara

Brees/Thomas/Mark Ingram II

Ryan/Julio Jones/Mike Evans

Ryan Fitzpatrick/Evans/Jones

Mariota/Rishard Matthews/T.Y. Hilton

Mariota/Delanie Walker/Hilton

Mariota/DeMarco Murray/Hilton



And to protect my investments, I’d fade the quarterbacks elsewhere above and use players like Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Cam Newton.

Jason Wood: Full disclosure: I don't play DFS this way. I rarely build more than three lineups, even for GPPs. Sometimes I'll wheel positions like kicker, defense, and tight end to add some diversity but my main lineups rarely try to cover the bases.

With that in mind, my preferred stacks this week are:




Ryan/Tevin Coleman

Newton/Christian McCaffrey

Newton/Devin Funchess


Alex Smith/Tyreek Hill

Smith/Travis Kelce


Chris Feery: Similar to Jason, I’m typically not a mass-entry guy. I’m more comfortable building single-bullet lineups, but I will occasionally dabble with three different ones here and there. That said, I have employed a mass-entry approach in the past when time has permitted. If I went that route this week, here’s how I would approach things:










I’d complement the above with stacks spearheaded by Brady, Carson Wentz, and contrarian options such as Paxton Lynch and Tyrod Taylor.

Danny Tuccitto: Unlike Jason and Chris, I am a mass-entry guy, but only because I worked all offseason on a process and program to do so. In fact, the premise of the question, i.e., entering 20 lineups into low buy-in Draftkings GPPs, is exactly what I focus on every week.

Preamble out of the way, Bonnema and I are on the same page. I tend to focus on specific games as well, and the games I like this week are the ones he listed; although I'm more lukewarm on Falcons vs. Buccaneers. The two games I'll be hammering are 49ers vs. Seahawks and Rams vs. Saints. In addition to the stacks from those two games that he mentioned, I'd add several more, as I want to get as much exposure to these games as possible and in the most differentiated ways as possible. Without listing every combination, I'm just looking to add more stacks involving C.J. Beathard, Marquise Goodwin, Goff, Gurley, Watkins, and Ted Ginn Jr.

One game Bonnema didn't mention that I want several pieces of is Chiefs vs. Bills. Given the ineffectiveness of these offenses lately, I think recency bias kicks in for the public, and so this is a game where one can go contrarian. Therefore, give me stacks and superstacks involving Smith, Hunt, Hill, Kelce, Taylor, LeSean McCoy, Zay Jones, Deonte Thompson (if he plays), and Charles Clay (if he plays).

Justin Howe: I don’t mass-enter in 150-max contests, but I’ll occasionally drop a modest () chunk of my week’s allotment into 20 entries for one contest. If I do so this week, it’ll probably break down like this:

Brees / Kamara

Brees / Ingram

Brees / Kamara / Thomas

Jared Goff / Sammy Watkins / Ingram

Wilson / McKissic

Wilson / Baldwin

Wilson / Graham

Wilson / Baldwin / Graham

Smith / Hunt

Smith / Hill

Smith / Kelce

Mariota / Derrick Henry

Mariota / Murray / Matthews

Mariota / Murray / Walker

My portfolio would round out with two stacks each from the Eagles, Falcons, and Patriots. And on FanDuel, of course, I’ve got to work in a few Steelers from the Sunday Night game.

Dan Hindery: Going heavy on the Brady-Brandin Cooks stack helped me salvage what was an otherwise awful Week 11. I’ll go back to the well with at least 25% GPP ownership of Brady and look to stack him with Cooks on at least a few of those rosters. Cooks has seen approximately 10 targets per game since Chris Hogan went down with injury. He has a solid floor due to all of the targets and his ceiling is nearly unmatched due to his deep speed. I also like adding one of the Patriots running backs to any stacks as well. If Brady does throw for 300+ yards and 3+ touchdowns, at least one of the backs should have a big game out of the backfield.

I will also be heavy on Russell Wilson against the 49ers. The entire Seahawks offense runs through Wilson as a passer and runner. The 49ers are the fastest-paced offense in the league, which leads to extra snaps for the opposing offense. Jimmy Graham is the best stack. Graham has seven touchdowns over his last six games and has easily emerged as the top red zone target for the Seahawks. The 49ers were strong against opposing tight ends early in the year, but they've since lost top coverage safety Jaquiski Tartt and have given up a touchdown to an opposing tight end in each of the past four games.

Cam Newton is a player whom I always like to have some exposure to. If I am playing 20 lineups, I will always want Newton in at least one. His rushing upside is through the roof. It’s incredibly difficult to pinpoint exactly when Newton will explode, but we know what kind of numbers he is capable of producing. Devin Funchess has been the go-to guy for Newton in recent weeks and is the top stacking option.


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