Beyond the Stats Week 15

Each week I uncover some interesting stats, tidbits and information that you may not know. 

Did you know?

Stat of the Week - Russell Wilson has 17 touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. The next closest is Matthew Stafford with 9. 

Get Eli in the Red Zone - Eli Manning has a 122.4 quarterback rating inside the 20 yard line. Inside the 10 yard line it's 120.2. 

Stick with two wide receivers - Ryan Fitzpatrick's quarterback rating is 86.0 but it soars to 138.2 when under center with two wide receivers in formation. 

Road Warrior - Alex Smith's quarterback rating on the road is 118.0. At home it's only 88.3

He gets better as the game goes along - Jordan Howard yards per carry on carries 1-10 is 3.9. On carries 11-20 it's 4.5 and on carries 21+ it's 6.4

Size isn't everything - LeGarrette Blount has scored only once on six carries inside the 3 yard line. 

First half warrior - Mark Ingram II has scored 8 of his 9 rushing touchdowns in the first half. His 8 first half rushing touchdowns is the most in the league.  

Not even sure if the Greatest Show on Turf did this - The Rams have four different players with receptions over 60 yards. Cooper Kupp (63), Sammy Watkins (67), Gerald Everett (69) and Robert Woods (94). 

Strong out of the gate - 16 of Andy Dalton's 21 touchdown passes came in the first half

rushing yards 1st and 10

highest percentage of first down on 3rd down and less than 3

Percentage of Touchdowns on runs inside the 3

Rushes over 10 yards

Percentage of first downs per carry

yards per carry on grass

Yards per carry on artificial turf

quarterbacks with 30 or more passes of 25 yards

yards after the catch (Quarterback)


percentage of pass attempts that result in a first down

Percentage of Touchdown passes per attempt

Percentage of first down passes on 3rd and 8+

Percentage of first downs per target

First down receptions on third down

Receptions over 25+ yards


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