Daily Crusher Sneak Peek

A glimpse into the 2015 Footballguys Daily Crusher app

Below is a sneak peek - for Footballguys subscribers only - of screan shots from the upcoming Daily Crusher app. Enjoy.

Before lineup completion page

  • Lock at least two players into your lineup
  • Generate multiple lineups at once - for instance, the five best lineups
  • Exclude certain players or all players of a certain team
  • Target a finish percentile based on where you need to finish in the contest to be in the money - so different lineups are generated for large GPPs as opposed to double ups

After lineup completion page

  • Millions - sometimes billions - of lineups searched in seconds
  • Cycle through all the lineups generated
  • Save and export each lineup generated

Analyzing single lineup page

  • Quick stats show the mean expected points score, the variance and how unique the lineup is
  • The graph shows the probability of the lineup scoring an exact number of points
  • See how the different staff projectors differ for this set of players
  • Analyze the minimum score expected at different percentiles

Analyzing multiple lineups page

  • Compare mean, variance and uniqueness across multiple lineups using the lineup manager
  • One lineup may show to have a lower expected mean than a second lineup, but a higher ceiling

Exposure analysis page

  • Distribute your budget across your lineups
  • The app will calculate your monetary and percentage exposure to each player

Lineup page

  • Set the site and game type the lineup is for
  • For each player, see our projections for points scored, ceiling and percentage owned

Player list page

  • Compare all eligible players
  • Exclude players or teams
  • Advanced views such as depth charts
  • Sort on six different columns

iPad lineup screen page

  • Combined screen automatically updates analysis as the lineup changes

iPad lineup manager screen page

  • Simultaneously view all your generated lineups for a week
  • Filter down to a specific site, game type or time
  • Exposure and multi-lineup analysis automatically update

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