DraftKings Super Bowl Showcase Strategy and Player Selection

Introducing the new DraftKings Showcase which allows you to play fantasy sports for just one game selecting both offensive and defensive players. This week the showcase game which matchup this week's NFL Super Bowl.

DraftKings has launched a new innovative product called the DraftKings Showdown that allows us to finally play DFS on a one-game slate while also selecting defensive players. The way that this contest is setup is that you select four offensive players which can be any position (QB, RB, WR, TE) and two defensive players which can be any position (DT, DE, LB, CB, S). This can lead to a big edge with this being the first week that these contests are out as there is a general lack of information out there regarding these contests.


If you are entering the Millionaire Maker, the first question you should ask yourself is, am I ok with sharing this with a large number of people or if I win, I want to share it with a few of people as possible. The reality of this contest is that first place is likely going to be shared just due to the sheer volume of players compared to the number of realistic combinations that could win.


Tom Brady- $15,500- Going with Brady at this price severely limits the rest of your lineup construction, plus he will be extremely popular, but will likely be the highest scoring player on the slate.

Nick Foles- $12,800- Foles will also be popular and depending on how you think the game will go may or may not be a great play. If the Eagles fall behind, Foles will be asked to throw the ball significantly, otherwise the Eagles will likely try to establish the run.

Rob Gronkowski- $12,400 Gronkowski is one of the highest upside players on this slate as the Eagles have struggled against the two elite tight ends they have faced this season in Travis Kelce and Evan Engram. Without Jordan Hicks this leaves a void and forces a smaller safety in Malcolm Jenkins to try to cover Gronkowski.

Dion Lewis- $8,900- Lewis is simply too cheap in this game, the matchup is horrible from a running standpoint, but Lewis has 22 receptions over his last three games which to get 6-8 catches from a running back at $8,900 makes him almost a guarantee roster and you can disregard what his ownership percentage will be.

Jay Ajayi- $8,300- Ajayi has gotten off to fast starts in each of his first two playoff games, but then he has disappeared for much of the game as he had 49 yards in the first quarter against the Falcons and 4 total yards the rest of the game. Against the Vikings he had 20 yards on his first two carries, but only three yards in the second and third quarter combined. The Eagles need to rely on Ajayi to establish the run and continue establishing the run to have a chance in this game. 


Danny Amendola-$9,500- This is going to sound crazy as Danny Amendola has stepped his game up immensely in the playoffs as he has 18 catches for 196 yards and 2 touchdowns over the two games. This recent surge in production is going to drive his ownership through the roof, but in reality this is a product of the Patriots taking advantage of matchups.

Zach Ertz- $9,300- The Patriots have absolutely shut down elite tight ends this season as they have held Travis Kelce, Delanie Walker, Charles Clay twice, Jared Cook, Chargers tight ends all under 50 yards. Where they have struggled against tight ends is guys like Cameron Brate, Ed Dickson, Ryan Griffin, and Neal Sterling none of which had a particularly great season. Simply put, if the Patriots are gameplanning to take the tight end out of the game, they have shown the ability to do so. This should be the case this week. 


This is a strategy where you want to identify how the game is going to go. The most likely scenario is that the Patriots throw the ball and avoid having to run at this defensive line, while the Eagles are going to try to establish the run early and will be forced to throw the ball late but likely not enough to target the cornerbacks in this game. Neither of these pass rushes are great and both offenses on the season have shown that they have the ability to avoid the sack. 

Malcolm Jenkins- $4,800- Can Malcolm Jenkins stop Rob Gronkowski? Probably not, but that doesnt necessarily matter as this will force Jenkins to be heavily involved from a defensive standpoint as he should be targeted frequently in this game.

Rodney McLeod- $3,700- With Jenkins having to likely lineup against Gronkowski, McLeod will have to stop Dion Lewis or James White which is a tough task itself as the Patriots will likely avoid running it up the middle and instead will throw the ball out wide to avoid having to deal with the mismatch on the offensive/defensive lines. 

Chris Long- $3,200- This one is a bit of a narrative as Chris Long just last year was wearing a Patriots jersey as he was on his way to a Super Bowl victory. However, he does have the best matchup of the group on this defensive line as he is going up against Laadrian Waddle who has really struggled since the loss of Marcus Cannon earlier this season. 

Kyle Van Noy- $5,100- Kyle Van Noy is likely going to be one of the more popular players this week and for good reason. Much like last game where he had primary responsibility for shutting down Leonard Fournette, Van Noy will have the responsibility to try to stop the Eagles running attack who will likely try to establish the run early in this game. 

Patrick Chung- $3,900- Chung draws the tough task to try to stop Zach Ertz which he has held very good tight ends this season to under 50 yards receiving as the Patriots are one of the best defenses against tight ends this season. The reason to potentially start Chung is that he should get some pass deflections as well as some tackles as inevitably Ertz will get some catches in this game and Chung can help in the run-stopping game. 

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