Evolving Injury News on Andrew Luck and Jordan Reed

Latest on new developments on Andrew Luck and Jordan Reed

Injury news moves pretty quickly once training camps begin. Tuesday afternoon brought news tidbits on both Andrew Luck and Jordan Reed.

Jason La Canfora reports rumblings of Andrew Luck starting season on the PUP list

La Canfora's comment was buried deep into a feature article discussing how cautious the Colts have been with Luck's rehab to date. But it's notable nonetheless.

Here's the quote:

"The uncertainty with Luck -- I've heard plenty of rumblings about him starting the year on the physically unable to perform list -- comes at a unique nexus for this franchise."

The rest of La Canfora's article fits with what we've heard from the Colts and Luck over the past two months -- 

"We want to make sure we handle the process right with Andrew, and continuing to do the things the doctors and trainers have told him to do, and we're going to follow that process," Ballard told me. "He's going through his throwing program right now, making sure he's got his motion back right and the next step is getting him to practice. And once we get him to practice we'll keep taking steps from there."

Luck's rehab status should be followed closely but I don't believe the Colts are considering the inseason PUP list yet.

The Colts were very careful with Luck's rehab. They waited as long as possible to allow him to start the throwing phase of his rehabilitation, likely hoping to limit Luck's risk of inflammation or soreness as the throwing program began. To date, there's been no indication of a setback in Luck's rehab. But the Colts and Luck left a slim margin for error by starting the program so close to the beginning of the regular season.

Whatever the reason behind the decision, we know Luck is not far into his throwing program. As of this weekend, he would not confirm whether he was cleared to throw a football yet. It's impossible for the team to know how well the rest of the throwing program will progress. But I don't believe they would allow Luck to speak with the media -- which he's been doing consistently since late June -- if there were new delays in his rehab.

A concern about the need for inseason PUP would mean the team believes Luck could need an additional 10-12 weeks of rehab from today. I don't think that's a reasonable conclusion if there's not been a setback. I'm not saying Luck will be at full strength by Week 1. In fact, I think it's likely he'll need to build arm strength, accuracy, and stamina in the early weeks of the regular season. But unless there's more than what the Colts and Luck are letting on, it's hard to see how anyone could be concerned about Luck needing to be placed on inseason PUP on August 1.

There's undoubtedly more to come with Luck. For now, cautious and careful observation is warranted.

Jordan Reed to have sprained toe evaluated by specialist


Here's what I wrote in yesterday's Injury Rounds feature:

For now, there's nothing new. Reed is said to have a big toe sprain and a compensatory ankle injury of some kind. He remains on the PUP list doing light individual workouts. There doesn't seem to be much concern in Washington. Your keys to concerns would be a visit to a specialist or the inability to come off PUP within another 7-10 days.

Today, Jay Gruden (per the official team Twitter account) said Reed went to Charlotte to see a specialist about his toe injury and there was no timetable for his return.

Players frequently have injuries evaluated by specialists. Medical records and imaging studies are shared and treatment plans are discussed. Traveling to the specialist's office is different. It usually means the specialist wants to examine the player and have a face-to-face discussion about the treatment plan. It doesn't always mean a prolonged absence or surgery but it's a worrisome development.

Unlike the Colts and Luck, Washington has not allowed Reed to speak with the media. He's only been filmed catching balls from the JUGS machine and doing pushups. No additional details have been reported on Reed's status. It's possible the visit was to re-examine, assess progress, and clear him to return to practice. But it's hard to trust there's nothing more here.

I expect national and local media to update Reed's status after the specialist visit. I'll have more after those details are reported.

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