eVALUEator: Thanksgiving

A DFS cross-site price comparison tool.

If you play multiple DFS sites, the Footballguys eVALUEator helps you choose the best sites to start your favorite players. It doesn't project player performance like our Interactive Value Charts. Instead, it identifies outlier price valution across the industry.

High numbers are green and indicate comparatively low salaries. Low numbers are blue and indicate comparatively high salaries. So for a given player, green sites offer more bang for your buck than blue sites. Click the positional text labels below to change the tables of data. Click the top of each column to sort or reverse sort the data.

We can't completely share our algorithm, but it accounts for all the key variables. As a starting point, we adjust for differences in scoring systems, roster sizes, total salary cap, and minimum prices at each position. After futher calculation, cross-site pricing aligns to create the clean comparisons in the tables below. We hope you find this information useful for adjusting player exposure across multiple sites.

For more help using the eVALUEator tool, check out this helpful video tutorial that fellow Footballguy, Phil Alexander, created last season.

Or ask eVALUEator creators, Maurile Tremblay and Austin Lee, questions on Twitter.

Position: All QB RB WR TE DEF
Kirk Cousins 43 7 -56 6
Case Keenum -16 48 -16 -16
Eli Manning 15 4 -25 6
Dak Prescott -34 -13 36 12
Philip Rivers -13 -45 33 26
Matthew Stafford 6 -1 28 -33

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