Monday Injury Rounds: Week 8

Making rounds on this week's injuries with followup on long term injury concerns

NOTE: This column is a living document. I'll be updating as needed after team press conferences, imaging reports, Monday Night Football injuries, etc. Major changes to the content will be noted in red. I'll also be retweeting any key pieces of news and my own reaction and analysis, so make sure you're following @JeneBramel and checking my timeline on Twitter throughout the week.

Scroll to the bottom of this article for a quick look table of the week's most pressing injury situations and a review of the skill position players on injured reserve / PUP / NFI.


LeSean McCoy | Aggravated left hamstring strain | Week-to-Week

It's easy to question the decision to use McCoy when you've already questioned the decision before it was made. There were multiple signs that McCoy wasn't at full strength late this week and aggravations are a known risk -- studies on NFL players show a 1/3 chance of aggravation in the first 7-10 days of return to football-related activity.

Leaving aside questions about whether McCoy should have played, there are two other nuggets that interest me here.

First, there was much debate on Twitter prior to game time about the multiple videos of McCoy warming up. Take note for many future situations to come: Those warmup clips mean very, very little. They tell you the player is deciding whether he can play -- and nothing more. Pregame reps are not done at game speed and conditions, even if they look like they are. McCoy told reporters after the game that he felt "amazing" in warmups then felt pain during the game. Consider reports and videos on pregame warmups as the answer to a yes/no question and don't get bogged down in the details.

Second, McCoy said he was "hopeful" he could play this week. The initial strain arguably required two weeks of recovery. Aggravations are almost always at least as severe as the initial injury. There's a chance McCoy's current injury is a minor aggravation of a minor strain. But it's very difficult to see McCoy or the Buffalo medical staff risking another aggravation this week. That would put McCoy's earliest return at Week 9 -- and the Bills have a bye week in Week 10.

Hopefully, pushing to play in Week 7 doesn't result in McCoy sitting through that Week 10 bye.


Reed returned to a limited practice on Wednesday after seeing an independent neurologist early last week -- then didn't practice the rest of the week and was declared out well in advance of Washington's Week 7 game. Prior to the game, Britt McHenry reported Reed was not likely to travel to London this week and would rest through the team's Week 9 bye. Whether the team is continuing to be cautious due to Reed's extensive history of concussions, has concern for lingering or recurrent symptoms, or is taking no chances with a player who's recently avoided reporting symptoms isn't known. And there's been no other confirmation of McHenry's report. We'll see what Washington has planned for Reed's practice participation this week but it's not looking good for a return this week.

Antonio Brown | Quad contusion | Day-to-Day

Brown struggled to finish the second half after taking a hit to his quad. There's likely no concern here -- especially with Pittsburgh on bye this week -- but keep on eye on Brown's progress.

Tevin Coleman | Hamstring strain | Week-to-Week

Coleman left the game in the second half with a hamstring strain and was quickly ruled out. I'll update on Monday with any reports of imaging or concern from the Falcons.

John Brown | Hamstring strain | Week-to-Week

Brown was ruled out this week with a strained hamstring complicated by his sickle cell trait condition. Players with sickle cell trait are at risk of pain, difficulty breathing, and other vascular crises when the shape of their red blood cells change and limit the amount of oxygen able to be carried to body tissue. It's a condition that can be managed and should resolve, but the Cardinals will be watching Brown carefully in the coming days.

Sammie Coates Jr | Lacerated hand / Fractured finger | Week-to-Week

Coates re-injured his hand early in yesterday's game. It's been two weeks after the initial injury. If the laceration opened again, it could be difficult to suture closed. While this may end up being a non-issue with the Steelers headed into their bye week, it's likely this aggravation will require more than a week to heal. Don't be surprised if Coates does very little in practice over the next two weeks and is considered questionable for Week 9 if the laceration is the concern.

Jeremy Hill | Aggravated left AC sprain | Day-to-Day

Hill has left games for multiple snaps in each of the past two weeks with aggravations of his shoulder sprain. Hill was able to fully practice last week, but his aggravation this week shows how difficult a shoulder sprain is to manage for a player who takes multiple hits to the area every week. Expect Hill to be limited in practice this week.

Others of note: Brian Hoyer (forearm fracture/surgery) will need at least eight weeks to recover and will likely be placed on injured reserve this week. Jerick McKinnon (ankle) left the game twice yesterday and will likely be re-evaluated on Monday. Cody Kessler (concussion) is in the return to play protocol and should be considered questionable for Week 8. Geno Smith (knee) may have suffered a meniscus injury and has an MRI scheduled for Monday.



Bryant has been adamant he'll return after the Cowboys' Week 7 bye and was reportedly close to playing in Week 6. Barring a setback, he should return this week. His deliberate rehab and extra two weeks of recovery should allow him to return to a full workload immediately.


Reports remain varied on Roethlisberger's return to play expectation. I think Roethlisberger likely had a procedure that might keep most players out four weeks or more. But Roethlisberger's history of returning at the early edge of his return to play estimates is compelling. He also plays a position that makes it relatively easier to play at less than full strength. I give Roethlisberger a good chance to play in Week 9.


Aggravated hamstring strains are usually as severe as the initial injury. If that's the case with Martin, he'll not practice this week and could be out until Week 10. We should get an indication of Martin's status in Monday's press conference. I'll update here if the Buccaneers discuss Martin's recovery.


We're still waiting for Moncrief's shoulder blade to heal enough to be cleared for contact. The original recovery timetable was 4-6 weeks. We're now just past the five-week mark in Moncrief's rehab. Chuck Pagano told reporters Moncrief was "getting closer" last week. The team will likely image the shoulder this week; if enough healing has occurred we'll see Moncrief return to practice. Conditioning shouldn't be an issue and Moncrief should be able to return quickly after he's cleared for contact.


Smith has now missed two full weeks of practice with his high ankle sprain. The Ravens are on bye in Week 8. Most players with mid-grade high ankle sprains return after four weeks. Look for Smith to slowly recondition over the bye week with a hope to return in Week 9.


Coleman will again have an x-ray early this week to assess healing in his hand. We'll learn whether he's been cleared to practice by early this week.

Tony Romo | L1 compression fracture | Day-to-Day | Target W8+

Romo will likely be cleared to return to practice and take contact soon. Most reports after Romo's injury targeted Week 8 as the most likely return. While Romo may be cleared to return this week, it's hard to see him back in the lineup over Dak Prescott.

Jay Cutler | Right thumb sprain | Day-to-Day

Cutler's first missed game was in Week 3 and he was given a 2-3 week return estimate. It's now five weeks after Cutler aggravated his thumb injury. Although Cutler hasn't returned to practice, it's possible he's nearly recovered. With Brian Hoyer likely to go on injured reserve with a broken forearm, Cutler could be starting again this week.

LADARIUS GREEN | ANKLE SURGERY | PUP - ELIGIBle to return | Target Week 9

The Steelers are on bye this week and need to make a decision on returning Green to the active roster over the break. There remains no timetable for him to return to practice, however, which again raises questions about what may be holding him back. We'll see if Mike Tomlin updates Green's status on Monday.


Moving Doctson to injured reserve seemed inevitable. He's been dealing with Achilles' tendinitis since May. There's a chance he'll recover in time to be returned to the active roster late this season, but it's most likely the team will give Doctson well into the offseason before returning him to football-related activity.

Quarterbacks Injured But on the Active Roster
Player Injury Date Player/Team Says FBGs Expects Notes
Ben Roethlisberger Left knee torn meniscus / Right knee contusion W6 No timetable given 3-6 Weeks (Target W9) Steelers have W8 bye
Tony Romo L1 compression fracture PS W3 6-10 Weeks 8-10 Wk (Target W8+)  
Jay Cutler Right thumb sprain W2 Week-to-Week Week-to-Week  
Cody Kessler Concussion W7 No timetable given Day-to-Day  
Josh McCown Left AC sprain / Clavicle fracture W2 Week-to-Week 6-8 Wk (Target W8-10) High-grade AC sprain
Geno Smith ACL tear W7 Still evaluating Out for Season  
Running Backs Injured But on the Active Roster
Player Injury Date Player/Team Says FBGs Expects Notes
LeSean McCoy Aggravated left hamstring strain W7 Day-to-Day Week-to-Week  
Carlos Hyde Shoulder injury W6 Day-to-Day Day-to-Day 49ers have W8 bye
Doug Martin Aggravated right hamstring strain W2 / W6 Week-to-Week Week-to-Week  
Tevin Coleman Hamstring strain W7 Week-to-Week Week-to-Week  
Jeremy Langford Left ankle injury W3 No timetable given 4-6 Weeks (Target W10) Bears have W9 bye 
Jeremy Hill Aggravated left AC sprain W7 No timetable given Day-to-Day  
Jamaal Charles Knee swelling W6 Week-to-Week Week-to-Week  
Jerick McKinnon Ankle injury W7 No timetable given Awaiting Information  
Theo Riddick Knee injury W5 No timetable given Week-to-Week  
Thomas Rawls Fibula fracture W2 Week-to-Week Target W9+  
DeAngelo Williams Knee injury W6 No timetable given Week-to-Week  
James Starks Meniscus tear / surgery W6 No timetable given 3-4+ Weeks (Target W10+)  
Dwayne Washington Ankle injury W4 Day-to-Day Day-to-Day  
Lance Dunbar Knee injury W4 Week-to-Week 3-4 Weeks (Target W8) Cowboys have W7 bye
Wide Receivers Injured But on the Active Roster
Player Injury Date Player/Team Says FBGs Expects Notes
Antonio Brown Quad contusion W7 Day-to-Day Day-to-Day Steelers have W8 bye
Dez Bryant Tibia bruise W3 Day-to-Day W8 return  
Donte Moncrief Fractured scapula W2 4-6 Weeks 4-6 Weeks (Target W7+)  
Corey Coleman Fractured hand W3 4-6 Weeks 4-6 Weeks (Target W7+)  
Steve Smith High ankle sprain W5 Week-to-Week Week-to-Week  
Sammie Coates Jr Lacerated hand / Fractured finger W5 No timetable given Week-to-Week W8 bye comes at good time
John Brown Hamstring strain W6 Day-to-Day Day-to-Day Complicated by sickle cell trait
Robert Woods Foot injury W6 No timetable given Week-to-Week  
Marquise Goodwin Concussion W7 Day-to-Day Day-to-Day  
Phillip Dorsett Foot / ankle injury W6 No timetable given Week-to-Week  
Markus Wheaton Aggravated shoulder injury W6 Week-to-Week Target W9 (post-bye)  
Tight Ends Injured But on the Active Roster
Player Injury Date Player/Team Says FBGs Expects Notes
Jordan Reed Concussion W5 Week-to-Week Week-to-Week Reported return after W9 bye
Dwayne Allen High ankle sprain W6 Week-to-Week Week-to-Week  
Eric Ebron Ankle / Knee injury W4 Week-to-Week Week-to-Week  
Hunter Henry Concussion W7 Day-to-Day Day-to-Day  
Jared Cook High ankle sprain W4 Week-to-Week 3-4 Weeks (Target W8)  
Jordan Cameron Concussion W3 Week-to-Week Week-to-Week  
Notable Quarterbacks on PUP/NFI/IR
Player Injury Date Player/Team Says FBGs Expects Notes
Teddy Bridgewater Left knee dislocation/ACL tear/+ Late August IR / 2017 9-12 Mo + (2017) Associated damage key
Brian Hoyer Forearm fracture W7 IR / 8+ Weeks 2017 Return  
Robert Griffin III Left AC sprain / Coracoid fracture W1 IR / 10-12 Weeks 2017 Return  
Notable Running Backs on PUP/NFI/IR
Player Injury Date Player/Team Says FBGs Expects Notes
Adrian Peterson Right knee meniscus tear W2 IR / 3-4 Months 2017 Return Eligible to return W10
Eddie Lacy Ankle sprain / surgery W6 IR / 8+ Weeks Chance of 2016 Return Eligible to return W14
Dion Lewis Left ACL tear / Arthroscope during rehab PS W4 PUP / W7 possible Return ~ W10 Eligible to return
Ameer Abdullah Left foot sprain W2 IR / 8-10 Weeks 2017 Return Eligible to return W10
Danny Woodhead Right ACL tear W2 IR / 2017 2017 Return  
Charles Sims Knee injury W4 IR 2017 Return Eligible to return W12
Chris Johnson Core abdominal strain / surgery W4 IR Chance of 2016 Return Eligible to return W12
Shane Vereen Triceps tear W3 IR / 2 Months 2017 Return Eligible to return W13
Darren McFadden Right elbow fracture Early Jun 2015 NFI / 2-3 Months 2017 Return Eligible to return
Keith Marshall Left UCL sprain PS W3 IR / 3-4 Weeks 2017 Return Eligible to return
Notable Wide Receivers on PUP/NFI/IR
Player Injury Date Player/Team Says FBGs Expects Notes
Keenan Allen Right ACL tear W1 IR / 2017 2017 Return  
Sammy Watkins Fifth metatarsal fracture W4 IR / Chance to return 2016 2017 Return Eligible to return W12
Eric Decker Rotator cuff strain / Labral tear W3 IR / 2017 2017 Return  
Kevin White High ankle sprain / fibula fracture W4 IR 2017 Return Eligible to return W12
Vincent Jackson ACL sprain W7 IR 2017 Return  
Josh Doctson Achilles tendinitis W7 IR 2017 Return Eligible to return W15
Bruce Ellington Hamstring strain PS W3 IR / 2+ Months 2017 Return  
Notable Tight Ends on PUP/NFI/IR
Player Injury Date Player/Team Says FBGs Expects Notes
Ladarius Green Ankle surgery January PUP / Week-to-Week W9 Return Eligible to return

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