FantasyScore: Week 3 Contest Spotlight

Want a golden ticket? The chase begins here, where we highlight the salary cap contests for FantasyScore each week. 

There is still plenty of time to win a golden ticket to get to FantasyScore's championship. But there are plenty of contests, including Draft and Gos where you can square off against one or more opponents to draft a traditional team for Week 3.

These were our hottest games in Week 2 and were the first to sell out. A $5 entry and two wins could land someone the $10,000 top prize in FantasyScore's Fantasy Football Championship. The three top-scoring teams will earn a golden ticket for an entry into our Week 16 championship game where a $25k prize pool is guaranteed. The only way to get a seat at the championship table is by earning one through a satellite game during Weeks 1 through 15. Snag one of these guys to start the season off right. There is also a $20 buy-in game here that is limited to just 50 teams with four golden tickets up for grabs.

Our entry-level GPP is just $1 an entry with $900 in prizes guaranteed. With the ability to enter as many as 15 times, you can really test out different GPP strategies at little cost. There are only 1,000 entries available here, so you won't have to hide from the sharks.

A $5 entry with $2,250 in prizes guaranteed, this GPP allows up to 10 different entries and is a great place to refine your mid-level GPP skills.

This game has a $10 entry with $4,500 in prizes guaranteed. Enter as many as 10 times, best the 499 other squad and take home the $1,700 first-place prize.

A free-to-enter one-week game where FantasyScore is giving away $200 in prizes to the top teams. This no-risk option is a great way to get your feet wet in DFS play.