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The Definitive Guide to Winning FanDuel NFL Contests  

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The Definitive Guide to Winning FanDuel NFL Contests

Download the entire book (with cover - 8.72 MB)

Download the entire book (without cover - 6.13 MB)

Download Chapter 1 (1.05 MB): Foreward, Introduction, What is DFS?, Advantages, FanDuel History...

Download Chapter 2 (1.53 MB): Types of Contests, Cash Games, Tournaments, Multipliers, Game Selection...

Download Chapter 3 (1.52 MB): Lineup Construction, Expectation and Variance, Cash Games, Tell a Story, Sunday Million, Other Considerations...

Download Chapter 4 (2.07 MB): Evaluating Players, Different Mindset, Player Salaries, Heuristics, Roundtables, Projections, H-Value...

Download Chapter 5 (0.87 MB): Money Talk, Rake, Overlays, Bankroll Management, Freerolls, Bonuses, Referrals, Player Points...

Download Chapters 6-8 (0.82 MB): Advanced Lineup Management (Cash and Tournaments), Managing a Large Number of Lineups, Player Exposure, FFFC Recap, DFS Glossary...

A Must-Read for all NFL DFSers....Michael Stepney
The book is comprehensive in its explanation of the Daily Fantasy game....Eric Flynn
I liked everything about it. The history, the detail, the simplicity with which complex theories and formulas were explained....Antonio Jonusas
Very well-constructed. There is a logical flow through the book that helps a complete newbie like me build and gain knowledge....Jeremy Holmes
Excellent, well done, thorough and included every single thing I can think of....Phil Hargis
Insightful without complexity....Alex Barta
I enjoyed the book. It is a great primer for individuals entering the DFS world. ...Jeff Parr
Informative. Well-written. Comprehensive. Well-organized....Craig Elliott
The book is amazing....Robert Dorlan
Thorough for its length and varying skill level audience....Milan Patel
Provides comprehensive details about every facet that would be relevant to the reader....Patrick McDevitt
The strategies were nicely documented and fully illustrated. For a novice player this book is a must....John Hall

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