Average Draft Position for PPR leagues

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The number in parentheses indicates the player's movement since the last ADP release (). A positive number indicates a player who is being drafted earlier now than he was before. Note that, especially toward the bottom of the list, some movement is natural and may not imply any meaningful change in the player's value.

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6 ()Travis Kelce KC/12TE 1 ()87898
23 ()Darren Waller LV/8TE 2 ()2520252425
26 ()George Kittle SF/6TE 3 ()3118322326
48 ()Mark Andrews BAL/8TE 4 ()5648594952
58 ()T.J. Hockenson DET/9TE 5 ()5455665959

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Expert = FBG Expert Consensus Rankings
MFL = My Fantasy League ADP
Calc = FF Calculator ADP
RTS = RTSports ADP

All data normalized via FBG methods.