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Week 4 Game Recap: Oakland Raiders 31, Indianapolis Colts 24

What you need to know

Oakland Raiders

-Josh Jacobs ran hard and showed some niftiness in the open field. If his role con-tinues to grow in the passing game, he could get on a roll. -Darren Waller is the go-to guy in the passing offense. Heís catching everything thrown in his direction and is always one of the best athletes on the field. -Tyrell Williams nearly had a two-touchdown day but wasnít able to pull in a mod-erately difficult grab in the end zone. -With J.J. Nelson out, Trevor Davis took basically all of the snaps Nelson would have played, which meant no increase in opportunity for Hunter Renfrow.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts struggled offensively with drops, penalties, and inconsistency running the football. The Colts had 5 drops in the first half with 3 coming from Eric Ebron. The absence of TY Hilton was a big blow the Colts ability to be consistent on offense. Colts receivers outside of Zach Pascal and Chester Rogers struggled to make plays downfield and Rogers left the game with an injury. Brissett did not have a target in the passing game he could count on getting open. Jack Doyle saw an uptick in targets but did all of his damage underneath. Brissett threw an ugly game sealing pick six with the Colts trailing by 7 with less than 3 minutes remaining. Zach Pascal was the Colts most impressive offensive player. Pascal attacked the ball over the middle and consistently got open down the seam. Marlon Mack did not see many carries because of the Colts offensive inconsistency and the fact that they trailed by two scores for a good portion of the game.

Oakland Raiders

QB Derek Carr, 67 offensive snaps, Pass: 21 - 31 - 189 - 2 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 2 - -1 - 0
Carr got away with a couple dangerous throws that could have been intercepted but otherwise managed the game extremely well. He led long touchdown drives on three of the Raiders first four possessions. He threw it up high to tight end Fabian Moreau in the front of the end zone for an 18-yard touchdown. Carr threw a pretty back shoulder fade to Tyrell Williams for a 19-yard touchdown, throwing it to where only Williams could make a play on the ball. With the Raiders jumping out to an early lead and holding a multi-score lead for most of the game, the play calling was very conservative in the second half. Carr narrowly missed a third touchdown pass on a ball thrown slightly behind Tyrell Williams in the center of the end zone. It wasnít a perfect pass but should have been caught. It was a solid, workman-like performance from Carr.

RB Josh Jacobs, 36 offensive snaps, Rush: 17 - 79 - 0, Rec: 2 - 29 - 0 (2 targets)
Jacobs had his strongest performance since Week 1, consistently breaking the first tackle attempt and picking up extra yardage. Even while possessing just average burst, Jacobs has shown a knack for making the first man miss. In addition to his elusiveness, he has shown to be the type of powerful runner who runs through arm tackles and pushes the pile forward. On an early 12-yard gain, he made a nice cut in the hole and ran through an arm tackle attempt up around his neck. He got into the secondary, made the first tackler miss in the open field before getting tripped up. Jacobs had two receptions on the opening drive of the second half and looked great running after the catch on both. He made a quick jump cut to turn what would have been a short gain into 8 yards. Two plays later, he made another sweet cut on a short reception. He gave a fake inside and then made a fantastic lateral jump cut to get outside for a gain of 20 yards. Jacobs was also excellent in the four-minute offense late in the game. He had back-to-back runs of 16 and 8 yards. But for three false start penalties, Jacobs probably would have been able to salt the game away with a long, clock-bleeding drive. The Raiders got the ball back with one minute left, nursing a one-score lead while Indianapolis had all three timeouts. Jacobs again went to work, banging it right up the middle for gains of 7 and 5 yards to pick up the first down and seal the game. While Jacobsí play was a positive, the Raiders committee approach continues and will make him tougher to trust from a fantasy perspective. He played just 54% of the snaps and handled 63% of the running back carries.

RB DeAndre Washington, 13 offensive snaps, Rush: 6 - 18 - 0, Rec: 2 - 8 - 0 (3 targets)
Washington only played 19% of the snaps but was again the second back into the game, subbing in for Jacobs early on the opening drive. He promptly caught a swing pass for 7 yards. Washington was targeted on a dump off but had a bad drop. He turned his head to start running before securing what should have been an easy catch for a short gain. Washington subbed in for Jacobs on a third quarter drive and carried it five times on the drive, including multiple times in the red zone. After back-to-back runs of 7 and 6 yards set the Raiders up with 1st-and-goal from the 8-yard line, Washington was dropped at the line on first down.

RB Jalen Richard, 19 offensive snaps, Rush: 4 - 17 - 0, Rec: 1 - 1 - 0 (1 targets)
Richard played 28% of the snaps and remains involved in the offense as part of a three-man committee. He took a pitch around the edge for three yards on 3rd-and-2, showing a bit of power to finish the run and pick up the first down.

WR Tyrell Williams, 62 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 36 - 1 (7 targets)
Williams caught a back shoulder fade for a 19-yard touchdown, showing nice body control to twist around and made the grab while falling down. Colts rookie cornerback Rock Ya-Sin had a good day against Williams. Ya-Sin was stride for stride with Williams as Carr targeted him on back-to-back deep balls, knocking both passes down. Williams should have had a second touchdown but dropped a pass in the center of the end zone. He ran a slant and was wide open for what should have been an 8-yard touchdown. The pass was thrown slightly behind him but it was still a catch Williams should have made.

WR Hunter Renfrow, 28 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 18 - 0 (3 targets)
Even with J.J. Nelson sidelined, Renfrow didnít see a bump in playing time, logging just 42% of the snaps. He took a quick swing pass for a 10-yard gain on the opening drive. His other catch went for 8 yards on a very similar play design. He lined up in the slot, chipped a pass rusher, caught the short dump off, and turned up field for a modest gain.

WR Trevor Davis, 37 offensive snaps, Rush: 2 - 74 - 1
J.J. Nelson warmed up but couldnít go, which opened the door for Davis in a big way. He played a whopping 88% of the snaps, an especially eye-opening number considering he just arrived in Oakland less than two weeks ago after spending the first few years of his career in Green Bay. Davis took advantage of his opportunity and made a great first impression for the Raiders with a pair of impressive runs. He took an end around down the left sideline for a 60-yard score, showing off his sub-4.4 speed along the way. He later had a 14-yard run that was even more impressive. The play was again designed for Davis to take the ball down the left sideline on an end around. However, the Colts read the play well and had multiple guys in position to drop Davis for a loss. He reversed field and went back in the other direction, weaving his way for a 14-yard gain.

TE Darren Waller, 61 offensive snaps, Rec: 7 - 53 - 0 (8 targets)
Waller continues to be the go-to target in the Raiders passing offense. He again led the team in targets and receptions. Aside from a bit of a drop on a short swing pass along the sideline that was thrown behind him and would have gone for no gain, Waller caught every ball thrown his way. His hands and pass catching technique have been nearly perfect. He consistently catches the ball way from his body and can hang on through contact. Unlike some past weeks, the Raiders didnít take their time getting him involved. He came across the formation on a play-action fake and caught a short dump off for 7 yards on the first play of the game. On a 3rd-and-6 on the opening drive, he went low and held on despite a big hit for another 7-yard reception. Waller made a 17-yard grab over the middle on a post route. He used his elite speed to take a short dump off for 15 yards, destroying the angle of the linebacker in coverage to turn what should have been a modest gain into a bigger play. Waller might have had a bigger day if Oakland hadnít jumped out to a big lead. After the relatively hot start, he was targeted just twice after halftime as the Raiders ran their four-minute offense.

Indianapolis Colts

QB Jacoby Brissett, 78 offensive snaps, Pass: 24 - 46 - 265 - 3 TD / 1 INT, Rush: 5 - 19 - 0
Jacoby Brissett and the Colts offense struggled as a whole. The Colts were inconsistent passing the ball and struggled to sustain offense as a result. Colts receivers dropped numerous passes, the Colts had a number of offensive penalties, and the Colts turned the ball over twice including a pick six by Brissett. Brissett had his receivers drop numerous passes early in the game. Chester Rogers dropped one over the middle and Ebron dropped a potential big play on 3rd down along the sideline. The Colts took over in great field position following a fumble. Brissett found Jack Doyle in the flat off of play action for a 5 yard touchdown. Brissett and the Colts moved into the red zone thanks to their running game and penalties by the Raiders. The Colts were forced to settle for a field goal after finding no success inside the 10 yard line. The Colts moved into field goal range again thanks to a big completion to Chester Rogers but a fumble by Parris Campbell kept the Colts from coming away with points. Brissett nearly got the Colts into field range running the two minute offense but a penalty and a drop by Deon Cain forced a 57 yard field goal attempt that was missed. The Colts managed just two first downs on their first two possessions of the second half. Brissett got the offense going with a 23 yard bullet to Zach Pascal. A penalty helped the Colts move into the red zone and Brissett capped the drive with a 4 yard touchdown to Chester Rogers. Trailing by 7 with less than 3 minutes remaining Brissett failed to see a safety lurking in coverage and threw a pick six sealing the game. Trailing by two touchdowns with two minutes remaining Brissett connected with Pascal for 28 yards then found Ebron open downfield for a 48 yard catch and run touchdown.

RB Marlon Mack, 28 offensive snaps, Rush: 11 - 39 - 0
Marlon Mack saw a limited workload thanks in large part to the Colts trailing the majority of the game. Mack produced mixed results on his limited carries either getting dropped for a big loss or picking up good yardage. Mack was dropped for a 5 yard loss on his second carry thanks to a missed blocking assignment. Mack picked up 18 yards off left tackle on his next carry. The Colts did a great job sealing the edge for Mack on the play. Mack again got the edge on the Oakland defense and escaped outside for 14 yards. Mack was dropped for a 4 yard loss again being met in the backfield by an unblocked defender.

RB Nyheim Hines, 35 offensive snaps, Rush: 3 - 6 - 0, Rec: 6 - 39 - 0 (6 targets)
Nyheim Hines saw good number of targets with the Colts trailing and struggling to make plays downfield. With the Colts trailing by two scores for much of the game they went pass heavy and favored using Hines over Marlon Mack. Hines made 3 catches in short order for 27 yards all on check downs from Brissett. Hines picked up 10 yards running a quick out route from the slot. Hines had an 11 yard reception negated by an illeligble player downfield penalty.

WR Parris Campbell, 49 offensive snaps, Rec: 5 - 25 - 0 (8 targets)
Parris Campbell did not play well and was inefficient with his targets. Campbell saw a deep target from Brissett but the pass was well defended. Campbell made his first catch underneath for 2 yards. Campbell did well to pick up 15 yards on a screen pass on 3rd and 20 but was caught from behind and stripped giving the Raiders the ball. Campbell made a 7 yard catch on 3rd and 5 running a crossing route.

WR Zach Pascal, 53 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 72 - 0 (7 targets)
Zach Pascal was the Colts most effective offensive player. Pascal showed great hands and ball skills as well the ability to pick up yards after catch. Pascal made a 15 yard catch running up the seam. The catch set up 4th and 3 with less than 2 minutes remaining in the half. Pascal then made a nice catch the following play running a crossing route for 6 yards.. Pascal again found a hole in the Raiders coverage up the seam and turned a modest gain into a 23 yard pick up with good running after the catch. Pascal made a very impressive diving catch up the seam for 28 yards. Pascal did a great job attacking the pass or it could have been intercepted.

WR Chester Rogers, 55 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 48 - 1 (6 targets)
Chester Rogers was the Colts second best offensive weapon behind Zach Pascal. Rogers dropped a routine catch running a slant over the middle. Rogers got open running a corner route and Brissett found him for a 27 yard gain. Rogers made a nice back shoulder catch for a 17 yard gain with a defender in tight coverage. Rogers caught a 4 yard touchdown running a speed out. A route TY Hilton normally finds success with. Rogers dropped a slant after receiving a huge hit to his stomach and ribs. Rogers did not return to the game.

TE Jack Doyle, 57 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 22 - 1 (8 targets)
Jack Doyle saw all of his targets underneath. Doyle crossed the formation off of play action and caught an easy 5 yard touchdown. Doyle made a 5 yard catch running a curl on 3rd and 3. Doyle absorbed an illegal hit from Vontaze Burfict on the play and Burfict was ejected from the game. Doyle picked up 8 yards on a dump off from Brissett. Doyle had a 7 yard reception negated by a holding penalty. Doyle saw a high number of targets but all of them were in the short to intermediate range. Doyle was targeted in the end zone late in the 4th quarter but the pass was broken up.

TE Eric Ebron, 27 offensive snaps, Rec: 1 - 48 - 1 (5 targets)
Eric Ebron dropped his first 3 targets in the first half and wasn't targeted again until the Colts final play. Ebron had a potential big play hit him in the hands and fall incomplete. Ebron had a defender closing in on him at full speed as he tried to secure the catch. Ebron's second target again hit him in the hands and fell incomplete. Ebron dropped his 3rd target running a slant over the middle. Ebron made his first and only catch on the Colts final offensive play of the game. Ebron crossed the middle of the field and secured a contested catch before racing to the end zone for a 48 yard touchdown.