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Week 2 Game Recap: Indianapolis Colts 19, Tennessee Titans 17

What you need to know

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts offense did not play well against the Titans. The Colts struggled to protect Jacoby Brissett, were called for numerous penalties, and Brissett did not take care of the football. Brissett could have easily had 3 turnovers in this game. The Colts struggled whenever they were behind on the down and distance. Their rushing attack did not find the same success it had against the Chargers. Marlon Mack was frequently stopped for no gain or a minimal gain forcing the Colts to throw on 3rd down where they struggled. TY Hilton remains the team's top weapon who Brissett looks to frequently especially in critical situations. The tight ends Eric Ebron and Jack Doyle saw more involvement than last week but were not heavily targeted in the passing game. Jordan WIlkins made some nice plays including a 55 yard run on the Colts game winning drive. Parris Campbell caught his only target for a touchdown.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans offense often sputtered with shoddy play from Marcus Mariota and a rough performance by the offensive line to keep him protected. Derrick Henry had a respectable showing, finishing with 93 yards and a touchdown from 17 touches. Delanie Walker led the team in receiving while Corey Davis had another disappointing performance. Rookie A.J. Brown continues to stay involved in the offense, but Adam Humphries has been a non-factor for two straight games.

Indianapolis Colts

QB Jacoby Brissett, 72 offensive snaps, Pass: 17 - 28 - 146 - 3 TD / 1 INT, Rush: 7 - 25 - 0
Jacoby Brissett did not play well against the Titans. Brissett struggled to complete passes downfield, seemed distracted by the pass rush at times, had a couple of ugly turnovers, and missed a few easy throws but still did enough to win. The run game struggled for periods of time against the Titans forcing Brissett to throw on 3rd downs with mostly poor results. Brissett took the Colts down the field for a touchdown on their opening possession. Brissett connected with tight ends 3 times on the drive. The biggest play was a 46 yard pass interference penalty drawn by Deon Cain. Brissett capped the drive with a 3 yard touchdown on a shovel pass to Eric Ebron. After a failed possession Brissett again let the Colts down the field. Brissett scrambled away from 3 defenders and converted a 3rd and 7 with his legs to keep the drive alive. Brissett then converted a 3rd and 15 with a 19 yard strike to TY Hilton. Brissett capped the drive with a nice 15 yard touch pass to Parris Campbell for a touchdown. On the Colts ensuing possession Brissett was intercepted by Logan Ryan targeting Hilton. The pass was behind Hilton who had very little separation on a crossing route. The Colts moved the ball into Titans' territory but Brissett again turned the ball over. Brissett attempted to pump fake and fumbled the ball backwards. Brissett was nearly intercepted on his next pass attempt. After a long running play by Jordan WIlkins put the Colts in the red zone, Brissett punctuated the drive with a nice throw to TY Hilton for a 4 yard touchdown on a fade route. Brissett showed good touch and accuracy on the throw.

RB Marlon Mack, 49 offensive snaps, Rush: 20 - 51 - 0, Rec: 2 - 12 - 0 (3 targets)
Marlon Mack struggled to find room to run against the Titans. Mack was frequently stopped at the line of scrimmage or for minimal gain. It seemed like the Titans were keying on Mack in an effort to make Brissett score points and throw the ball. Mack had a 22 yard carry negated by a holding penalty. Mack slipped out of two arm tackles running inside for a tough 10 yards. Mack made a 9 yard catch on a check down from Brissett. Mack had a pair of impressive carries back to back. First Mack picked up 9 yards running inside through heavy traffic. Then was hit behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 1 but still managed to convert. Mack was outrushed by Jordan Wilkins who looked great on his limited opportunities but I would expect Mack to continue to see the majority of the work.

RB Jordan Wilkins, 11 offensive snaps, Rush: 5 - 82 - 0, Rec: 1 - 4 - 0 (1 targets)
Jordan Wilkins rushed for more yards than Marlon Mack on one fourth of the carries. In fact Wilkins topped Mack's yardage total on a single run of 55 yards. Wilkins gained the edge off left tackle for a 15 yard gain showing nice burst. Wilkins got a number of nice blocks including a key block from Braden Smith to break WIlkins into the open field for a 55 yard run. Wilkins showed his speed and physicality on the play and seemed disappointed he didn't score after going out at the 4 yard line. It remains to be seen if this performance will earn Wilkins more carries but for now he is at the very least the clear back up to own if Mack gets injured.

WR T.Y. Hilton, 65 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 43 - 1 (6 targets)
TY Hilton played well against the Titans. Expect Hilton to continue to produce on a weekly basis. Brissett looks to Hilton frequently, with good reason, and Hilton is the type of playmaker who can put up points against anyone. Hilton sees heavy involvement in the red zone and on underneath passes to give him a solid floor of production week to week. Hilton made his first catch on a screen pass for 11 yards on 3rd and long. Hilton drew a 9 yard pass interference penalty on 3rd and 7. Hilton picked up 19 yards running an in breaking route to convert a 3rd and long. Hilton had 4 defenders in his vicinity but still managed to get open. Hilton made a 9 yard catch running a curl route underneath. Hilton sold an inside release with Malcolm Butler in coverage just to break back outside and gain separation for a 4 yard touchdown on a fade route. Hilton got behind Butler on the Colts ensuing possession but Brissett just missed him for a potential big play or touchdown.

WR Parris Campbell, 18 offensive snaps, Rec: 1 - 12 - 1 (1 targets)
Parris Campbell shook his man running a corner route and made an over the shoulder catch for a 15 yard touchdown.

WR Deon Cain, 33 offensive snaps (1 targets)
Deon Cain had Adoree Jackson beaten deep for a potential 54 yard touchdown but Jackson committed a blatant pass interference penalty preventing the catch. The penalty netted the Colts 46 yards. This was Cain's only target on the game.

TE Eric Ebron, 34 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 25 - 1 (4 targets)
Eric Ebron was more involved against the Titans but still only saw 3 targets. Ebron will continue to be a red zone threat but the lack of efficiency from Brissett makes it hard to trust Ebron for fantasy from week to week. Ebron caught a pass in the flat and made a nice run after the catch to gain 13 yards on 3rd and 12. Ebron motioned across the formation post snap and caught a shovel pass from Brissett for a 3 yard touchdown. Ebron made a 9 yard catch running a curl over the middle.

TE Jack Doyle, 51 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 21 - 0 (3 targets)
Jack Doyle saw more involvement than against the Chargers but still did not see the volume of targets needed to make him fantasy relevant. Doyle made an 8 yard catch on the Colts' first offensive play of the game off of play action. Doyle made a catch in the flat and got up the sideline for a 13 yard gain.

Tennessee Titans

QB Marcus Mariota, 60 offensive snaps, Pass: 19 - 28 - 154 - 1 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 5 - 32 - 0
Marcus Mariota has an efficient start to this game, completing 8-of-10 pass attempts for 68 yards and a touchdown in the first quarter. His touchdown came from the goal line on a well-designed play that allowed for an eligible tackle lined up at tight end to leak out and be left wide open in the end zone. Mariota decided to tuck and run to convert a third-down near the end of the first half as he questionably vaulted himself in the air to get the needed yardage. Unfortunately for Mariota, the play was called back due to a holding penalty. On the very next play, Mariota was then sacked and fumbled with one of his linemen recovering it. The offensive line would prove to be problematic for Mariota throughout the game, as he was given shoddy protection which led to five hits and four sacks. Mariota led off the second half strong, though, as he marched the Titans downfield to a touchdown. This drive was highlighted by a big throw for 21 yards to Corey Davis, set up well by Mariota via play fake. Mariota would use his legs again on the next drive to help pick up seven yards on a long third down to get the Titans into field goal range.

RB Derrick Henry, 30 offensive snaps, Rush: 15 - 81 - 1, Rec: 2 - 12 - 0 (3 targets)
Derrick Henry saw another solid workload with 15 carries for 81 yards and a touchdown. He had a relatively quiet first half outside of a busy third drive, where Henry busted off a couple of long runs of eight and 12 yards while also taking a screen pass for nine yards. He would fumble on the goal line near the end of that series though, with one of his linemen recovering it to save the Titans’ scoring chances. Henry would redeem himself after halftime though, finding the end zone on the first drive from two yards out. He followed up the touchdown with a 12-yard carry on his first run of the next drive. Henry would also string together three great runs to close out the third quarter, rushing for 11, 6, and 18 yards on consecutive plays. All but one of Henry’s runs went to the right side of the offensive line in this game, as it was clear the Titans are not comfortable with the left side of their line with Taylor Lewan still serving his four-game suspension.

RB Dion Lewis, 30 offensive snaps, Rush: 3 - 9 - 0, Rec: 1 - 5 - 0 (1 targets)
The first touch for Dion Lewis came on a flukey pass on a third-and-long that Marcus Mariota barely got off, allowing Lewis to run for five yards before easily being brought down. He would finish with just three rushes and that one single reception for a total of 14 yards.

WR Corey Davis, 50 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 38 - 0 (5 targets)
Corey Davis had another underwhelming performance as he saw just five targets--one fewer than Delanie Walker and the same amount as rookie A.J. Brown. After coming up short with no receptions in Week 1, Davis had his first reception of the season come on the third drive of this game as he grabbed a simple short pass for six yards. He would haul in another short pass for seven yards to finish a very quiet first half. His highlight of the game came to start the second half as Davis found separation to get open for a 25-yard reception. The cornerback in coverage came up injured on that play, which helped Davis to be left wide open downfield. This would be his final reception of the game.

WR A.J. Brown, 27 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 25 - 0 (5 targets)
A.J. Brown was targeted five times, catching three for 25 yards. His first reception came on the Titans’ second drive as he was targeted with a short pass on third down, failing to convert. His second reception didn’t come until the fourth quarter, but it was a nice catch as Brown worked the sidelined and showed great focus to hang on to the ball for an 11-yard gain. Brown would have another target in the fourth quarter bounce right off his hands as he was under tight coverage. He caught one more short pass on the final drive to finish his day.

WR Adam Humphries, 34 offensive snaps, Rush: 1 - 1 - 0, Rec: 2 - -1 - 0 (2 targets)
Adam Humphries was a non-factor in this game, hauling in two of two targets for negative yardage.

WR Tajae Sharpe, 32 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 24 - 0 (2 targets)
Sharpe made a spectacular catch for his first reception of the season. Coming on the third drive of the game, Sharpe was targeted on the left sideline and made the catch while falling out of bounds, but just managed to drag both toes while maintaining control. It would be a 15 yard gain and a first down. Sharpe would not be targeted again until late in the fourth quarter as he did a great job coming back to a wobbly pass from Mariota, but instead cut backward instead of forwards to the first down marker and was subsequently ruled short.

TE Delanie Walker, 34 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 39 - 0 (6 targets)
Delanie Walker was the top target again in this game as he got started early as the recipient of the Titans’ first two targets. He couldn’t turn his body in time to make the catch on the first one, but he did haul in the second one on a long third down, coming up just two yards short of converting. Walker added another easy eight-yard reception on the third drive. His longest catch of the game came near the end of the first half as Walker worked the coverage on a 15-yard out route, making the catch in traffic to keep the chains moving. Walker saw a deep target that fell incomplete along with a four-yard short reception as his only action in the second half.