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Week 2 Game Recap: Buffalo Bills 28, New York Giants 14

What you need to know

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills beat the New York Giants to improve to 2-0, with two road wins at MetLife Stadium. Josh Allen played well and limiting his mistakes after an error-prone game last week. John Brown and Cole Beasley dominated the work for the wide receiving corps, while Frank Gore was the leading rusher for the offense. Devin Singletary played the lesser role in a committee but made multiple big plays, including a rushing touchdown in the red zone.

New York Giants

1. The depleted receiving corps was evident on Sunday as Manning was forced to hold the ball or throw it away a lot.

2. Barkley was a stud as always and still somewhat underused. Engram was invisible for a lot of this game and wasn't the threat over the middle the Giants needed.

3. The offensive line continues to look respectable. The weapons for the Giants aren't getting it done, separation was tough to come by. Perhaps it will improve when Tate/Shepard returns.

Buffalo Bills

QB Josh Allen, 76 offensive snaps, Pass: 19 - 30 - 253 - 1 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 7 - 21 - 1
Josh Allen had a strong performance in a week two win at the New York Giants. Allen has improved this season as a passer, showing more comfort in the pocket and the ability to make multiple progressions in the passing game. Last season, when Allen was forced to scramble, he frequently ran and was prone to bad decisions. Against the Giants, he made better decisions on the move, keeping his head up when he scrambled and made on target throws on multiple occasions. Allen scored a touchdown on the ground and through the air, the first a designed quarterback run in the red zone and the second an easy shovel pass to Isaiah McKenzie on an end-around. Allen could have had a bigger day, as Zay Jones dropped a touchdown in the end zone, and he overthrew John Brown on a 52-yard touchdown. He remains a threat on the ground, with 21 yards rushing, including a third down conversion scramble, but his growth as a passer and a strong relationship with John Brown can open the offense up to go with a strong defense. The Bills play their home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals in week three who were shredded this week by the 49ers.

RB Frank Gore, 45 offensive snaps, Rush: 19 - 68 - 1, Rec: 2 - 15 - 0 (2 targets)
Frank Gore led the Buffalo Bills backfield against the New York Giants in week two. Gore drew the start and played ahead of rookie Devin Singletary throughout the game, out-touching Singletary 19 to 6. Gore was successful behind the Bills offensive line early in the game, but the offense became predictable, and Gore was contained in the second half. Gore did convert a red zone touchdown on his second attempt on the goal line. He is playing ahead of Singletary, but Singletary looks consistently more explosive and should see an increase in playing time in future games. Gore will face the Cincinnati Bengals and should be a home favorite in week three.

RB Devin Singletary, 25 offensive snaps, Rush: 6 - 57 - 1
Devin Singletary had a strong performance for the second consecutive week. Singletary has had 2018 Phillip Lindsay-like efficiency, playing against 8-man boxes on only 10% of his carries, and has benefitted by creating big plays. He scored a red zone touchdown on a well-blocked misdirection play to the perimeter where he got into the end zone untouched. Singletary played behind Frank Gore and only saw 6 touches to Gore’s 19, so he is far from an every-down player at this point in the season. Singletary gives the Buffalo an added dimension, but his numbers are likely to regress towards normal efficiency with more touches. In week three, he faces the Cincinnati Bengals who gave up three touchdowns to 49ers running backs in week two.

WR John Brown, 60 offensive snaps, Rec: 7 - 72 - 0 (8 targets)
John Brown was terrific again for the Buffalo Bills in a win against the New York Giants in week two. Brown consistently made plays including multiple third down conversions to help out Josh Allen. He could have had an enormous fantasy day but was overthrown by Josh Allen on what would have been a wide-open 52-yard touchdown. Brown has been the leading target receiver in both games of the season and has shown a good rapport with Allen. Brown will look to continue his strong play at home against the Bengals in week three.

WR Cole Beasley, 37 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 83 - 0 (4 targets)
Cole Beasley led the Bills in receiving in a week two win against the Giants. Beasley has been a strong target for Josh Allen in the short area of the field and was successful Sunday on multiple third downs. Beasley’s big play was a busted coverage where he set the Bills up in the red zone with a big run after the catch. The Buffalo wide receiving corps has been centered around Beasley and John Brown through two weeks with minimal involvement from ancillary wide receivers. Beasley will look to continue his strong role in the offense next week against the Bengals.

New York Giants

QB Eli Manning, 70 offensive snaps, Pass: 26 - 45 - 250 - 1 TD / 2 INT, Rush: 1 - 2 - 0
Eli Manning was dealing with a short handed receiving corps as the Giants already thing unit was missing some starters. This was evident throughout the game as Manning was forced to hold the ball when he was afforded good pass protection. He broke the pocket and bought some time also but frequently had to throw the ball away so still his receivers struggled to get separation. Manning mostly played it safe with short throws underneath and rarely tested the Bills deep. When he was afforded protection and the receiver was open, he made the throw but these were often minimal gains. The play big never happened. Manning hit Fowler along the sideline with a very accurate throw but it was slightly late which allowed the defender to deliver a big hit that knocked the ball free. A bizarre tipped ball lead to an interception as the Buffalo defender caught it via a deflection. Manning eventually scored on a great throw but even better catch in the endzone. He put it up high and away from the defender, his receiver made a great play to keep his feet in bounds. Manning began to force balls as the game continued as the Giants were behind on the scoreboard. He overthrew Fowler deep and was picked off towards the end on an absolute prayer of a ball that was clearly forced. Manning could have been picked off a few other times in the game as a Bill undercut the route on one occasion. Manning's pass protection was adequate, his receivers just really struggled to gain separation. There appears to be a lack of talent at this position with a heavy reliance on unproven young players. When Shepard returns and Tate joins, perhaps Manning could see his numbers improve. Daniel Jones is waiting behind him however and it seems inevitable that he'll be replaced at some stage in the season.

RB Saquon Barkley, 61 offensive snaps, Rush: 18 - 107 - 1, Rec: 3 - 28 - 0 (7 targets)
Saquon Barkley was highly productive as always and the only legitimate weapon on Sunday against the Bills. He was difficult to take down as always and always manages to fall forward. Barkley read the gaps very well and typically hits the correct gap. Defenders had a tough time taking him down on first contact. Barkley got some great blocking in the first quarter and managed to rip off a few big runs up the middle. He later scored on a well blocked inside run play. Barkley found the first gap and then bounced it outside where he was able to outrun the defender to the pylon. Barkley looked very dangerous in open field and he exploited any room his offensive line gave him.

He showed quick feet and an ability to 'dance' away from the first tackle attempt to gain extra yards. Barkley was generally productive any time he got the ball. The Giants didn't have a lot of redzone attempts and fewer goal line attempts which prevented a bigger day for the young back.

WR Bennie Fowler, 55 offensive snaps, Rush: 1 - 20 - 0, Rec: 5 - 51 - 0 (10 targets)
Bennie Fowler had the most receiving yards as he looked to make a name for himself with the opportunity he was given due to the injuries the Giants have sustained at wide receiver. Fowler made a splash early on with an end around, getting separation from the first tackle attempt and picking up the first down. Fowler is fast in the open field and showed consistent hands for the most part. He did drop one pass on the outside but it would have been short of the first down. Fowler got his hands on a deep ball along the sideline but it was late. This allowed the defensive back to deliver a big hit which caused the ball to become loose and it fell incomplete. Fowler got open on some short plays, slants and curls to give Manning an option if he felt pressure. He did a good job working with Manning, creating space when the play broke down or when Manning was forced to hold the ball. Manning took a deep shot in Fowler's direction as the game was winding down but this was overthrown by a lot.

WR Cody Latimer, 40 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 30 - 0 (5 targets)
Cody Latimer didn't manage much in this game and was forced to leave in the second half due to a concussion he sustained on a big hit. The Giants and Manning struggled to connect downfield and this is something Latimer can excel but it didn't happen on Sunday. Manning missed him on a comeback play where he was wide open. Latimer made a nice grab in traffic on a curl route. His day ended on a sour note however as he took a big hit in the second half. Latimer got the first down on a nice slant play inside on fourth down but the defensive back hit his head awkwardly. Latimer left the game straight away and did not return.

TE Evan Engram, 55 offensive snaps, Rec: 6 - 48 - 0 (8 targets)
Evan Engram was mostly invisible in this game as the Giants struggled to get the ball to the tight end. A lot of his yards came on one big play down the field in the fourth quarter. Engram managed to get away from the secondary and was wide open for a pass he had to wait for. He was open early in the game on a corner route but Manning overthrew him. The Bills keyed on him as one of the limited threats the Giants had. He didn't get open downfield often and he failed to pose a legitimate threat throughout the game. He remains a decent play in PPR leagues as he will get the ball but the overall lack of productivity in this offense will likely prevent any massive performances.