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Week 3 Game Recap: Kansas City Chiefs 20, Chicago Bears 27

What you need to know

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Chicago Bears 27-20, in the third week of the NFL preseason. Fresh-faced quarterback Pat Mahomes had a fantastic outing, completing 18 of 24 passes for 196 yards and a touchdown. Mahomes also gained 11 yards rushing on two carries, which incidentally, led the Chiefs in rushing yards. Running back Kareem Hunt had a quiet game on the ground, rushing only three times for seven yards. Hunt did score the only touchdown for the Chiefs first-team offense on a screen pass from Mahomes that went for a 19 yard touchdown. Tyreek Hill led the Chiefs receivers with eight catches for 88 yards. Tight end Travis Kelce also had a quiet game, catching only two passes for 29 yards in limited duty. Sammy Watkins caught his first pass as a Chief, with his lone reception going for 15 yards. The Chiefs released veteran running back Charcandrick West this past week, paving the way for Spencer Ware to claim the #2 running back position behind Kareem Hunt. This was the first time we've seen Ware this preseason, and he rushed three times for three yards while also catching two passes for 18 yards.

Chicago Bears

The Bears sat most of their starters in this game as this is their fourth preseason game. Mitchell Trubisky, Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller, and Trey Burton all missed this game as coach Matt Nagy says he feels comfortable with where they are at as a starting offense. Chase Daniel led the way in this game and had a tremendous showing in the passing game along with two receivers who are looking to potentially battle for one spot on the team in Kevin White and Javon Wims both who looked very strong in this game against the Chiefs starting defense.

Kansas City Chiefs

QB Patrick Mahomes II
Patrick Mahomes comes into his first season as the Chiefs quarterback with a lot of momentum generated during the preseason. Against the Bears, Mahomes completed 18 of 24 passes for one touchdown and on interceptions, while also rushing two times for 11 yards. Through three preseason games, Mahomes has completed 31 of 43 passes for 361 yards and two touchdowns with one interception. If those are the numbers we can expect to see from Mahomes each week, the Chiefs are in a great spot with the young quarterback. Mahomes only touchdown pass of the game came on a screen pass to Spencer Ware. It was a relatively easy play for Mahomes, but a lot can be gleaned from it. Mahomes took the snap from the shotgun formation and after surveying the field rather quickly, he threw a pass over the reach of a blitzing Bear,, and although the pass was a little behind Hunt, Mahomes put it in an ideal spot where Hunt could catch the pass and keep running. By hitting Hunt in stride, it allowed the running back to run for a 19 yard touchdown without being touched by an opposing player. Mahomes and Tyreek Hill have built a good rapport in limited time, which was on full display last week against the Falcons. Mahomes hit Hill in stride for a 68 yard touchdown, where Mahomes threw the ball 62 yards on a dime for an easy touchdown. They continued this solid connection against the Bears, with Hill catching eight passes for 88 yards in only one half of play. The Chiefs run a lot of run-pass option (RPO) plays out of the shotgun, and it was good to see Mahomes having some of the nuances of the RPO plays down pat. With Mahomes lined up in the shotgun, he took the snap, play-action faked the handoff to Kareem Hunt and then threw a shovel pass to Hill, who used his speed to break through the Bears secondary for a 28 yard gain. It is these type of plays that show the genius of the Chiefs scheme and play calling, and when combined with an athlete like Mahomes, who is mobile with a freakishly good arm, will combine to form one of the best offenses in the NFL.

RB Kareem Hunt
Kareem Hunt comes into his sophomore season looking to repeat a year where he led the league in rushing yards, and won the best offensive rookie of the year award. Hunt saw limited action through the first two preseason games, and this week was more of the same. Hunt rushed three times for seven yards, and caught one pass that went for a 19 yard touchdown. On the play, Hunt lined up opposite Mahomes in the shotgun. After the snap, Hunt ran a screen route along the right sideline. Mahomes lofted the pass over a blitzing defender and although it was a little behind Hunt, he managed to snag the pass and run unimpeded to the end zone for a touchdown. There wasn't a whole lot to breakdown on Hunt this week, but if there is one positive thing to take a way from this game, it would be Hunt's route running and catching ability. Andy Reid has said that he wants to get Hunt more involved in the passing game, but in order to do that, Hunt needed to improve his pass protection, route running and catching. A screen play make look like a simple play on TV, but the timing has to be perfect between the quarterback and running back if you want to have the receiver break a big play. Hunt saw the blitzing defender and curled off his route quick enough to allow an angle where Mahomes could hit him in stride. Hunt reacted to the pass behind a little behind him but kept himself moving forward, which allowed him to catch the Bears defense off-guard and score a 19 yard touchdown without being touched.

WR Tyreek Hill
With Pat Mahomes at quarterback and the addition of Sammy Watkins, there has been a lot of talk in the fantasy community about whether Hill was worthy of an ADP of 27. Well, if the preseason was any indication of HIll's value going forward, there will be happy faces among all those managers who drafted him. Against the Bears, Hill caught eight passes on eight targets for 88 yards. His eight receptions all came in less than three quarters of play, and it looked as though Mahomes and Hill were always on the same page. HIll's long gain of the night came on a 28 yard shovel pass where he came from the right side across the formation, took the shovel pass from Mahomes and beat the Bears linebackers to the edge, turned it up field and took advantage of solid blocking from his fellow receivers. Last week against Atlanta, Hill caught a 68 yard bomb from Mahomes, in stride where the ball traveled 62 yards in the air. That was the type of play that everyone had been imagining possible with Mahomes arm strength and Hill's speed. When you add in the play-calling and scheming of Andy Reid and company, you have a scary offense that can beat you deep down the field, or with a shovel pass behind the line of scrimmage.

WR Sammy Watkins
The Chiefs have kept Sammy Watkins off the field for most of the preseason, with his lone catch for 15 yards coming against the Bears. Watkins was targeted four times, but it is clear that he and Mahomes are still trying to get on the same page.

TE Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce caught two passes on two targets for 29 yards against the Bears. Kelce played nearly three quarters with the starters, but it did not look like the Chiefs were scheming to get him open at all. Normally, Kelce will see three or so plays a game that are designed to get him the ball in space, or in one on one situations in the red zone. Kelce's two catches came on a quick out-route to the right side that went for three yards, and a pass deep down the right side where Kelce went up and made a nice catch that went for 26 yards.

Chicago Bears

QB Chase Daniel
Chase Daniel was the highlight of this game for the Bears as he played almost a perfect game. He was extremely accurate and looked very strong against the Chiefs first-string starting defense. Daniel who is a veteran backup, looked poised and was accurate in this game. Daniel also showed his mobility by scrambling several times including a 28-yard scramble on a third down as the Chiefs brought pressure up the middle and Daniel scrambled outside and tip-toed along the sidelines for a big gain. Based on this performance, the Bears are in good hands should anything happen to Mitchell Trubisky.

WR Taylor Gabriel
Taylor Gabriel caught the first-pass of the day and then much like the rest of his starters had the day off after he was tackled by the face mask. Gabriel who has been dealing with a foot injury was not expected to play in the preseason so for him to even be on the field for just this one play was significant and note-worthy as it appears the foot injury is largely a non-issue.

WR Kevin White
It's been a long time coming for Kevin White who finally scored his first NFL touchdown of his career in this game. Even if it was a preseason game, it was still a big step for the receiver who has dealt with significant injuries in his first three NFL seasons. White beat Orlando Scandrick on a fly route in which it was a defensive breakdown for the Chiefs leaving White wide open for a 28-yard touchdown.

WR Javon Wims
Wims who is primarily known for his size, showed off some impressive speed in this game as he out-ran David Amerson on a crossing route out of the slot for a big 54-yard reception in the second quarter only to be brought down by Orlando Scandrick on a touchdown saving tackle. Wims capped off the drive with the touchdown on a corner route in which he made a tremendous diving catch toe-tapping his second foot to ensure that he scored the touchdown. It remains to be seen if the Bears will keep Wims on this roster, but he made a tremendous impact against the starting secondary of the Chiefs in this game.