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Week 5 Game Recap: New York Giants 31, Carolina Panthers 33

What you need to know

New York Giants

- The Giants were more aggressive in this game and threw downfield with a high level of success. Beckham and Manning looked dangerous in this game, the Giants should continue to test defenses deep. - The offensive line played much better, at least in the passing game. Manning had sufficient time to survey the field and didn't take as many sacks. - Barkley and Beckham are must starts in any league, Shepard is a strong play but better in PPR. Manning is a risky play week to week and nobody else is worth starting right now.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina's offense picked up from where it left off against Cincinnati before the bye, with rhythm and timing evident in play calling and execution. Play action was a feature of this game, with Cam Newton often finding extra time to throw after the fake to Christian McCaffrey. The offensive line was bolstered by the return of Pro Bowl right guard Trai Turner. Although the unit performed very well in pass protection, their run blocking was at times ineffective, with the Giants' front seven doing an excellent job. There was a clear emphasis on getting the ball in the hands of the Panthers' two most dangerous open field weapons - Curtis Samuel and D.J. Moore. Newton obliged, with the young duo seeing the field often and making their presence felt. While Greg Olsen remains out, Devin Funchess is entrenched as the receiver Newton feels most comfortable targeting in critical situations. Rookie Ian Thomas was guilty of lazy route-running, which contributed to both of Newton's interceptions.

New York Giants

QB Eli Manning, 56 offensive snaps, Pass: 22 - 36 - 326 - 2 TD / 2 INT, Rush: 1 - 2 - 0
Eli Manning played well for most of this game but unfortunately committed some very costly turnovers in the second half which hurt the Giants and his fantasy day.

Manning did not have any major issues with pass protection this week as the Giants offensive line gave him enough time to survey the field for the most part. Barkley and the running game was somewhat inconsistent on the ground but gave some relief. Manning's accuracy was pin point for a lot of this game, save for a few throws downfield. He hit Beckham on slants over the middle with perfect in stride passes to secure first downs inbetween a lot of traffic. Manning could have been picked off with a deep attempt but his receiver turned into a defensive back and broke up the pass. He hit Beckham in the endzone on a deep go route between zone coverage but a spectacular breakup at the last second prevented the score. He then had two interceptions which were very poorly timed and just bad balls. Manning was behind on a pass to Beckham and it was picked off. His second turnover was a wildly inaccurate ball that seemed to get away from him and was easily intercepted by the safety. Manning did manage to shake this off and lead a drive to take the lead however. He hooked up with Beckham for a big play on a simple go pattern, placing it just in front where Beckham had separation. He got his second touchdown pass on a flare pattern to Barkley, allowing the rookie to use his explosion to just get into the endzone. Manning played well at times, had a few suspect passes and fell short but this offense at least was more explosive and broke 30 points.

RB Saquon Barkley, 48 offensive snaps, Rush: 15 - 48 - 0, Rec: 4 - 81 - 2 (4 targets)
Saquon Barkley had another very strong performance on Sunday but was a much bigger factor in the passing game than the ground attack. Barkley and the Giants offensive line struggled to make yards all throughout the game. The line didn't create many gaps for Barkley and the rookie simply did his best to avoid negative plays on a lot of his carries. Barkley fell forward on most of his carries and was tough to tackle. At times, he lost yards when he tried to bounce the run outside but this worked for him on other occasions. He showed enough explosion to beat the outside man on a few attempts and race down the sideline for big plays. He gives excellent effort on every run, and never gives up on a play even if he is tackled straight away. Barkley can turn negative plays into 1 or 2 yards, which really helps out his team. He was wide open on a double pass play from Beckham and was too fast to catch as he hauled in the pass and then ran into the endzone untouched. Barkley demonstrated a strong spin move to elude the first tackle attempt from Kuechly and was always a threat to bust a play outside. His second touchdown came on a swing pass from Manning and Barkley was able to jump just over the line for the score. He hurt himself on the play but that was the final play for the Giants offense.

WR Odell Beckham Jr, 52 offensive snaps, Pass: 1 - 1 - 57 - 1 TD / 0 INT, Rec: 8 - 131 - 1 (14 targets)
Odell Beckham started off his day with a spectacular one handed grab along the sideline, securing it in bounds for a first down. Beckham converted many downs for the Giants in this game and they used him in a variety of plays, which plays to his strengths as a highly versatile player. He caught a slant in stride over the middle but lost his footing and fell over, which was unfortunate as he had a lot of space still in front of him. He took advantage of any man to man coverage at the line and was difficult to contain at times in this game. The Panthers paid too much attention to him on a double pass play which allowed Beckham to show off his arm on a deep pass to a wide open Barkley down the sideline. Beckham did well to break up a ball that was almost intercepted, getting his hand in at the right time. Unfortunately this also happenned to him as a deep pass found him in the endzone but the defender stuck his arm in between Beckham and the ball to dislodge it. Beckham's touchdown came on a simple go pattern where he had gained just enough separation in front of the defenders to haul in a pass from Manning. The coverage was tight but he secured the ball in the endzone for the spectacular score.

WR Sterling Shepard, 56 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 75 - 0 (7 targets)
Sterling Shepard had a lot of yards but not many catches as the Giants just couldn't do quite enough in this game. Shepard was a popular target after play action as Manning found him on the outside on several occasions with quick passes that allowed him to get yards after the catch. Shepard looked agile and tough to catch in the open field with the ball in his hands. He showed excellent hands catching the ball over the middle in traffic and is a highly dependable target for Manning. He got open on a fade route against the sideline and picked up a big first down late in the game.

Shepard was not a factor in the redzone however and he won't get many touchdowns in this offense. He gets a lot of looks from Manning between the 20's however and has potential to turn short grabs into long runs.

TE Rhett Ellison, 55 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 17 - 0 (3 targets)
Rhett Ellison does not bring a significant threat to the tight end position for the Giants. He had a nice 2 point conversion after direction from Manning got him in the right spot but his talent pales in comparison to Evan Engram. Leave him on the waivers.

Carolina Panthers

QB Cam Newton, 70 offensive snaps, Pass: 21 - 35 - 237 - 2 TD / 2 INT, Rush: 8 - 29 - 0
It proved to be a disjointed game for Cam Newton, who had to overcome a pair of interceptions that were not his fault to seal a last-second win for the Panthers. Newton started off in control and was afforded excellent pass protection. His first touchdown pass came on a tunnel screen to Curtis Samuel, who did all the work himself - with an assist from the Giants defenders - to reach pay dirt. Newton showed fantastic touch on outside-breaking patterns and thrived off play action, which was a staple of the game plan. Newton fumbled the ball on a carry towards the sideline, the ball jarring loose after a hit, but it was recovered by Ian Thomas. As a runner, Newton barreled over a defender or two on his way to a pair of crucial first downs. His second touchdown pass came on a flair pass to an uncovered Christian McCaffrey, who waltzed into the end zone. Both of Newton's interceptions appeared to be the result of a miscommunication between he and Thomas. The first saw Thomas stop short on his dig route, allowing the defensive back to undercut the throw; the second was similar, with Thomas settling down on a shallow cross, with Newton expecting that he would keep running to the sideline. Despite the errors, Newton orchestrated a drive at the end of the game, firing beautiful passes to D.J. Moore and McCaffrey, to give Carolina the chance to win it.

RB Christian McCaffrey, 69 offensive snaps, Rush: 17 - 58 - 0, Rec: 5 - 35 - 1 (6 targets)
Christian McCaffrey produced a solid performance against what proved to be a resilient and stingy Giants front seven. The second-year back was often tossed backwards and stuffed at the line, although he managed to weave his way through gaps as well. The Panthers were at times dysfunctional in their run blocking - on one play, McCaffrey was basically tackled by his right guard - but McCaffrey made the best of it. He was not a factor in the passing game, apart from a touchdown he scored on a quick flair pass that no Giants player even came close to covering. McCaffrey saw the field well and did a solid job in pass protection.

RB C.J. Anderson, 8 offensive snaps, Rush: 4 - 9 - 0
C.J. Anderson played a distant second fiddle to Christian McCaffrey in this game, getting just a handful of carries. Unable to get into a rhythm, Anderson was stuffed on his totes in the second half, as the Giants did well to repel Carolina's rushing attack.

WR D.J. Moore, 29 offensive snaps, Rush: 1 - 18 - 0, Rec: 4 - 49 - 0 (4 targets)
D.J. Moore played with an explosive edge that provided a glimpse to offensive coordinator Norv Turner of just how dangerous he can be. On his first touch, Moore took the ball on a reverse, instantly turning it up the field. Moore met resistance immediately, but trucked a Giants defender, who just bounced off the contact, before darting up the field. Moore runs like a no-nonsense running back in the open field. Moore showed excellent burst after the catch on a quick slant later in the game and produced another crucial reception on the final drive over the middle.

WR Devin Funchess, 51 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 53 - 0 (7 targets)
There was a clear emphasis in this game to feed the football to both the returning Curtis Samuel and rookie D.J. Moore, but Devin Funchess still appears to be the apple of Cam Newton's eye. When Newton needs an outlet, it is Funchess he targets - and so it proved in this game. An early target was broken up by a Giants defensive back, but Funchess quickly got his feet under him with a toe-tapping effort on a comeback route, before a 21-yard hook-up with Newton on a deep dig. Funchess worked hard for his quarterback and bailed him out on a couple of occasions; on one play, Funchess was short of the sticks, but managed to use his big frame to push his way over the line to gain.

WR Jarius Wright, 30 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 25 - 0 (6 targets)
Jarius Wright was an infrequent contributor to the offense against the Giants, but he hauled in one of the most important catches of the game. With the Panthers looking to press home their three-point advantage, Cam Newton faked the ball to Christian McCaffrey before rolling out and tossing a beautiful pass to Wright, who had sneaked behind the coverage. Other than this highlight moment, Wright was limited to screen passes and scraps.

WR Curtis Samuel, 12 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 37 - 1 (4 targets)
After missing the first three games of the season due to a heart problem, Curtis Samuel wasted no time making an impact. On his first catch - a tunnel screen which was perfectly set up - he weaved, dodged and spun past what looked like about five Giants defenders, who whiffed on the tackle multiple times, and extended the football over the goal line to score his first NFL touchdown. Samuel featured often from that point, dragging his toes to haul in a quick out from Cam Newton and barely failing to catch a back shoulder fade that could have been a touchdown. Samuel was the target on a deep ball from his quarterback on the final, dramatic drive, but it was just out of his reach.

WR Torrey Smith, 46 offensive snaps (1 targets)
Torrey Smith was completely blanked in this outing and seems to be the player on the outside looking in. With the offense mixing in Curtis Samuel and D.J. Moore to add a speed element, Smith's talents were not required. He tweaked a muscle in his leg, which may have explained his lack of impact.

TE Ian Thomas, 49 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 38 - 0 (6 targets)
Although Ian Thomas saw the field plenty against New York, it proved to be a forgettable outing for the rookie. A fast start saw him finding room down the field, running a perfect deep crossing route before Cam Newton found him with a bullet pass. Thomas drew the ire of his quarterback, however, not long after. Running a deep dig route, Thomas appeared to stop his feet and did not square it off at the top, allowing the defensive back to undercut it and pick it off. Later, Thomas would only add to his ignominious afternoon's resumÈ as he settled down and stopped his route on a shallow cross; it appeared Newton expected the rookie to keep running. An interception ensued, which gave the Giants life.