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Week 11 Game Recap: Tennessee Titans 17, Pittsburgh Steelers 40

What you need to know

Tennessee Titans

The Titans offense had some fantasy gems but looked bad overall this week as Marcus Mariota threw four interceptions despite passing for 306 yards with a touchdown both on the ground and through the air. Rishard Matthews had his best game of the season with over 100 receiving yards and a touchdown, sparked by a 75-yard bomb-his longest play of the season. Delanie Walker had a solid game but dropped an easy touchdown in the end zone that would have made it a monster week for him. Neither Demarco Murray nor Derrick Henry could get anything going on the ground as they split carries yet again.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers won their fifth-consecutive game by a score of 40-17 over the Tennessee Titans. The offense exploded during the second half after entering the game with an average of 20.7 points per game. Ben Roethlisberger had success working mainly out of the no-huddle formation as he finished with 299 yards and four touchdowns. Antonio Brown was the star of the game with ten receptions for 144 yards and three touchdowns.

Tennessee Titans

QB Marcus Mariota, 65 offensive snaps, Pass: 22 - 33 - 306 - 1 TD / 4 INT, Rush: 5 - 5 - 1
Marcus Mariota passed for over 300 yards for the second time this season, but he coughed up four interceptions to really put his team behind the eight ball in this loss. Two of Mariota's interceptions came in the first half, with the first pick clearly being an overthrow on the part of Mariota. His second interception looked to be a miscommunication with his intended receiver, not as much of a bad throw on Mariota's part. Mariota was held in check on the ground as he only had five rushing yards while getting sacked five times for a loss of 42 yards, but he did find the end zone on a seven-yard touchdown run before halftime. Mariota threw a great deep ball to Rishard Matthews on the first play of the second half for a 75-yard touchdown-his first and only passing touchdown of the day. On the first drive of the fourth quarter, Mariota one-hopped a ball to Delanie Walker on 3rd and 11 to end their series. On the next drive, Mariota was intercepted for the third time. His pass was actually on the money, but the Joseph Hayden just made a great play to pop the ball into the air to let his safety grab the pick. Mariota would then throw his fourth interception on the Titans last possession as Mariota put the ball behind his target, right into the hands of Sean Davis of the Steelers.

RB DeMarco Murray, 52 offensive snaps, Rush: 8 - 10 - 0, Rec: 5 - 37 - 0 (6 targets)
Demarco Murray was not effective at all on the ground, rushing eight times for just 10 yards as the Steelers routinely stifled him and challenged the Titans offensive line. He had a few hard runs and made some great plays in the receiving game as he hauled in five receptions for 37 yards. His longest play of the game came in garbage time, hauling in a dump off for 13 yards. Despite this ineffectiveness, Murray still played over 80% of the snaps this past week-actually his second-highest snap share of the season as the Titans ran a whopping 90 plays.

RB Derrick Henry, 16 offensive snaps, Rush: 7 - 32 - 0
Derrick Henry ran seven times for 32 yards last week, looking much better than his counterpart Demarco Murray. Henry saw a couple carries on a drive midway through the first quarter, then he had an entire series with the offense midway through the second quarter which was started by a big 16-yard run to the right-his longest run of the game. Henry finished with seven carries to Murray's eight, but Henry didn't see a single carry after halftime. Until the Titans coaching staff give some indication of a change in the guard, Henry is still second fiddle to Murray.

WR Rishard Matthews, 52 offensive snaps, Rec: 5 - 113 - 1 (6 targets)
Rishard Matthews had his best fantasy outing of the season as he hauled in his third touchdown and exceeded 100 receiving yards for the first time this year. Matthews' main highlight came on the Titans' first play of the second half as he caught a 75-yard touchdown bomb. It was a basic go-route where Mariota ran right by the defender before hauling in the big catch, then weaving his way through a few other would-be tacklers before he reached the end zone. Matthews isn't the fastest of receivers, but he showed great running ability here as he made just the right moves to make it to the end zone on this play. After that big play, Matthews didn't do much else in the game. While Corey Davis and Delanie Walker did see more targets than Matthews, he is still an integral part of this offense and played nearly every single snap in this game.

WR Eric Decker, 22 offensive snaps, Pass: 0 - 1 - 0 - 0 TD / 0 INT, Rec: 3 - 37 - 0 (3 targets)
Eric Decker hauled in just three receptions on three targets for 37 yards last week. He made some great plays, but Decker is not nearly as involved in this offense now that Corey Davis has returned. Over the last two games, Decker has been targeted just six times while playing less than 50% of the snaps. While Davis was out, Decker was on the field for more than 80% of the snaps in each game, so it is obvious that he is taking a back seat to Davis.

WR Corey Davis, 54 offensive snaps, Rec: 3 - 27 - 0 (7 targets)
Corey Davis was targeted seven times but only managed to haul in three of them for 27 yards on the day. Both of his decent receptions came in the first half as he amassed 25 yards between those two catches. Outside of those plays, Davis really did not look sharp, with two passes thrown his way actually getting intercepted-including one where Davis simply did not run through his route and allowed the defender to cut him off for the pick. Davis is playing plenty of snaps and getting targets, so even though he hasn't surpassed 50 yards in a game this season, he will have a big game sooner or later.

TE Delanie Walker, 47 offensive snaps, Rec: 6 - 92 - 0 (9 targets)
Delanie Walker had a solid fantasy day with six receptions for 92 yards-his fourth straight game with at least 60 receiving yards. Walker had some big plays here, including a 42-yard pass down the middle of the field early in the third quarter. A couple plays later on that drive, Walker was wide open for what should have been an easy touchdown, but he simply dropped it with no defenders near him. This was a really bad drop for Walker, as it would have been his first passing touchdown of the season. Walker hauled in another long one down the middle of the field late in the fourth quarter for 17 yards, racking up a total of 28 yards in garbage time on that last drive.

Pittsburgh Steelers

QB Ben Roethlisberger, 72 offensive snaps, Pass: 30 - 45 - 299 - 4 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 1 - 10 - 0
Ben Roethlisberger had his best game of the season as he finished with 30 completions on 45 pass attempts for 299 yards and four touchdowns. The quarterback looked comfortable as the offense ran mainly out of the no-huddle formation. The Steelers offense struck first when Roethlisberger found Antonio Brown for a 41-yards touchdown on the opening drive. On the play, Roethlisberger utilized a hard-count to draw the defense off-sides. With an ample amount of time in the pocket, Roethlisberger threw a near perfect pass into a tight window between two defenders. After the Titans were able to close the gap to 16-14 early in the third quarter, the Steelers offense put together three consecutive long touchdown drives. First, Roethlisberger led a ten-play 75-yard drive which concluded in a five-yard touchdown reception to Brown. On the play, Roethlisberger was able to recognize that Brown was in man-coverage and quickly threw the touchdown pass. Next, Roethlisberger continued to pick apart the defense with short passes with a 12-play 75-yard drive which was capped off with a one-yard touchdown pass to Jesse James. On the play, Roethlisberger ran a play-action pass and found James wide open in the middle of the end zone. Next, Roethlisberger led a 3-play 51-yard drive that concluded with a 10-yard touchdown pass to Brown. On the play, Roethlisberger placed the ball in a spot where only Brown could complete the reception and he did not disappoint with an amazing catch.

RB LeVeon Bell, 68 offensive snaps, Rush: 12 - 46 - 0, Rec: 9 - 57 - 0 (11 targets)
Leveon Bell finished with 12 rushes for 46 yards as he didnít have much room to run. The Titans defensive game plan was focused on stopping the running game. Bell was more of a factor with the passing game as he registered nine receptions for 57 yards. Early third quarter, Bell caught a screen pass and turned it up the right sideline for a 14-yard gain. Late third quarter, Bell had an 8-yard touchdown run reversed as it was confirmed that his knee was down before the ball crossed the plane of the end zone. Bell lost five carries to James Conner as the Steelers coaching staff intended to give the starting running back a few less carries due to the short week.

WR Antonio Brown, 70 offensive snaps, Rec: 10 - 144 - 3 (13 targets)
Antonio Brown once again shined when the prime-time lights were on as he finished with ten receptions for 144 yards and three touchdowns. On the opening drive, Brown got into a quick rhythm with his quarterback with receptions of 12 and 7 yards. Later in the drive, Brown ran a go-route as he scored a 41-yard touchdown reception. On the play, Brown jumped between two Titans defenders as he came down with the pass in the end zone. Early third quarter, Brown ran a slant for an easy five-yard touchdown reception. On the play, Brown was able to get separation from his defender who was playing man coverage. Early fourth quarter, Brown completed 10-yard touchdown reception, his third touchdown of the game. On the play, Brown ran an inside fade-route and completed one of the best receptions of the season as he caught the ball with one hand while forcing it against his helmet as he went to the ground. If you have not seen this reception yet, do yourself a favor and check it out!

WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, 67 offensive snaps, Rec: 4 - 47 - 0 (8 targets)
JuJu Smith-Schuster remained involved in the offensive game plan as he finished with four receptions for 47 yards. Early in the first quarter, Smith-Schuster ran a comeback-route for a 11-yard reception. Early third quarter, Smith-Schuster ran a slant and came down with a gritty 12-yard reception as he was being hit from behind. Mid third quarter, Smith-Schuster ran a crossing-route for an 18-yard reception.

WR Martavis Bryant, 45 offensive snaps, Rec: 2 - 30 - 0 (4 targets)
Martavis Bryant had two receptions for 30 yards. Mid second quarter, Bryant had a 25-yard reception overturned as he was flagged for an offensive pass interference penalty due to pushing off his defender. Late third quarter on a third and ten, Bryant ran an out-route for a 20-yard reception. Mid fourth quarter, Bryant ran an out-route for a ten-yard reception.

TE Jesse James, 76 offensive snaps, Rec: 5 - 21 - 1 (8 targets)
Jesse James was a reliable underneath option with five receptions for 21 yards and one touchdown. Early first quarter, James was targeted in the end zone but could not complete the reception as he was locked in tight coverage. Early fourth quarter on 3rd and goal, James able to peel off his block as he was left wide open in the middle of the end zone for an easy one-yard touchdown reception.