Hang on, Footballguy. Our Draft Dominator Classic is just that - Classic. But you need to know that we've got a brand new Draft Dominator App available that represents our very latest and most sophisticated value algorithms. It's the Draft Tool we recommend and you owe it to yourself to take a look. Like the Draft Dominator Classic, the desktop version of the new Draft Dominator App is part of your Footballguys Insider PRO subscription. Now go forth and Dominate.

Note: Use File | Get New Projections to stay current on all of the changes

Note: Mac users should use the Mac Draft Dominator

Note: To get the latest projections, you have several options:

  1. From both the PD and DD, click File -> Get Latest Projections (easiest method)
  2. From the DD, File -> Import -> VBD Spreadsheet
  3. From the DD, File -> Import -> Projections Dominator File (only if you want to weight the different expert projections first).

Have questions? - Email: henderson@footballguys.com

Draft Dominator - Quick Start Guide

The Draft Dominator starts with a default league called MyLeague. To customize it to your league, click File->Setup and enter your league variables, team names, schedule, scoring system, pick order and tweak the projections if desired.

For the Team Names and Pick Order, make sure you enter the Team Names in the order that the teams draft in the first round. This is necessary for the the standard pick orders to work correctly.

For the Schedule, if you do not know your fantasy schedule yet, either enter a temporary one, so that you get a feel for how the GameByGame works, or enter "Avg. Points" for each week.

After setting up your league, be sure to save it. Click File Save As... and give it a new name that corresponds to your league.

Click Print->Cheat Sheets to print the Individual Position Cheatsheets and the Top 200.

Click Move Player on the Draft Status screen to move players to the team on the clock. The Highlight Bar will default to the "Recommended" player based on team needs and VBD. You can also see the recommend player on the Best Value window.

Click File->My Team Mock to run an automated Mock Draft. It will pause to let you select your player each round. To start the Mock Draft over again, click File->Start Draft.

Click File->Save to save your league. You can open the league at a later time with File->Open. Saving a league will save all of the Setup information, along with the Player Pool, Keeper List, Draft Summary, Team Stats, and Team Information. This way you can pause a draft and come back later and pick up where you left off. It also gives you the ability to configure everything before your draft and to use the Draft Dominator for multiple leagues.