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2016 Cracking FanDuel (143 pages) - FBG Staff
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Training Camp Reports

Camp Report #4 - FBG Staff (8/31)
Camp Report #3 - FBG Staff (8/24)
Camp Report #2 - FBG Staff (8/17)
Camp Report #1 - FBG Staff (8/10)

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Draft Dominator - Shepherd (9/5)

VBD Application (Excel) - Dodds (9/5)
Draft Dominator Classic (Win) - Henderson (9/5)
Draft Dominator Classic Mac) - Henderson (9/5)
Projections Dominator (Win) - Henderson (9/5)
MFL Import (Win) - Henderson (Always Current)
186 Cheatsheets - Gray (9/5)
Average Draft Position - Gray (8/29)
Average Draft Position (PPR) - Gray (8/29)
Final ADP for FFPC and FPC - Gray (9/1)
Draft List - Dodds (9/5)
Draft List - Dodds (9/5)
Top 300 Players - Dodds (9/5)
Top 300 Players PPR - Dodds (9/5)
Projections - Staff (Always Current)
Redraft Rankings - Staff (Always Current)

More Premium Articles (August 26th - September 3rd)

True Fantasy Points: 2016 TE Projections - Tuccito
PPR Top 200 with Commentary - Bloom
True Fantasy Points: 2016 WR Projections - Tuccito
Interactive Value Chart: Yahoo - Tremblay
Interactive Value Chart: FantasyAces - Tremblay
Skill Position Injury Overview (QB, RB, WR, TE, PK) - Wimer
Interactive Value Chart: DraftDay - Tremblay
Interactive Value Chart: RTSports - Tremblay
Final ADP for FFPC and FPC - Gray
Tracking Team Cuts to 53 Players - Gray
Interactive Value Chart: DraftKings - Tremblay
Interactive Value Chart: FanDuel - Tremblay
Interactive Value Chart: FantasyDraft - Tremblay
The Gut Check No.378: When Your Draft Goes Wrong - Waldman
9 Players and an Offense I Might Have Been Wrong About - Bloom
On Second Thought: Tight Ends - Wood
Monday Injury Rounds: Preseason Week 3 - Bramel
Tracking Team Cuts to 53 Players Gray
On Second Thought: Running Backs - Wood
Footballguys' Top 10: Preseason Week 3 - Waldman
Fantasy Index 2015 Redux: Wide Receiver - Miglio
Average Draft Position - Gray
Average Draft Position (PPR) - Gray
Projections - Staff
Redraft Rankings - Staff
Monday Injury Rounds: Preseason Week 3 - Bramel
Hidden Value or Damaged Goods
Reassessing the Cowboys Offense without Romo - Wood

More Premium Articles (August 20th - August 25th)

Average Auction Values - Pasquino
Football Therapy: Anger - Simpkins
Pushing the Pocket: What to Make of Tajae Sharpe - Fahey
Defensive Team by Committee - Stuart
Training Camp 2016 Tier Rankings: Week 4 - Ingel
Offensive Line Rankings and Notes: Preseason Week 3 - Bitonti
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 12, 12 team IDP, PPR - Haseley
Skill Position Injury Overview (QB, RB, WR, TE, PK) - Wimer
Target Practice v2: Players to Target at Different Stages of the Draft - Ingel
Ultimate Team By Committee - Pasquino
Ultimate Team By Committee (PPR) - Pasquino
On Le'Veon Bell, Risk, and Substances of Abuse - Harstad
Quarterback By Committee 2016 - Stuart
Developing a Plan for the 2016 Daily Fantasy Sports NFL Season: Part 4, Analysis of the previous week - Mamula
Hidden Value or Damaged Goods - Bramel
Eyes of the Guru: Preseason Notes, Week 2 - Norton
Players to Avoid as Your Draft Unfolds - Ingel
ADP Desirability Rankings: TE - Bloom
End Game Draft Targets - Bloom
Training Camp Cliff Notes: Week 3 - Bryant
The Gut Check No.376: Insights For Cramming - Waldman
Value Plays: Quarterbacks - FBG Staff
Value Plays: Running Backs - FBG Staff
Value Plays: Wide Receivers - FBG Staff
Value Plays: Tight Ends - FBG Staff
Overvalued Players: Quarterbacks - FBG Staff
Overvalued Players: Running Backs - FBG Staff
Overvalued Players: Wide Receivers - FBG Staff
Overvalued Players: Tight Ends - FBG Staff
Deep Sleepers: Quarterbacks - FBG Staff
Deep Sleepers: Running Backs - FBG Staff
Deep Sleepers: Wide Receivers - FBG Staff
Deep Sleepers: Tight Ends - FBG Staff
Revised: Perfect Draft - 12 Team PPR - Dodds
From the Gut: QBs - Dodds
ADP Desirability Rankings: WR - Bloom
Perfect Draft - 12 Team Non-PPR - Dodds
Evaluation by Association - Hester
How to Dominate Your League: 2-2-1 Running Back Strategy - Ingel
Reading the Defense: DL Tiers - Bramel
Transitioning from Season Long to DFS - Buzzard
Reading the Defense: LB Tiers - Bramel
Strategy Roundtable: Late-round Fliers - FBG Staff
Reading the Defense: DB Tiers - Bramel
ADP Desirability Rankings: RB - Bloom
Strategy Roundtable: Is Zero-RB Drafting Too Popular? - FBG Staff
Strategy Roundtable: Early-round Value Pick - FBG Staff
Fantasy Index 2015 Redux - Miglio
The New Reality No.67 - Preseason Week 2 Aftermath - Parsons
How To Attack Large Non-PPR Leagues - Tefertiller
Monday Injury Rounds: Preseason Week 2 - Bramel
Strategy Roundtable: Early-round Bust Pick - FBG Staff (8/22)
Strategy Roundtable: Dynasty Gems - FBG Staff
ADP Desirability Rankings: QB - Bloom
Pushing the Pocket - Ryan Mathews Reward Outweighs the Risk - Fahey
How To Attack Smaller PPR Leagues - Tefertiller
Answers to Common Questions about the Draft Dominator '16 App - Haseley (8/21)
Tight End By Committee - Pasquino
Tight End By Committee: PPR - Pasquino
The Devy Weekly Preseason Edition - Tefertiller (8/20)
The Master Plan for 2016 - Bloom

More Premium Articles (August 12th - August 19th)

Football Therapy: Meditation - Simpkins
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 11, 12 team Superflex, PPR - Haseley
Footballguys DFS Tools Series: Game Log Dominator - Alexander
Reception Perception: 11 flags planted for the 2016 season - Harmon
2016 FFPC Co-drafting Strategy - Miglio
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 10, 12 team, Non-PPR - Haseley
Late Round Tight Ends - Pasquino
Skill Position Injury Overview (QB, RB, WR, TE, PK) - Wimer
How To Attack Superflex PPR Leagues -Tefertiller
Eyes of the Guru: Preseason Notes, Week 1 - Norton
Plant a Flag: RB - FBG Staff
Training Camp Risers and Fallers - Bloom
Mid-August ADP for FFPC and FPC - Gray
Introduction to the new MyFootballguys (Cloud) - Vanderwoude
The New Reality No.66 - Preseason Week 1 Aftermath - Parsons
High Floors vs. High Ceilings - Hester
Draft Strategy: Good-Byes - Pasquino
How To Attack Large PPR Leagues - Tefertiller
Training Camp Cliff Notes: Week 2 - Bryant
Reading the Defense: Defensive Line Tiers - Bramel
Dorial Green-Beckham: The Fallout - Howe
Plant a Flag: WR - FBG Staff
WR3 By Committee - Pasquino
Reading the Defense: Preseason Notes 2 - Bramel
WR3 By Committee: PPR - Pasquino
Training Camp 2016 Tier Rankings: Week 2 - Ingel
Pushing the Pocket - Preseason Week 1 Winners - Fahey
Plant a Flag: TE - FBG Staff
2016 PPR Auction Values - Bloom
Points Per Deception: A Look at PPR Scoring - Pasquino
Monday Injury Rounds: Preseason Week 1 - Bramel
An Optimal MFL10 Draft, Round by Round - Howe
Plant a Flag: NFL Team - FBG Staff
Plant a Flag: QB - QB Staff
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 9, Auction, 12 team FPC scoring - Haseley
Prepping for Survivor Leagues - Pasquino
Quality Starts: Quarterbacks - Pasquino
RB2 By Committee: PPR - Pasquino
RB2 By Committee - Pasquino
Early Season DFS Strategy: Game Selection (and why I don't play cash games) - Vanderwoude
The FPC and the Tight End Position - Pasquino
Single RB, Part II: The Players You Should Be Targeting - Hester
Waivers of the Future: Training Camp Edition - Simpkins

More Premium Articles (August 7th - August 11th)

FREE: Training Camp Cliff Notes: Week 1 - Bryant
Strategy Roundtable: The 1.04 Spot - FBG Staff
How To Attack Two-Quarterback Leagues - Tefertiller
Pushing the Pocket - Lamar Miller is the Best Value Pick in Drafts - Fahey
Football Therapy: Jealousy - Simpkins
Skill Position Injury Overview (QB, RB, WR, TE, PK) - Wimer
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 8, 12 Team FPC Best Ball 28 Rounds - Haseley
Survivor Pool Strategy - Pasquino
Strategy Roundtable: Common Auction Errors - FBG Staff
Strategy Roundtable: Considering Keeper League Contracts - FBG Staff
Strategy Roundtable: How to Handle Jimmy Graham - FBG Staff
The FPC and the RB Position - Pasquino
The FPC and the WR Position - Pasquino
Right Team/Position, Wrong Player - Bloom
Player Spotlight: Melvin Gordon - Brown
Player Spotlight: Russell Wilson - Brown
How To Attack Smaller Leagues - Tefertiller
The New Reality No.65 - Who to Watch: Preseason Week 1 - Parsons
Pushing the Pocket - Rishard Matthews Efficiency - Fahey
The Gut Check No.374: Late-Round RBs for Upside Down Drafts - Waldman
Eyes of the Guru, Part 6: NFC East - Norton
The FPC and the QB Position - Pasquino
Finders Keepers - Tefertiller
Tyrod Taylor Faceoff - Hester/Grant
Zach Ertz Faceoff - Vanderwoude/Grant
Julius Thomas Faceoff - Feery/Wood
Keenan Allen Faceoff - Ingel/Knotts
Larry Fitzgerald Faceoff - Waldman/Grant
T.Y. Hilton Faceoff - Hester/Knotts
Ryan Tannehill Faceoff - Holloway/Howe
Duke Johnson Faceoff - Holloway/Waldman
Dion Lewis Faceoff - Dodds/Holloway
Dwayne Allen Faceoff - Simpkins/Wood
Kelvin Benjamin Faceoff - Wimer/Mamula
Mike Evans Faceoff - Parsons/Wimer
So You Drafted Le'Veon Bell, Tom Brady, or Josh Gordon - Bloom
Player Spotlight: Marcus Mariota - Holloway
Single RB, Part I: What to Do When Contrarian Has Gone Mainstream - Hester
Target Practice: Players to Target at Different Stages of the Draft - Ingel
2016 Title-Winning Players: Round-by-Round - Parsons

More Premium Articles (August 4th - August 6th)

Perfect Draft - 12 Team PPR - Dodds
Football Therapy: Self-Esteem - Simpkins (8/6)
Player Spotlight: Dez Bryant - Bonnema
Developing a Plan for the 2016 Daily Fantasy Sports NFL Season: Part 3, Bankroll Allotment and Diversifying Game Types - Mamula
Reading the Defense: Preseason Notes 1 - Bramel
The FPC and the Tight End PPR Bonus Rule - Pasquino
Pushing the Pocket - Don't Forget About Jace Amaro - Fahey
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 7, 12 Team PPR w/ Flex - Haseley (8/5)
Strength of Schedule: Overview - Gray
Strength of Schedule: Quarterbacks - Gray
Strength of Schedule: Running Backs - Gray
Strength of Schedule: Wide Receivers - Gray
Strength of Schedule: Tight Ends - Gray
Strength of Schedule: Team Defenses - Gray
Strength of Schedule: Placekickers - Gray
Strength of Schedule: Defensive Backs - Gray
Strength of Schedule: Linebackers - Gray
Strength of Schedule: Defensive Linemen - Gray
NFC West Training Camp Preview - Bloom
Footballguys Drafting Tools - FBG Staff
The Gut Check No.373: Mid-Round RBs For Upside Down Drafting - Waldman
Matt Ryan Faceoff - Simpkins/Holloway
NFC North Training Camp Preview - Bloom
NFC South Training Camp Preview - Bloom 8/4)
Early August ADP for FFPC and FPC - Pasquino
Matt Forte Faceoff - Feery/Hindery
Latavius Murray Faceoff - Wimer/Waldman
Eric Ebron Faceoff - Hicks/Knotts
Allen Hurns Faceoff - Waldman/Holloway
Golden Tate Faceoff - Parsons/Hicks
Demaryius Thomas Faceoff - Holloway/Howe

More Premium Articles (July 30th-August 3rd)

The FPC and the Action Scoring Rule - Pasquino
David Johnson, Todd Gurley, and the Case for Drafting a Running Back First Overall - Bonnema
Blake Bortles Faceoff - Mamula/Holloway
Jay Ajayi Faceoff - Ingel/Hicks
Devonta Freeman Faceoff - Dodds/Holloway
Lamar Miller Faceoff - Holloway/Wimer
Gary Barnidge Faceoff - Dodds/Knotts
Coby Fleener Faceoff - Parsons/Holloway
Amari Cooper Faceoff - Simpkins/Hester
DeAndre Hopkins Faceoff - Howe/Feery
True Fantasy Points: 2016 Quarterback Projections - Tuccito
Footballguys DFS Tools Series: Target Stats - Alexander
The FPC and the Waiver Wire - Pasquino
The New Reality No.64 - Final Roster Spot Strategy - Parsons
The Deep Zone: Mining for Touchdown Potential Inside the 10 - Howe
The Gut Check 372: Strategic Musings From A Dynasty Mock - Waldman
Week 1 FanDuel Pricing: What Jumps Off the Page - Alexander
Large Bench Leagues - Pasquino
Short Bench Leagues - Pasquino
Pushing the Pocket - Remembering Kevin White's Value - Fahey
Player Spotlight: Frank Gore - Howe
NFC East Training Camp Preview - Bloom
Coaching Carousel 2016: Miami Dolphins - Wood
Coaching Carousel 2016: Indianapolis Colts - Wood
PUPdates - Bramel
Player Spotlight: Derek Carr - Holloway
How to Watch Preseason Football - Pasquino
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 6, 12 team PPR Dynasty Start Up - Haseley

More Premium Articles (July 26th-July 29th)

Developing a Plan for the 2016 Daily Fantasy Sports NFL Season: Part 2, The importance of having a weekly process - Mamula
The FPC and the Dual Flex Rule - Pasquino
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 5, 12 team FPC scoring TE 1.5 PPR, Dual Flex - Haseley
Coaching Carousel 2016: San Francisco 49ers - Wood
Player Spotlight: Marvin Jones - Hindery
High Stakes Contest Profile: The FFPC - Pasquino (7/28) PUPdates - Bramel Player Spotlight: Kelvin Benjamin - Howe
Player Spotlight: Antonio Brown - Holloway
Player Spotlight: Coby Fleener - Feery
Player Spotlight: DeAndre Hopkins - Wood
Player Spotlight: Amari Cooper - Simpkins
Pushing the Pocket - Sterling Shepard Should Shine as a Rookie - Fahey
Player Spotlight: Eric Decker - Alexander
The Gut Check No.371: Early RB Anchors for Upside Down Drafting - Waldman
Player Spotlight: Matt Jones - Wood
AFC West Training Camp Previews - Bloom
Coaching Carousel 2016: Los Angeles Rams Offense - Wood
Player Spotlight: Lamar Miller - Holloway
Player Spotlight: Michael Crabtree - Wood
Player Spotlight: Eddie Lacy - Garda
Player Spotlight: LeSean McCoy - Feery

More Premium Articles (July 21st-July 25th)

Footballguys DFS Tools Series: Data Dominator - Alexander Player Spotlight: Ezekiel Elliott - Wood
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 4, MFL10 format, 12 team PPR - Haseley
Inside Slant: Awards Predictions - Larkin
Why I'm Taking Josh Gordon Before You Do - Katz
Training Camp Deep Dynasty Watchlist: NFC - Bloom
Dynasty and Keeper Leagues: Potential Free Agents - WRs - Tefertiller
Player Spotlight: Doug Baldwin - Wood
Training Camp Deep Dynasty Watchlist: AFC - Bloom
Player Spotlight: Adrian Peterson - Garda
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 3, Auction, PPR 12 team with Flex - Haseley
Preseason 2016 Tier Rankings - Ingel
Player Spotlight: Le'Veon Bell - Simpkins
Player Spotlight: T.Y. Hilton - Hester
Player Spotlight: Eric Ebron - Wood
July ADP for FFPC and FPC - Gray
Re-valuing the Steelers offense After Bell's Suspension - Bloom
Player Spotlight: Jay Ajayi - Simpkins
Player Spotlight: Philip Rivers - Holloway
Player Spotlight: Ryan Tannehill - Holloway
Player Spotlight: Odell Beckham Jr. - Wood
Player Spotlight: Duke Johnson - Haseley
Developing a Plan for the 2016 Daily Fantasy NFL Season: Part one Setting Goals - Mamula
AFC North Training Camp Previews - Bloom
Derek Carr Faceoff - Kuczynski / Hicks
Ryan Mathews Faceoff - Parsons / Simpkins Allen Robinson Faceoff - Hicks / Holloway

Premium Articles (July 16th-20th)

Coaching Carousel 2016: San Diego Chargers Offense - Wood
Player Spotlight: David Johnson - Bonema
Eyes of the Guru Preseason Part 5: AFC East - Norton
Player Spotlight: Jeremy Hill - Holloway
Early Season DFS Strategy: Self-Assessment and Analysis - VanderWoude
AFC East Training Camp Previews - Bloom
AFC South Training Camp Previews - Bloom
Ladarius Green Faceoff - FBG Staff
Carlos Hyde Faceoff - FBG Staff Coaching Carousel 2016: Philadelphia Eagles - Wood
The New Reality No.63 - Rookie Draft Strategy: The Late Rounds - Parsons
Player Spotlight: Andrew Luck - Miglio
Player Spotlight: C.J. Anderson - Alexander
Footballguys Staff Mock Draft 2, PPR 12 team with Flex, TD pass 6pts - Haseley
Player Spotlight: Jeremy Maclin - Feery
IDP Bets For Breakout - Larkin
AFC East Training Camp Previews - Bloom
Mock Draft Report Card: The Mid-Round Draft Position - Parsons
Player Spotlight: Mike Evans - Simpkins
Pushing the Pocket - What is the Fascination with Chris Hogan? - Fahey
Andrew Luck Faceoff - FBG Staff
Jameis Winston Faceoff - FBG Staff
Arian Foster Signing Is Another Reason To Buy Ajayi - Bloom
Quality Starts: RB (PPR Scoring) - Pasquino
Quality Starts: RB - Pasquino
Pushing the Pocket - Don't Fear Ezekiel Elliott's Unknown - Fahey
Dynasty and Keeper Leagues: Looking at Potential Free Agents - RBs - Tefertiller
Quality Starts: WR - Pasquino
Quality Starts: WR (PPR Scoring) - Pasquino
Player Spotlight: Cam Newton - Simpkins
Dynasty IDP Strategy Guide, Section V: The Start-Up Draft - Simpkins
Player Spotlight: Matt Ryan - Wimer
Player Spotlight: Brandon Marshall - Garda
Skill Position Injury Overview (QB, RB, WR, TE, PK) - Wimer

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