FanDuel - Week 1

NFL Features

Interactive Value Chart - Maurile Tremblay
  A lineup optimizer for FanDuel that uses projections and player salaries to maximize expected points.
Cracking FanDuel Week 1 - David Dodds
  Uses Vegas lines, projections, and other factors to identify attractive players in cash games and tournaments.
Medical Check - Steve Buzzard & Jene Bramel
  Summarizes and analyzes injury news relevant to FanDuel contests.
Cost/Value Chart - David Dodds
  Compares FBG projections against FanDuel pricing for this week's games
FanDuel Roundtable - Maurile Tremblay
  Eavesdrop as various staff members share their views on a range of topics.
The Fade - Justin Bonnema
  Your weekly guide to identifying exposure and profiting in guaranteed prize pools.
The Contrarian - Justin Bonnema
  Identifying underexposed players to create roster uniqueness in tournaments.
Starting Stacks - Austin Lee
  Identifies and analyzes the best QB-WR combinations and other stacks for use in tournaments.
Thursday Night Spotlight - Steve Buzzard
  Analyzes the game script for the Thursday night game. Examines factors to consider in setting Thursday night lineups, including injury considerations.
Thursday/Sunday Lineups - FBG Staff
  Lists cash-game lineups from various staff members, and tracks results from previous weeks.
Consensus Value Plays - FBG Staff
  Lists the top value-based picks of the week selected by various staff members.
Wisdom of the Staff - FBG staff
  Various staff members share their opinions on select topics.
Exposed - Alessandro Miglio & Aaron Rudnicki
  Analyzes individual player matchups (e.g., WR vs. CB) to exploit or avoid.
Cracking FanDuel (The Blog) - FBG Staff
  New to DFS? Want to go from fish to piranha and take down a shark? This is the place for you.
Contests Spotlight - Kyle Wachtel
  Highlights FanDuel's most significant contests of the week.

Book / Excerpts / Timeless Classics

Cracking FanDuel (The Book) - FBG Staff
Selecting Players - David Dodds
Thursday vs Sunday Contests - Phil Alexander
Managing Many Lineups - David Dodds
Fitting Lineups to Contests - Maurile Tremblay
Telling a Consistent Story - Maurile Tremblay
Expectation and Variance - Maurile Tremblay
Tournament Strategy - Jeff Pasquino
Cash Game Strategy - John Lee
DFS Glossary - FBG Staff
Interview with Nigel Eccles - Dodds

Contest Spotlight

Footballguys FanDuel Championship
  It’s just $10 to play and the top-500 (out of 1,130) double up their cash each week. Plus Footballguys' own Joe Bryant, David Dodds, and Sigmund Bloom will be entering the contest too. And if you finish ahead of those three, you’ll be playing in a final round in Week 11 that offers $40,000 in FREE prizes. You do not want to miss out on this contest.

Sunday Million
  FanDuel's largest prize pool for Week 1 is the Sunday Million. It's just $25 to play and there's $5 Million in total prizes. First place will take home a $1 Million prize and the top-46,000 entries will walk away with a cash prize too.

Sunday Rush
  The Sunday Million isn't the only contest with a seven-figure prize pool. The Sunday Rush is just $5 to play and is guaranteed to pay out $1 Million in total prizes. The top-46,000 entries will win cash with $100,000 to first place.

Sunday Squib
  The Sunday Squib is a single-entry tournament that’s just $1 to play and offers $100,000 in prizes with $10,000 to first place. Someone will turn $1 into $10,000 with just one entry. Why not you?

CFB Features

Interactive Value Chart - Maurile Tremblay
  A lineup optimizer for FanDuel that uses projections and player salaries to maximize expected points.
CFB Thursday/Friday Breakdown Week 2 - Andrew Katz
  An in depth breakdown of the Week 2 Thursday-Friday FanDuel CFB slate
CFB Week 1 Recap: Pac12 - James Brimacombe
  A quick review from the Pac-12 Week 1 games in the college football season.

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