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Week 11 Game Recap: Jacksonville Jaguars 37, Houston Texans 43

Jacksonville Jaguars

QB Chad Henne, Pass: 16 - 33 - 354 - 4 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 2 - 7 - 0

Henne had the game of his life Sunday in relief of starter Blaine Gabbert. Upon entering the game, Henne began his best Dan Marino impression by throwing for 354 yards and 4 touchdowns. Two of his touchdowns came on nice throws to Marcedes Lewis. A third came to Cecil Shorts on a short pass where Shorts quickly split the defense and raced to the end zone. Henne also had great success in completing six passes for 221 yards to rookie Justin Blackmon. Henne managed to complete fewer than 50% of his passes and still showed the same accuracy problems that plagued him when he was Miami's starting quarterback. That said, he showed poise and confidence under center and clearly had a great understanding of the offense. Most of his completions put his receivers in a position to catch the ball on the run and gain yards after the catch. His best pass came on an 81 yard completion to Blackmon. Henne bought time in the pocket before leading Blackmon with a pass that the young receiver caught on the run. Blackmon was crossing from right to left, plucked the ball from the air, and followed a team of blockers up the sideline for a 63 yard gain. Henne also completed a nice long pass down the middle of the field to Blackmon, splitting two defenders for an 81 yard touchdown.

QB Blaine Gabbert, Pass: 2 - 2 - 24 - 0 TD / 0 INT

It appears the Blaine Gabbert Era in Jacksonville is finally coming to an end. Gabbert started against the Texans and completed both of his passes before being knocked from the game with a bruised elbow. Gabbert's injury came as he was sacked for a nine yard loss. To add insult to injury, Gabbert fumbled on the play and the ball was recovered by the Texans. The Jaguars have announced that Chad Henne will get the start Sunday.

RB Jalen Parmele, Rush: 24 - 80 - 0, Rec: 3 - 3 - 0 (3 targets)

For some bizarre reason the Jaguars used Parmele as their feature back against the Texans. With Maurice Jones-Drew absent due to injury and Rashad Jennings healthy, Parmele received 24 carries against Houston. For some perspective, Parmele only had 8 carries all season coming in to week 11. To his credit, the third year man from Toledo managed to power his way to 80 yards on the ground against one of the league's best defensive units. Parmele's best series came in the second quarter when he was given the ball on three successive downs. The three runs resulted in 13 total yards but succeeded in bringing the Texans' defensive backs closer to the line of scrimmage. On the fourth play of the series, Chad Henne was able to pass the ball to Cecil Shorts on the run. Shorts took advantage of the collapsed defense by splitting two defenders and racing for a 67 yard touchdown. Otherwise, Parmele's day consisted of a lot of short runs in to the teeth of the Houston defense. His best run came on a 12 yard rush up the middle. On the play, Parmele took the handoff and raced to top speed as the hole opened in front of him. Two Texans finally tackled him after the long gain.

RB Rashad Jennings, Rush: 3 - -1 - 0 (1 targets)

Jennings only had three carries against Houston and lost yardage on two of them. Despite being healthy and having some success as rusher in recent weeks, Jennings was primarily used as a kick returner against the Texans. Jalen Parmele handled the bulk of the Jaguars rushing with 24 carries.

WR Justin Blackmon, Rec: 7 - 236 - 1 (13 targets)

After struggling for much of the year with Blaine Gabbert throwing him the ball, Blackmon broke out in a big way against the Texans. He had three receptions of longer than 39 yards and showed excellent speed in the open field on an 81 yard reception and a 63 yard touchdown. On the 81 yard reception, Blackmon ran a crossing pattern from right to left, caught the Henne pass, and turned upfield towards the left sideline. With blockers leading the way, Blackmon was able to weave his way to the Houston 18 yard line before being pushed out of bounds. On his 63 yard touchdown, Blackmon made a quick move to the middle of the field, turned upfield, and caught the Henne pass on the run between two defenders. From there, he used his straight line speed to win the footrace to the end zone. Most impressive about Blackmon on this day was his suddenly sharp route running. By making clean cuts and selling double-moves, Blackmon was able to earn space from his defender which resulted in large after the catch gains when the ball came his way.

WR Cecil Shorts, Rec: 3 - 81 - 1 (6 targets)

With Justin Blackmon suddenly being effective Shorts was able to benefit from single-coverage to the outside. Primarily running quick outs, receiver screens, and drag routes, Shorts caught 3 passes on 6 targets against Houston. His best catch came on a quick screen to the left. On the play, Shorts plucked the ball from the air and quickly turned upfield at full speed. He knifed through two closing defenders and outraced them to the end zone 67 yards away. Shorts primarily lined up split to the left against the Texans.

WR Laurent Robinson (2 targets)

Robinson took a back seat to Justin Blackmon after he had been one of Blaine Gabbert's favorite targets in recent weeks. He is clearly the third wide receiver in the target pecking order, as Henne did not rely on the short timing routes that Gabbert used to feed Robinson in recent weeks.

TE Marcedes Lewis, Rec: 3 - 40 - 2 (4 targets)

After an uneven season to date, Lewis was a solid option for Chad Henne when the Jaguars moved deep in to the Texans' side of the field. He caught two touchdowns for the Jaguars as well. The first came on a 13 yard reception to the middle of the field where Lewis was able to get off the line without a bump from Conner Barwin. His second touchdown came on a quick pass to the left side from Chad Henne to put the Jaguars ahead by 13 points. Lewis primarily ran quick outs and slants from tight at the line of scrimmage on Sunday. It appeared that the Jaguars were hoping these routes would take one or more of the Texans' linebackers away from the line of scrimmage pre-snap. However, the success of that plan was minimal as the Texans bottled up the Jaguars rushing attack to a mere three yards per carry.

Houston Texans

QB Matt Schaub, Pass: 43 - 55 - 527 - 5 TD / 2 INT

Schaub had a sensational game against the Jaguars. He threw for career highs in yards and touchdowns and had little trouble hitting his receivers all over the field. Schaub was masterful in leading the offense, connecting on a pair of late touchdowns to Garrett Graham to force overtime before completing a screen to Andre Johnson for the winning score. Schaub's best pass came on the game tying touchdown to Graham. On the play, Graham lined up tight to the right side and then slipped to the back left of the end zone. Schaub faked the handoff and slid to the right side of the pocket before throwing across his body to his wide open tight end. Schaub had a lot of success on deep crosses and showed excellent touch on screen passes to both sides of the field. Even with the normally reliable running game struggling to make big gains, Schaub was excellent at audibling at the line of scrimmage and continuing drives against the Jaguars feeble offense. His yardage total was the second highest in league history and his five touchdowns were the high mark for the season in the NFL. It can not be over stated how in-control of the offense Schaub currently is. His only poor game in a month came in sloppy conditions against the stout Chicago defense. Otherwise, he has been able to complete passes without many turnovers all over the field for the last half of the season.

RB Arian Foster, Rush: 28 - 77 - 0, Rec: 3 - 15 - 0 (3 targets)

The story of the day was the Texans passing game but Foster was not without his own production. He finished the day with 77 hard-earned yards on a season high 28 carries. His best run came on a 10 yard run off-tackle to the left. On the play, Foster patiently let his blockers open a hole before he turned upfield and powered through the hole for a first down. Foster did not display his elite speed against Jacksonville on account of the Jaguars stacking the box much of the game to prevent him from hitting the open field. That said, he showed excellent vision behind the line of scrimmage and found the open hole more often than not for a positive gain. Foster did have one fumble on the day that was covered by Jacksonville. Otherwise, his tough interior running gained important yards and allowed the Texans to establish play-action that would become vital on a number of key passes in the second half of the game.

RB Justin Forsett, Rush: 7 - 59 - 0, Rec: 1 - 6 - 0 (2 targets)

Forsett played a vital role in spelling Arian Foster against the Jaguars as the Texans worked to set up play action in the later half of the game. His best run came on a rush off tackle to the right. On the play, Forsett hit the hole hard and cut to the outside without losing his sped. He was finally pushed out of bounds after a 30 yard run. Forsett finished the day with 7 rushes spread throughout the contest in relief of Foster. He also had two targets that led to one short reception on a screen pass.

RB James Casey, Rec: 3 - 20 - 1 (3 targets)

The Texans prominently featured their three tight ends against the Jaguars. Even little-used James Casey had three receptions including a touchdown. Casey primarily served as a blocker for both the running game and passing game but did find time to slip off the line of scrimmage for short receptions as an outlet receiver. His touchdown came on a one yard reception where he lined up tight to the line of scrimmage, slipped by his blocker, and turned to receive a quick toss from Matt Schaub to tie the game at 14-14.

WR Andre Johnson, Rec: 14 - 273 - 1 (19 targets)

At 31 years old many had thought that Johnson's best days were behind him. His performance on Sunday against the Jaguars calls such assertions in to question. Johnson finished the day 14 receptions on 19 targets for an eye-popping 273 yards. His best catch came on a touchdown in overtime. On the play, Johnson caught a screen to the right side, made a quick move to the inside and then sped past the defense up the right sideline for the game-winning touchdown. Johnson also caught a nice deep pass down the right sideline that fell right in to his arms on the run as the Texans were driving to tie the game. Most impressive, Johnson was able to use his speed all day to find gaps in the defense and rip off large chunks of yardage after catching the ball. He had receptions on screen passes, go routes, drag routes, and crossing patterns. Despite attempted double coverage with a safety rolled over the top, Johnson was able to average almost twenty yards per catch on the strength of excellent route running and quick acceleration after the catch.

WR Kevin Walter, Rec: 6 - 54 - 0 (8 targets)

Walter finished the day with eight targets. He had six receptions primarily on quick outs and hook patterns to the middle of the field. With Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels having so much downfield success, Walter benefited from lax coverage when the Jaguars double-covered Johnson and Daniels. He primarily has been running quick outs and short patterns as the third or fourth option in the passing game for quarterback Matt Schaub. His best catch came on a crossing pattern in the fourth quarter. On the play, Walter made a quick fake to the outside before turning across the field, ultimately catching the ball for a 13 yard gain to prolong the Texans' game-tying drive.

TE Garrett Graham, Rec: 8 - 82 - 2 (9 targets)

Backup tight end Graham had perhaps his best game as a professional. He caught two touchdowns in the final six minutes of the contest to tie the game and force overtime. His best reception came on the game tying score. On the play, Graham lined up tight to the right side and then slipped to the back left of the end zone. Schaub faked the handoff and slid to the right side of the pocket before throwing across his body to his wide open tight end. Graham finished the day with eight receptions on nine targets and had success both on go routes and curls between the hash marks and out routes and post patterns to the outside. Surprisingly, the Jaguars spent very little energy in bumping Graham at the line of scrimmage, thus allowing him to get in to the open field by himself on a number of receptions.

TE Owen Daniels, Rec: 6 - 57 - 0 (9 targets)

Not to be outdone by Garrett Graham's two touchdown day, Daniels had six receptions on nine targets against the Jaguars. He was primarily used on quick outs and post routes after being split out from the line of scrimmage. The Jaguars put a linebacker or safety close to the line of scrimmage to guard Daniels but he was able to use his quickness and superior route running to find holes in the defense. His best catch came on a reception to the left side. Daniels caught the quick pass from quarterback Matt Schaub and then split the defense up the middle of the field for an 18 yard gain. He was also the target on pass that was intercepted by Paul Posluszny.