Player Round Table (Ronnie Brown)
By FBG Staff; Hosted by Maurile Tremblay
August 11th, 2010

Here at, we have Spotlights and Faceoffs. Those features are fairly comprehensive, but they are limited to viewpoints from either one or two writers. Well some players need a little more commentary. We have decided open up the dialog and asked our staff to leave their thoughts on these players and what is expected from them in 2010. Here, discussion centers around RB Ronnie Brown.

Will Grant: Brown is a solid fantasy back when he's healthy. He has a 4.4 YPC average for his career and he averaged over 14 fantasy points a game last season despite splitting time with Ricky Williams and playing in only nine games before he was injured. Brown was a restricted free agent this offseason, and the Dolphins tendered him with a first round pick. Although there was some discussion of a pre-draft trade, Miami didn't pull the trigger. However, they also refuse to give him any long term consideration, probably due to his injury history. Brown has every incentive to crank it up this season in the hope of landing the long term deal that he is seeking next year with the Dolphins or another team.

Brown is excellent fantasy value at RB22 if he plays a full season. The problem is that he probably won't. If you're targeting Brown this season, you need to expect that he's going to go down at some point, and you need to have alternative options on your team just in case. At RB22, I think Brown is priced about right. There are a few backs with lower ADPs like Jahvid Best, Felix Jones or Marion Barber that I might take in front of Brown, but given his points-per-game prowess, I think he's pretty safe with a late 4th, early 5th round pick.

Jeff Haseley: Will, I think you hit on things pretty well regarding Ronnie Brown. In the event Brown does not play a full 16-game schedule, it's a great case for drafting the combo of Brown and Ricky Williams. If Brown struggles to regain his form, is re-injured, or is outplayed by Williams, at least you'll have the benefit of having a very good handcuff that is capable of being the lead back. Another point worth mentioning is what the addition of WR Brandon Marshall means to the running game and the wildcat in general. Teams struggled to stop the wildcat before the Dolphins had a tough, commanding presence at WR. Now they will have to contend with a very big problem if they put too much emphasis on stopping the run. As a result, it should open up more space for running lanes, which in turn benefits the games of Brown and/or Williams.

Maurile Tremblay: Brown's perceived value is depressed by his injury history; but as someone who thinks injuries are mostly a matter of random luck, I think that makes Brown a good deal at his current ADP. The availability of guys like Ronnie Brown, Pierre Thomas, Jahvid Best, and Felix Jones in the fourth round makes skipping RB in the first two rounds a viable strategy, because it's possible to catch up after that. If I picked Brown, I would definitely try to get Ricky Williams as well. If Brown does miss time, Williams immediately becomes a capable fantasy starter.

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