Player Round Table (Justin Forsett)
By FBG Staff; Hosted by Maurile Tremblay
August 6th, 2010

Here at, we have Spotlights and Faceoffs. Those features are fairly comprehensive, but they are limited to viewpoints from either one or two writers. Some players need a little more commentary. We have opened up the dialog and asked our staff to leave their thoughts on these players and what is expected from them in 2010. Here, discussion centers around RB Justin Forsett.

Andrew Garda: I am very high on Justin Forsett and have been since last season. While I don't believe he is an every-down back, I also don't believe that the Seahawks will require him to be one.

Several things jump out at me in terms of his potential.

First, his 5.4 yards per carry behind a suspect offensive line with some issues at the QB position. While there are worse lines, Seattle's is pretty poor and yet Forsett was able to make good progress behind it. Add to that the injury problems with Matt Hasselbeck and the lackluster receiving corps and it's amazing the defense didn't just key on the running game.

Second, he is a very good receiver out of the backfield and I believe the team will use him a lot more in that capacity. Houshmandzadeh did not live up to the hype last season, Golden Tate has a lot of work to do to be reliable, and none of the other wide receivers really stand out. John Carlson could be a threat but if the line continues to be weak, he's stuck blocking again.

Looking at the competition at RB in Seattle, there really isn't any. Julius Jones continues to underwhelm when handed the lead position. LenDale White is gone. Leon Washington is coming off of a terrible leg injury and it's hard to say when - if ever - he'll return to form. I just don't see anyone who will steal the job. At worst, Washington will get back to where he was in 2008 with the Jets and splits carries.

While Forsett doesn't look the part of a full-time back, I think the Seahawks can get plenty of production out of him without killing him. He has a clear path to the job and the ability to hold onto it.

David Dodds: When Julius Jones is the biggest threat to steal carries, it's easy to be high on Justin Forsett. The real wildcard for the Seahawks will be the health of newly acquired free agent Leon Washington. If Leon is healthy then I doubt any RB in Seattle will be worth much, as I could see RBBC all year. I think Leon will play this year, but probably won't hit full stride early in the year. Justin Forsett is nothing special, but given enough carries he will do fine. I think he represents value at this low ADP.

Sigmund Bloom: Forsett's ADP might be RB30, but someone is going to take him higher than that in a lot of drafts, and his ADP should only rise as the season approaches. He will be considered the Seahawks' number one RB, even though it looks like Seattle will have no such thing. They will have a goal line/short yardage back (Quinton Ganther?) another passing down/scatback (Leon Washington? Louis Rankin?), and Julius Jones may figure in there somewhere. We also can't completely discount the chance of a trade for Marshawn Lynch.

On top of that, Seattle's offense isn't looking too robust. Forsett might have strong numbers against St. Louis, and maybe in garbage time against better opponents, but his production will likely fluctuate greatly, and in no scenario does he become an every-week starter. Even if injuries strike key players in the Seahawks backfield, Forsett's role will remain limited.

I would much rather have backs like Donald Brown, Michael Bush, and Chester Taylor, whose ADP is almost exactly the same, if not lower than Forsett's. Even Darren Sproles, who is a similar back with a longer track record in a better offense. I like Forsett the player and I admire what he has done after being cut twice, but he won't be on any of my fantasy teams this year.

Andy Hicks: I agree with most of what Bloom's selling. Someone in almost every draft will expect fantasy RB2 numbers out of Forsett and take him higher than his current ADP. He is definitely the best gamble in Seattle this season since Julius Jones is never going to be the feature back people were expecting and Leon Washington, even if healthy, is a part time role-player. Forsett is most likely to see 200 carries, but who knows how this offense is going to perform with a shaky QB situation and disappointing or unproven receivers? If this offense gels quickly, Forsett has the potential to be of considerable value, but I can't see it happening. Maybe Forsett is a back to stash away for the fantasy playoffs, but you have to get there first.

Jeff Pasquino: The only certainty in Seattle this year is uncertainty, so with that in mind, I would avoid most Seahawks... but at RB30, Forsett could be a decent value, especially in PPR leagues. Bad teams usually have one guy who does well catching the ball out of the backfield who can put up decent numbers - even in garbage time - and that player should be Forsett this year. With LenDale first coming then going from the Seahawks, Forsett's ADP will likely start to ascend with few other fantasy options in the backfield in the Pacific Northwest, but I would be very cautious about relying on him as a RB3 or flex play on my fantasy roster. He does have good upside if you can grab him as your RB4.

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