My Top 50 Players with Commentary
By Jeff Haseley
August 17th, 2010

The below list of Top 50 overall players are based on my re-draft rankings as of mid-August.

  1. RB1 Chris Johnson RB, TEN - How do you follow up a 2,000 yard season? Actually 2,509 yards to be exact if we count his receiving yards. I strongly doubt he comes close to 1,800 rushing yards, let alone 2,000 yards. Even if he drops way off from last year, he still is a very good candidate to finish 1st among RBs. He's on a team that heavily relies on the running game to move the ball. Vince Young is making strides as a QB, but his arm isn't the driving force behind the team's success. Eventually, the heavy load will take a toll on Johnson, so ride him while you can. Until he wears down or is given less carries, he is the best fantasy RB out there.
  2. RB2 Adrian Peterson RB, MIN - Peterson has at least 1,300 yards and double-digit TDs in each of the three years he has been in the league. Last year he finished with 43 receptions to give him even more value. Prior to last year he never had more than 21 catches in a season. His backup RB Chester Taylor is now with Chicago, which could mean the Vikings will lean on Peterson heavily including third down plays. As a result, he could see upwards of 40-50 catches in 2010.
  3. RB3 Ray Rice RB, BAL - Expect more TDs from Rice this year. He finished with 8 total in 2009 and still ended up as RB4 in the non-PPR rankings. If you recall, Willis McGahee stole several TDs in the first half of the season last year. That was before Rice really proved himself as the Ravens primary RB. He has the opportunity to build on his 1,339 yard rushing performance in 2010. Keep in mind he also had 702 receiving yards on 78 catches. If he can find the end zone regularly, he could have a very special season.
  4. RB4 Maurice Jones-Drew RB, JAC - Jones-Drew is an excellent RB1. He is clearly the Jaguars primary RB and he has plenty of tread left. He has only one season of 200 carries or more (last year) when he had 312. He is also a lock for at least 40 catches. If it weren't for only nine TDs in his second year (2007), he would have double-digit TDs in each year he has been in the NFL. He's a very solid and consistent choice as your RB1.
  5. WR1 Andre Johnson WR, HOU - Johnson is worthy of being the first WR selected in redraft leagues, especially PPR leagues. He has over 100 receptions in three of the last four years and has finished in the Top 2 for two years in a row. Johnson has a great young QB throwing him the ball in Matt Schaub, who is coming off a 4,000-yard season. Barring injury, Johnson is a good bet to finish in the Top 5 once again.
  6. RB5 Frank Gore RB, SF - The 49ers drafted two OL with their first two picks in the draft - both first rounders. The upgrade at OL should give a big boost to the running game, most notably Frank Gore. We may see more of Glen Coffee this year (83 carries in 2009), but Gore is clearly the first option for the 49ers. He should enjoy another Top 10 season with a chance at a second Top 5 finish in consecutive years.
  7. QB1 Aaron Rodgers QB, GB - Rodgers is arguably the best fantasy QB in the league, despite leading the league in times sacked (50 last year). He separates himself from other elite QBs due to his tendency to score rushing TDs - nine in two years as a starter. He's clutch when it counts. Did you know? Rodgers leads every major passing category on third down plays in the last two years.
  8. RB6 DeAngelo Williams RB, CAR - The Panthers arguably have the best RB tandem in the league. Both DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart have similar, yet different strengths. There's no doubt that both RBs could be premier backs on different teams, but in my opinion, DeAngelo is the better all-around back and the Panthers realize this. When both backs are healthy it's DeAngelo who receives the majority of the carries, especially to begin the game to set the tone. An improved QB situation, plus a favorable schedule could mean great things for the Panthers offense this year and DeAngelo will be the driving force of it all. Both Williams and Stewart potentially could have Top 15, even Top 10 seasons.
  9. WR2 Randy Moss WR, NE - Randy Moss has finished in the Top 10 each of the last three years, after he found new life with the Patriots. Tom Brady is entering his second year after having major knee surgery, which can only help Moss's numbers. He may be entering his 13th year in the league, but he is still among the league's best in catching the ball down field. He is worthy of a being selected as a WR1 for your team. Until defenses can stop Moss, he's a threat to score in any game against any opponent.
  10. RB7 Michael Turner RB, ATL - The only downside I see to Turner is his lack of receptions, but now there is talk that the Falcons want to get him more involved in that facet. He is expected to see more action on third downs, which will only help his overall production. He's a solid RB who is among the league's best when healthy. He had 10 TDs in just 11 games and 178 carries last year. If he can rebound to even 200-250 carries, he could easily be a Top 10 RB once again. Even in PPR leagues, his TD scoring tendencies allow him to keep pace with other RBs who catch 30-40 passes each year.
  11. WR3 Reggie Wayne WR, IND - Reggie Wayne has not fallen below the Top 25 since 2002 and he has four Top 10 finishes in the last six years, including last season. Despite the abundance of eager talent surrounding him, Wayne continues to find success with Peyton Manning. He has been a very durable asset to the Colts offense (eight consecutive years of not missing a game). He has at least 82 catches and 1,000 yards receiving in each of his last five years. In that same span he has 52 TDs, or 10.4 per year.
  12. QB2 Drew Brees QB, NO - Drew Brees is the main reason behind the Saints explosive offense. He has four consecutive 4,000+ yard passing seasons, including a 5,000-yard season in 2008. The Saints and Brees have plenty of offensive options that are capable of making big plays. Brees is a top-flight QB that is an excellent QB1 option for your team. The only negative I can think of is that he'll be on the cover of Madden 11, which is not a bad card to play to your league-mates if you can convince them to pass on him.
  13. RB8 Steven Jackson RB, STL - Jackson is one of the toughest RBs in the game. He plays through pain and he gives it his all every week; however he eventually will wear down after being the Rams workhorse back for five years in a row. Injuries are starting to creep up on him too - most notably his back injury (herniated discs) that plagued him last year that he had surgery on in the off season. As of right now, Jackson is the 1st and 2nd option at RB for the Rams, so he doesn't have much competition for carries. He may pull another strong season together, but the beginning of the end of him being a top-flight RB could come sooner rather than later. When it comes, it likely will come at a big expense.
  14. RB9 Shonn Greene RB, NYJ - The 2010 season will feature Shonn Greene as the primary RB for the Jets. He showed in the playoffs that he can handle the load and get into the end zone. He had two games with 20 carries or more in 2009. In both of those games, he rushed for over 125 yards. He also had a 19-carry game where he rushed for 144 yards. Now that Thomas Jones is out of the picture, the Jets, who are a run-heavy team as it is, will lean on Greene as the primary ball carrier. LaDainian Tomlinson will see some action, especially on third downs, but Greene will by far be the main rushing threat. He's a home run draft pick that currently can be selected in the 2nd round.
  15. RB10 Pierre Thomas RB, NO - This could be the breakout year for Pierre Thomas, if he is given more opportunities. He has never had more than 150 carries in a season, yet he has finished 21st and 20th in the last two years respectively. He no longer has Mike Bell stealing carries from him and I think the Reggie Bush experiment as a go-to RB is over. Thomas is the main RB for the Saints. If he can even reach 160 carries, he should finish in the Top 20 once again. Don't be surprised if Thomas reaches close to 200 carries and reaches the Top 10.
  16. WR4 Roddy White WR, ATL - Roddy White finished 7th last year, despite having more fantasy points than he did the year prior when he finished 6th. Last year he also reached double-digit TDs for the first time in his career. Another year of experience and an improving Matt Ryan leads me to believe White is capable of finishing in the Top 5. White finished in the Top 10 last year despite a down year from QB Matt Ryan. If Ryan improves in his third year in the league, White could be in for a special season. The latest news of teammate Michael Jenkins being out 4-6 weeks with a shoulder injury paints a picture that heavily favors White.
  17. WR5 Larry Fitzgerald WR, ARI - Larry Fitzgerald is coming off his worst fantasy season since 2006 and now he will play without Kurt Warner under center. On the bright side, he won't have to share catches with Anquan Boldin anymore, but it's yet to be determined how the Cardinals offense will do with Matt Leinart under center as opposed to probable Hall of Famer, Kurt Warner. I expect Fitzgerald to be a big part of the offense, catching between 85 and 100 passes for no more than 1300 yards and 8-10 TDs. He's still a solid WR1 who is capable of making big plays when called upon. The Cardinals offense, especially their passing game may not come close to what they accomplished last year, but they will find a way to get Fitzgerald the ball.
  18. WR6 Steve Smith WR, CAR - One thing is for sure, the Panthers have heavily relied on Steve Smith over the years. His play tailed off when Jake Delhomme's skills and abilities went south. Last year with Matt Moore under center, Smith regained his swagger and produced when called upon. The Panthers are a run first team, but don't assume they won't have many big pass plays. The successful running game will set up the pass, which will include Smith on many big plays. As the Panthers go, so does Smith. The Panthers could easily rebound from an 8-8 season, due to their schedule, which is among the league's easiest. As a result, Smith should benefit. Don't worry about the broken arm. Smith is down playing it as "it's just like a broken finger - I'll be fine". He is already catching passes in limited practice and should be fine for opening day.
  19. QB3 Peyton Manning QB, IND - The Colts are talking about using more four-WR sets in 2010. This makes sense, because the return of Anthony Gonzalez gives the Colts five capable and legit receivers (six if you count Addai). Any one of them can give opposing defenses problems. When you factor in Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Anthony Gonzalez, Austin Collie and Dallas Clark, Manning will have his pick of what the defense gives him. The Colts offense already is operated through the pass. More plays with four-plus receivers would seem to be a big plus for Peyton's numbers. It should be more of the same for Manning. Hopefully he will lose a game or two, which means the Colts will be in the thick of the playoff race, as opposed to clinching too early, which likely will limit Manning's playing time in the most important part of the fantasy season.
  20. WR7 Greg Jennings WR, GB - I fully expect a rebound year from Greg Jennings in 2010. It was unlike him to have an early season slump last year, which leads me to believe he had an injury that nagged him that he wasn't being fully truthful about. He rebounded in the second half of the season, which would be an explanation for an early season injury. The Packers have plenty of options in the receiving game, but Jennings and TE Jermichael Finley will likely be the main targets for Rodgers in 2010. Finley's presence over the middle will allow Jennings to get open deep, which is something that did not happen as regularly in 2009, compared to his 2008 season when he finished as the 4th ranked WR. 80-plus receptions, 1200 yards and 10 TDs is definitely not out of reach.
  21. WR8 Miles Austin WR, DAL - I'm on the fence with Miles Austin's chances in 2010. I was impressed with his ball skills and overall talent in 2009 that propelled him to a 3rd ranked finish. I don't expect his skills to diminish at all, however I do think the Cowboys have a gem in the making in rookie WR Dez Bryant, who has even better skills than Austin. Bryant's ankle injury could linger and result in a better first half of the season for Austin. In due time, I believe Bryant will be the team's primary WR. It could come earlier than people think, which could easily limit Austin's production, especially later in the season. As a result, I have him barely cracking the Top 10 in my preseason rankings, because I think teams will be focused on him, plus the presence of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten stealing targets.
  22. WR9 Calvin Johnson WR, DET - Not only is Calvin Johnson a talented WR, but the QB play from Matthew Stafford is expected to continue to rise. As a rookie QB, Stafford had some growing pains, which affected Johnson's production. The Lions offense is improving thanks to Stafford's growing experience, plus the selection of a home run RB in Jahvid Best. All signs point to an improvement from Calvin Johnson. However in order for him to be an elite WR in 2010, he'll need Stafford to make huge strides in his game. 70+ catches for 1100+ yards and 7+ TDs is within reach in 2010.
  23. WR10 Brandon Marshall WR, MIA - There's no denying Marshall's skills, talent and ability. He managed to catch 101 passes in 2009 from Kyle Orton, which is a feat in itself. The trade to Miami will definitely open up the passing game, but I doubt he will have his number called as often as it was in Denver. Marshall had 10 games of 8 targets or more in 2009. I do think the Dolphins will change to a more pass-friendly offense to accommodate him, but will he be able to meet the lofty numbers he had in Denver? That's debatable. Marshall should elevate the Dolphins passing game, but I don't think it will be enough to reach Top 10 status. However, if he starts off strong, he could be in for a big season with Top 5 upside.
  24. RB10 Jamaal Charles RB, KC - I was excited about Jamaal Charles' chances in 2010. After all, he was extremely productive both as a rusher and receiver last year, especially in the second half of the season. The addition of free agent RB Thomas Jones in the offseason changes my tune. I do think the Chiefs will utilize Charles as their primary RB, but I can also see Jones getting plenty of opportunities as well. As a result, Charles may not reach 225 carries, which will limit his yardage production. Jones is also a very good goal line back, which could keep Charles from getting lofty TD totals.
  25. RB11 Cedric Benson RB, CIN - The Bengals leaned heavily on Cedric Benson last year to the tune of 301 carries, including seven games of 20+ carries. He also had seven games of 100-yards rushing or more. Eight if you count the playoff game against the Jets, who happen to be one of the league's best defenses. If he can score more TDs, he would be a Top 10 RB. If things don't change at all in 2010, he is still a solid RB2 that can put up RB1 stats in any given game.
  26. RB12 Rashard Mendenhall RB, PIT - I'm starting to sour a bit on Mendenhall this year, mainly because I'm not sure the Steelers offense will come close to its production from last year. With Ben Roethlisberger out for six games, I just don't see them being a great offense off the bat and that hinders Mendenhall's chances of being a stud RB. Their OL has issues too, with the untimely loss of Willie Colon, who was arguably their best run blocker. Flozell Adams is way past his prime and may hurt the team more than help them. Don't forget rookie RB Jonathan Dwyer is no slouch. He could see some short yardage and goal line plays, especially if Mendenhall struggles. Too many questions for me to take him as my RB1.
  27. RB13 Ryan Mathews RB, SD - I fully expect the Chargers to lean on Mathews, because they have nobody else who can be a consistent force running the ball from week to week. He should easily get 225 carries with the chance at eclipsing 250 or even 270 if he produces. My ranking of Mathews is very modest at this time, but if he looks electric in the preseason, he could elevate into a Top 12-15 rank, which would bump him into second round territory. If there is one knock on Mathews, it's that he is not a strong pass-catching back, which means he could be sitting on the sidelines on third downs or passing plays.
  28. WR11 Marques Colston WR, NO - The Saints have several offensive weapons that limit Colston's overall production. He is a borderline WR1 for this reason and only this reason. He is more than capable of being a WR that catches 6-8 balls per game, but the Saints don't have to rely on him for success. Last year, Colston had seven games of three receptions or less, including the post season. That doesn't exactly scream WR1 in my opinion, which is why I will likely pass on him when his spot in the draft comes up.
  29. RB14 Ryan Grant RB, GB - Grant was the 8th ranked RB last year and I was one of those hyping him in the preseason; however I don't see him finishing that high this year. I think Greg Jennings will rebound this year, not to mention the continued emergence of third year TE Jermichael Finley. The increase in those two areas will likely take some production away from Grant. I also like the selection of RB James Starks in the draft, who could steal some carries to keep Grant fresh.
  30. RB15 Jahvid Best RB, DET - My interest in Jahvid Best has increased over the last month or so heading into training camp and the preseason. It is becoming more evident that he will be a big part of the Lions offense beginning this year. Kevin Smith may be an afterthought once we all see what Best can bring to the table as a rusher and receiver. He is quickly climbing up my draft boards as a result.
  31. RB16 Marion Barber RB, DAL - Don't let your guard down on Marion Barber. The Cowboys are still very much looking for him to be a big part of their offense, despite what you're hearing about Felix Jones being more involved. Barber has always been a fierce competitor, especially around the goal line. He is very capable of having another 10-TD season with 700-900 yards rushing. He may be relinquishing some carries to Jones, as well as Tashard Choice, but Dallas will lean on him and rely on his abilities inside the 20-yard line, which is where the money is earned. Barber is a great RB3 that still has plenty left in the tank. He has been nothing short of impressive in training camp this year. His torn quad muscle appears to be behind him and fully healed.
  32. RB17 Knowshon Moreno RB, DEN - I can't quite put my finger on it, but something is keeping me from giving Moreno the green light to be a member of my team. In other words, I'm not exactly targeting him in drafts. He doesn't get a lot of receptions, and he has yet to run for 100 yards in a game despite having four games of 20+ carries in 2009. He scored just 7 TDs and four of them came in just two games. He may turn it on in his second season, but those stats just don't interest me. Not for where he's being selected in drafts. His recent hamstring injury further emphasizes my interest in staying away from him.
  33. RB18 Jonathan Stewart RB, CAR - Jonathan Stewart has improved in each of his first two years in the league and has reached 10 TDs each year, despite being the second RB on the team. He is without question, a top-flight RB, who happens to be stuck behind DeAngelo Williams. The two make a lethal combination for the Panthers that is difficult to stop. If Stewart gets a chance to be the team's primary RB, he is more than capable of putting up solid numbers equivalent to the best RBs in the league. He has a great OL to run behind and he's one of the league's best after contact. Even though Stewart is the second option in the running game, he is still a good RB2 for your team, because of his ability to put the ball in the end zone.
  34. QB4 Tony Romo QB, DAL - Tony Romo has a chance to be a Top 3 QB this year. The Cowboys offense has very few holes, if any at all. The running game looks to be among the league's best, but the passing game is what everyone is talking about. Miles Austin emerged as a go-to WR last year. He is capable of making plays anywhere on the field. Joining him this year is the most sought after WR in the 2010 draft class, Dez Bryant. Bryant has exceptional hands, he runs well after the catch and he can be relied upon to make big plays. If that wasn't enough, keep in mind the Cowboys have one of the best overall, well-rounded TEs in the game in Jason Witten. This all points to a very strong offense, which will be orchestrated by Romo. The sky is the limit for Romo this year. He is coming off his 2nd 4,000-yard season in three years. There is no reason to think he won't reach those numbers again.
  35. RB19 Ronnie Brown RB, MIA - When healthy, Ronnie Brown is one of the better producing RBs in the league. He may not be fully 100% healthy before the start of the season, but the Dolphins are counting on him to be a big contributor on offense and to continue to be the leader of the Wildcat formation. He is likely playing for a new contract in 2011, so expect him to put forth a big effort that will showcase his skills and abilities.
  36. RB20 Joseph Addai RB, IND - Addai may not reach 1,000 yards rushing this year, but he is still capable of being a Top 10 RB due to his pass-catching skills and ability to score TDs in the red zone. This is a contract year for Addai that might result in him being on a new team in 2011. The Colts front office is not known for signing players to big deals if someone else is capable of doing the job for less. Expect him to have extra motivation to perform well this year, so he can showcase his talents to the rest of the league, if the opportunity presents itself.
  37. RB21 Felix Jones RB, DAL - The Cowboys have serious interests in using Felix Jones more in their running game in 2010. Perhaps due to his 170 total yard effort against the Eagles in the Playoffs last year. He has never had a 100-yard game until then and the most carries he's had in a single game is 16 (the above mentioned playoff game). Jones averaged 5.0 YPC in 2008 and he followed that up with 6.3 YPC on 116 carries last year. He may not have big TD totals, due to Marion Barber's role as a goal line back and closer of games. As a result, Jones could very easily be a highlight show regular without being a mainstay in the end zone.
  38. TE1 Dallas Clark TE, IND - Peyton Manning is one of the game's best at distributing the ball to exploit weaknesses on defense. The presence of several talented receivers who warrant defensive attention helps Dallas Clark produce the numbers he does. As long as the offense is moving the ball and sustaining drives, Clark will reap the benefits. He may not reach 100 receptions again, but 80-90 catches with 1,000 yards and a Top 3 ranking is not unexpected.
  39. RB22 LeSean McCoy RB, PHI - LeSean McCoy is someone who has the opportunity to make a big splash in his second year. He is flying under the radar when comparing him to other RBs on the verge of a breakout season. This fact alone means he's a good value pick if you can select him after 20 other RBs have been taken ahead of him, which equates to the late third or fourth round in 12-team redraft leagues. If he embraces the Westbrook role and becomes more elusive than he was in 2009, he could push for a Top 15 finish.
  40. QB5 Matt Schaub QB, HOU - Matt Schaub is not only coming off his first 4,000 yard season, but he also had 29 TD passes last year, distributing the ball to all positions. Six TDs apiece to RB and TEs and 17 TDs to WRs. There is nothing to suggest that Schaub will have trouble duplicating or exceeding those numbers in 2010. He is currently the 6th QB being selected in redraft leagues, but if he builds on last year's accomplishments, he could reach Top 3 status.
  41. RB23 Chris Wells RB, ARI - I'm not quite on board with the notion that Chris Wells will be a RB to lean on in 2010. He still has to contend with Tim Hightower, who commands a presence on the field due to his receiving capabilities. Wells looked sharp at times last year, but he still had six games where he rushed for 30 yards or less, including three times after week 10, when started to get more carries than Hightower. The Cardinals offense is not expected to be as electric as it was in seasons past, because Kurt Warner is no longer throwing the ball. I expect defenses will key on the running game and let Matt Leinart try to beat them through the air. Wells may be the primary carrier, but it won't be as easy this year, because defenses will be waiting for him. Wells may still get 200 carries, but I won't be going out of my way to target him in drafts, based on where he's being selected.
  42. TE2 Antonio Gates TE, SD - The uncertainties surrounding Vincent Jackson and his holdout with the Chargers means Antonio Gates will be a bigger part of the offense - if that's possible. He was having lingering problems with his foot in the offseason; however it is not something that is expected to keep him from performing at the level that we all are accustomed to seeing from him. Even if he is not 100%, he has played through pain before, which leads me to believe his foot problems, if they still exist by the start of the season, will not be a factor in 2010.
  43. WR12 Chad Ochocinco WR, CIN - The Bengals were a run first team in 2009, led by Cedric Benson. It's a wonder Ochocinco was able to score 9 TDs and reach 1,000 yards receiving. The Bengals revamped their WR corps in the off season, acquiring veteran WRs Terrell Owens, Antonio Bryant and cast off, Matt Jones. The Bengals also drafted two WRs in Jordan Shipley and Dezmon Briscoe, not to mention a TE with promise in Jermaine Gresham. QB Carson Palmer will have more options to choose from in 2010, which could take some numbers away from Ochocinco. He may still reach 1,000 yards receiving in 2010, but he is not expected to return to his glory days of 1,300 or 1,400 yards. He's still a good WR2 with limited upside.
  44. RB24 Justin Forsett RB, SEA - I really like what Justin Forsett brings to the table for the Seahawks. In open space, he is one of the more elusive players in the game. He had, what I thought was a big year last year making a name for himself. He may not have ideal size to be a feature back, but people thought that about Chris Johnson too. Both he and Leon Washington are excellent value in drafts this year. One will likely be the bellcow for the offense. Forsett is not the one coming off a devastating broken leg that required three inch screws in his bone. As a result of his health, youth, eagerness and awareness of HC Pete Carroll, he figures to be the leading candidate for the role. If he earns the RB1, he has Top 20 upside, especially in PPR leagues.
  45. QB6 Tom Brady QB, NE - Brady is now almost two years removed from suffering a serious knee injury. His confidence level, of what he can and can't do with his body should be at or very close to 100%. Even with Wes Welker somewhat questionable as he returns from an ACL tear of his own, he has a great cast of WRs, led by Randy Moss, who can still play at a high level. Brady has a knack for making good players great and great players exceptional. Having said that, I expect him to elevate young WRs Julian Edelman, Brandon Tate and rookie Taylor Price. Brady also has the pleasure of having veteran Torry Holt on the field, who knows what it takes to get open and make plays. This all points to another Top 10 QB performance that could easily crack the Top 5, especially if the offense continues to mesh.
  46. RB25 Ricky Williams RB, MIA - Ricky Williams may be 33 years old, but he's still in very good shape for a ten year veteran. He had a renaissance type of year last year, rushing for 1121 yards and 11 TDs, not to mention 35 receptions and two receiving TDs. Williams had the chance to make an impact due to Ronnie Brown missing time with an injured foot. Brown is expected to be ready for the 2010 season, but look for Ricky to be involved as well. The Dolphins boast one of the league's better rushing tandems. As a result, Williams could produce RB2 numbers. Drafting the Brown and Williams combination is not a bad method of making sure your fantasy team can harness the strong rushing output of the Dolphins 4th ranked rushing offense in 2009. No other team had more rushing first downs or rushing TDs in 2009 than Miami.
  47. WR13 Sidney Rice WR, MIN - Brett Favre brought out the best in Sidney Rice, who is on his way to being a star WR in the league. Rice enjoyed a breakout year in 2009, much in part to Brett Favre's talent and ability. He had only three games after week five, where he did not catch at least six passes in a game. If you believe Favre is returning for another year, you should expect to see more of the same from Rice in 2010. There are some questions surrounding Rice and a mysterious injured hip he initially suffered in the post season. The injury has not fully gone away, but he claims he will be ready for the start of the season. He may be playing with pain that could put a damper on his production. When healthy he is definitely worthy of being a WR1 selection for your team, especially if Favre returns. If the injury is more than he is revealing, he could be a big disappointment compared to last year. If Favre does not return, Rice's value drops considerably. He is a gamble at this point in time for the reasons mentioned above, but if it's all water under the bridge and Brett Favre returns, he could be draft steal.
  48. WR14 Steve Smith WR, NYG - Smith is an outstanding possession WR, who had his breakout year in 2009, however the Giants also have Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham who are emerging in their own right. I would not be surprised to see Nicks emerge as the team's go-to WR in 2010. He has better skills and overall talent than Smith and it could result in a decrease in numbers from Smith this year. He's still a good WR2 option, but I would be surprised if he comes close to the numbers he had in 2009. He suffered a non-serious groin injury in training camp, but it could linger into the regular season if it does not heal fully before week one.
  49. WR15 DeSean Jackson WR, PHI - The only reservation I have with DeSean Jackson this year is the fact that he has a new QB throwing him the ball in 2010. I fully expect Kevin Kolb to have success in his first year as a starter, but I don't know how that will translate to Jackson's success. I know Jackson had two long TDs from the arm of Kevin Kolb in the two games where Kolb started, but the uncertainty of how things will progress is what is keeping me from being very excited about Jackson's chances.
  50. WR16 Hakeem Nicks WR, NYG - Hakeem Nicks had an impressive rookie year in 2009 and should build on his accomplishments in 2010. Don't be surprised if Nicks overtakes Steve Smith as the team's primary WR. Remember when Vincent Jackson became a Top 10 WR last year after being ranked in the 20s in the preseason? Nicks could follow suit with a similar rise to fame this year, especially if Mario Manningham's production decreases. The recent groin injury to Steve Smith could play into Nicks being more involved, especially earlier in the season.

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