Fool's Gold - Week 8

  Posted 10/28 by Clayton Gray, Exclusive for Footballguys.com

Greetings, Footballguys, and welcome back to another season of gold digging! Wait, that sounds bad, doesn't it? Because we all know this column has much more to do with football than marrying some rich old dude. For now. But hey, if you want to become one of those old rich dudes by playing fantasy football, I wouldn't bank too heavily on any of these surprising results from Week 7.

RB Shonn Greene - NYJ

Fool's Gold: 19 carries for 144 yards and 2 TDs

Lots of things went right for Greene in Week 7. Obviously, the injury to Leon Washington (on his only touch of the game) was huge. It gave Greene the opportunity to get on the field. Also, the Jets were facing a very weak run defense in the Raiders (who have allowed over 150 rushing yards in four games this season). Finally, New York was able to get out to an easy lead, and the coaching staff was content to grind out the win (Sanchez attempted only five passes in the second half). With Washington out with injury, Greene will still have a role as Thomas Jones' primary backup. However, it is unreasonable to expect the upcoming schedule to be as weak on the ground. It is also a huge stretch to think the Jets will be able to rely so heavily on the run in the coming weeks.

WR Steve Breaston - Ari

Fool's Gold: 1 catch for 23 yards

As good as Breaston is, he's still a No. 3 WR for the Cardinals. On the rare days where the Cardinals offense doesn't explode, their No. 3 WR will have poor numbers. Look for Breaston to have one or two games similar to this, but he will mostly likely post nice stats. He is the same WR is was before Week 7, so do not worry about his future production.

TE Brent Celek - Phi

Fool's Gold: 3 catches for 8 yards and lots of ho hum

There were a couple of things working against Celek in Week 7. First, the Redskins have a solid defense. Excepting their inexplicable breakdowns against the Panthers, Washington has been very good against opposing TEs. It probably has to do with their pass rush. They are so talented along the defensive line that TEs need to help out with the blocking. Even when TEs do get involved in the passing game, the Redskins are able to close fast. Celek was able to grab three balls, but he was quickly contained. Look for him to bounce back in the coming weeks.

RB Brandon Jacobs - NYG and RB Ahmad Bradshaw - NYG

Fool's Gold: Jacobs easily outproducing Bradshaw on a consistent basis

Week 7 simply wasn't Bradshaw's kind of day. He received about his normal number of touches but was unable to find much open space. His 27 total yards on 12 carries and 1 catch will not become the norm. Meanwhile, Jacobs bowled over opposing tacklers. He probably looked better against the Cardinals than he has all season in gaining 87 total yards and 1 TD on 15 touches. However, it would be disingenuous to think this will become a weekly occurrence. Expect these two talented runners to continue to take turns in leading the Giants in rushing each week.

WR David Clowney - NYJ

Fool's Gold: 4 catches for 79 yards and 1 TD

Those aren't exactly amazing numbers, but they surpassed what Clowney was able to post for the first six weeks of the season (4 catches for 72 yards and 0 TDs, which were posted in Week 5). In every other game this year, Clowney has posted a goose egg. With Braylon Edwards in the fold and Jerricho Cotchery getting healthy, Clowney is at best the No. 3 WR here. Mark Sanchez is incapable of supporting three viable fantasy WRs, so do not expect consistency from Clowney.

TE Spencer Havner - GB

Fool's Gold: a consistent role in the Packers offense

Havner only got his targets after Jermichael Finley was lost with a knee injury, but he did make the most of them. Havner hauled in a 45-yard TD in Week 7 to finish the game with 2 catches for 59 yards. On his score, Havner broke multiple tackles in turning a short pass into his first SportsCenter moment. Finley could miss Week 8 with his sprained knee, but even if Havner does get on the field, it would be a stretch to expect Havner to continue turning short passes into big TDs.

RB Chad Simpson - Ind

Fool's Gold: 3 carries for 35 yards and 1 TD

Simpson was fortunate to get some touches from scrimmage. Donald Brown suffered a left shoulder injury and, with the game easily in hand, was kept on the sidelines to avoid further injury. Simpson then reeled off a 31-yard TD score for the final points in a 42-6 blowout. Brown will be back this week, so look for Simpson to return to the sidelines.