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Week 7 Game Recap: Philadelphia Eagles 27, Washington Redskins 17

Philadelphia Eagles

QB Donovan McNabb, Pass: 15 - 25 - 156 - 1 TD / 0 INT, Rush: 5 - -5 - 0

McNabb didn't do much vs. the Redskins, but he didn't have to do much. He seemed somewhat lax in his intensity vs. the underrated Redskins D, often missing low and generally not throwing with precision. McNabb did find DeSean Jackson behind the defense for a TD on the exact same play that he missed Jeremy Maclin on earlier in the game. Otherwise, he was playing very conservative, passing mainly close to the line of scrimmage and handing off to LeSean McCoy. McNabb's game was unsuccessful for fantasy because of the early Eagles big lead and tough play from the Washington defense.

RB LeSean McCoy, Rush: 14 - 37 - 0, Rec: 5 - 30 - 0

McCoy got all of the tailback work after Brian Westbrook left with a concussion, but he was stacked up at the line on most of his carries. He also got three direct snaps in the wildcat formation, but the offensive line got little push vs. the Redskins front seven. McCoy looked the best on screen passes, when he could use his suddenness to set up blocks and weave through traffic.

RB Brian Westbrook, Rush: 3 - 13 - 0

Westbrook got the first two touches of the game, including a wildcat direct snap, and he looked poised for a big game, but a knee to the head from London Fletcher concussed Westbrook, and he spent the rest of the game on the sidelines.

WR Jeremy Maclin, Rec: 5 - 53 - 0

Maclin got the most targets of any Eagle receiver. They were mostly quick throws - slant and screens that allowed Maclin to make things happen after the catch. He didn't, and he didn't look very elusive and tentative in the open field. Maclin did throw a block downfield to make Jackson's long run into a touchdown, and he also made a heady comeback to the sidelines when McNabb broke the pocket for one of his best gains on the night. Maclin did get behind the defense once, but McNabb was looking for Jackson over the middle instead.

WR DeSean Jackson, Rush: 1 - 67 - 1, Rec: 2 - 69 - 1

Jackson barely touched the ball on offense vs. the Redskins, but even a handful of opportunities is more than enough for this natural playmaker. He flashed a fifth gear to score on an end around from 67 yards out, and then got behind Carlos Rogers with a double move to score on a 57 yard pass play. Jackson briefly left with a foot strain, but it doesn't appear that he'll miss time with this injury.

TE Brent Celek, Rec: 3 - 8 - 0

Celek didn't do much in this game because the Eagles didn't put together any long sustained drives, and they went conservative with a big lead in the second half. He caught a few passes close to the line of scrimmage, but couldn't create anything after the catch.

Washington Redskins

QB Jason Campbell, Pass: 29 - 43 - 284 - 2 TD / 1 INT, Rush: 4 - 8 - 0

Campbell's performance was typical - a few plays that show his big arm and ideal skillset, but mostly tentative and ineffective. Campbell had a tipped pass intercepted for a TD, and he was under pressure from the Eagles relentless blitzes all night. Campbell gave up another turnover when he didn't feel the rush coming and fumbled away the ball, and another bad sack he took cost the team a chance at a field goal. He missed Santana Moss wide open for a long TD, and generally did not go patiently through his progressions. Campbell was fine on scripted plays that worked, and plays when his initial read came open, but he looked lost when he had to improvise. Penalties and mistakes seemed to demoralize the team from the get-go, and the running game never got on track to get the offense out of constant third and longs. His job is hanging by a thread, but it's a stronger thread than the one holding Jim Zorn's job.

RB Clinton Portis, Rush: 14 - 43 - 0

Portis was frustrated - showing his anger by throwing his helmet at the bench. He found little room to run, and had yet another failed goal to go carry inside the five. He was then pulled on second and goal. Portis did have decent spring in his legs to get to the outside and cut upfield on a few carries, and he got his best gain on a delayed handoff, but there's no reason to expect much more than this from Portis going forward in this dysfunctional offense.

RB Ladell Betts, Rec: 3 - 21 - 0

Betts had a few receptions in the two minute drill, but this team is not looking to him as a potential shot in the arm for the offense.

WR Santana Moss, Rec: 6 - 74 - 0

Moss salvaged a decent night with a few garbage time catches, and some excellent efforts earlier in the game, including a spinning catch and a few catches that allowed him to show off his run after catch skills. Moss had an end zone target, but it glanced off of his hands - although the defender might have gotten a finger on it or slightly interfered with Moss. His quicks, speed, hands and routes all look as good as ever, but the offense is not running close to smoothly enough to make Moss the fantasy force he has been in the past.

WR Antwaan Randle El, Rec: 5 - 39 - 0

Randle-el had a horrendous night because his muffed punt ended any momentum the Redskins had when they were trying to get back in the game in the second half. He was given some targets close to the line of scrimmage to create after the catch, but ARE didn't look sudden or dangerous at all. His only good gain of the night came when he was left alone on a crossing pattern in the two minute drill.

WR Devin Thomas, Rec: 3 - 45 - 1

Thomas had a breakout game of sorts. He caught the Redskins first TD of the game in the back of the end zone, and the speed and moves that made him a high second-round pick were on display on a quick screen pass that was a lot like the plays he excelled at while at Michigan State. Thomas did have one drop, but his hold on the starting job opposite Santana Moss is secure.

TE Fred Davis, Rec: 8 - 78 - 1

Davis picked up the slack for the loss of Cooley and then some. He had two nice gains by sitting down in the exact same dead spot in the Eagles zone, and Davis also showed a ton of fight in his running after the catch. He caught the garbage time TD in a what is surely a harbinger of good production for the rest of the season for this 2008 second-round pick.

TE Chris Cooley, Rec: 2 - 21 - 0

Cooley was featured in the game plan, catching the first two targets of the night, and creating extra yards after the catch. His night was cut short by a broken foot that will sideline him for the rest of the season.