Monopoly - Week 3

  Posted 9/17 by Jeff Pasquino and Teff Tefertiller, Exclusive to Footballguys.com

We can all remember the marathon Monopoly games of our youth. We would stay up late into the night rolling the dice and trying to acquire as many properties and cash as possible. Many lusted after Boardwalk and Park Place, while other collected the Railroad properties. The goal for Monopoly was to build the biggest empire as possible. Well, this is the same for dynasty leagues in fantasy football. The goal is to build such a "dynasty" that our team dominates year after year. Dynasty teams are built in many ways, just like with the game Monopoly. Every fantasy owner has their own style and types of players they prefer. Each week this article will examine players that are moving up and down dynasty rankings.

What are some of the ways to build dynasty teams? Some owners like to build teams to win in the short term while others like the youth movement. The other key is draft picks - some owners prefer to sell the picks for a proven veteran while other owners want to stockpile the picks in an attempt to strike it rich with the next great rookie prospect. What is the best way? It all depends on the owner. Some owners feel more comfortable with a top notch passer leading their team while others prefer to horde running backs. This diversity is what fuels dynasty leagues. For this reason, this weekly article will focus on players moving up and down the rankings. The players featured will be as varied as the owner preferences. Players will be from all positions and all talent levels.

This week, we have Jeff Pasquino's viewpoints highlighted, in addition to an update to his Dynasty Rankings, which are available here:

Latest Dynasty Rankings

Rather than bore you with all the details (there are 230 or so players ranked, it would take a while), I will go over some of the bigger movers on the charts.

Running backs

Willis McGahee, BAL - (-10 spots) - This might be a bit of an overreaction since he is both injured and the Ravens have played just once, but the rumblings are LOUD that McGahee is falling out of good graces in the organization. McGahee owners have to be concerned.

Chris Johnson, TEN - (+10) - Johnson is fast. Very, very fast. The kid looks a lot like a poor man's version of Reggie Bush. He is getting a large number of touches in Tennessee, and a 1-2 punch of him and LenDale White could be all that team needs to succeed with an excellent defense. Johnson looks like a great keeper for the future.

Rashard Mendenhall, PIT - (-14) - Where is this guy? Willie Parker has racked up 100+ yards two weeks in a row and is just dominating the touches for the Steelers. Pittsburgh played in really bad wind conditions in Week 2 yet their top draft pick was missing in action.

Steve Slaton, HOU - (+10) - Another player that we are judging some from just one game, but the writing is on the wall. Slaton will be getting the start and could lock up the starting job for the Texans as soon as this coming Sunday. Get him if you can.

Tim Hightower, AZ - (+7) - Hightower really didn't move too much this week, but I'm still pretty high on him. Long term he does look like the heir apparent to Edgerrin James and is definitely the goal line vulture that you certainly want to grab in TD heavy fantasy leagues.

Wide Receivers

Brandon Marshall, DEN - (+7) - Marshall went on record in saying that he wants 140 catches this year. He may have to slow down to get only 140 after racking up 18 receptions in Week 1. For the mathematically challenged, that projects to 270 catches this year and 140 by Week 9. If you chuckled as his 140 number, you may not be laughing so hard right now - unless he's already on your fantasy team.

Anthony Gonzalez, IND - (+7) - Gonzalez was deemed the WR of the future for the Colts, who are quickly heading in his direction. With Marvin Harrison still playing well, some may not expect much from him the rest of the season once Dallas Clark is healthy again, but long term you have to love a projected starter for Peyton Manning for several years.

DeSean Jackson, PHI - (+14) and Eddie Royal, DEN (+24) - Every year a rookie or two shines at wideout, and it looks like we have a two way race between Royal and Jackson. Royal blew up in Week 1 and did not disappear in Week 2, scoring the final eight points for Denver, while Jackson is two for two at getting 100+ yards in a game. Both players are explosive and can also return kicks. I expect both of these young talents to be factors all year long and for seasons to come.


San Francisco - J.T. O'Sullivan (+37) and Alex Smith (-24) - O'Sullivan was not even in the Top 60 before the season because I honestly didn't believe he'd beat out both Alex Smith and Shaun Hill. I was wrong - it happens. O'Sullivan looks like a scrappy and cagey veteran who will fight every play and make the most of what he can on each opportunity. Anyone who saw him survive the onslaught of the Seattle defense for eight sacks can appreciate this. Mike Martz has made some no-name guys very relevant in both NFL and fantasy circles. Alex Smith - your surgery, clipboard and parting gifts are waiting.

Arizona - Kurt Warner (+8) and Matt Leinart (-19) - The quarterback for both Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin is always valuable, and that job is now Warner's for this year. The question from a dynasty perspective is 2009 and beyond. I expect that the Cardinals will sign Warner for 2-3 more years before Halloween and that Leinart may be shown a headset or even the door. Snag Warner if you can.

Matt Cassel, NE - (+20) - This ranking says more about the New England receivers than Cassel himself. He is in a contract year and has everything he could ever want to become a true NFL starting QB talent. Make it happen, Matt.

Tampa Bay - Jeff Garcia (-12) and Brian Griese (+15) - The QB wheel has spun once again for Jon Gruden, and now it is pointing at Brian Griese. Garcia may or may not be hurt, but from a dynasty perspective he has little left in the tank. There is not much in the way of WR options in Tampa Bay, but Griese is the starter for now. Stay tuned.

Tight Ends

Tony Scheffler, DEN - (+9) - Jay Cutler loves his tight end, and his fellow roommate on the road gets plenty of targets, especially in the red zone. With other TE options around the NFL also a bit iffy after the first few, Scheffler is at or near the top of second tier options with the chance of cracking that top tier down the line.

Kevin Boss, NYG - (-12) - Maybe the Giants should not have been so quick to move Jeremy Shockey. Boss has as many yards as I do, and I never had to leave the couch or get bowled over by defensive ends. Boss is plummeting like a rock and needs to get some more targets and at least ONE catch before he drops below the Bo Scaifes and Vishante Shiancoes of the world.
There are many other situations to cover. We will attempt to touch on all relevant situations in the coming weeks, but also keep in mind that it is also very important not to overreact to the results of just one week. In dynasty leagues, one week is just a blip on the radar, so do not overreact to short term situations but do watch for longer trends.

Until next time...