IDP Buy Low / Sell High - Week 3

  Posted 9/18 by Anthony Borbely, Exclusive to Footballguys.com

This will be a weekly feature to assist IDP owners in creating deals in their leagues. In theory, players listed as "Buy Low" candidates should have a perceived value that is lower than they merit while the "Sell High" players are overvalued. Use this knowledge to offer viable trades to your leaguemates.

Buy Low

  • DL Trent Cole, Philadelphia Eagles: There has been a lot of panic in the fantasy world, which is fairly typical for the first few weeks. Cole saw a decrease in snaps against Dallas and only posted one solo. With two bad games and fewer snaps last week, Cole has seen his value drop a bit. Realize this is a player who has worn out late in previous seasons and the Eagles may be limiting his snaps to keep him fresh. Cole is still an elite DE and this is a great time to make a move for him.
  • LB Jordon Dizon, Detroit Lions: Detroit head coach Rod Marinelli said that Dizon was going to see an increase in snaps in the week two game against Green Bay. Instead, he did play a single snap on defense. There are people who are questioning Dizon because he has yet to beat out journeyman MLB Paris Lenon for the starting job. However, Marinelli stated long ago that he did not feel comfortable starting a rookie at MLB, not because of how well he may or may not play, but rather because he has to make the defensive calls and make sure everyone is lined up right. His value will never be this low and that screams buy now.
  • LB Michael Boley, Atlanta Falcons: Boley has not put up big numbers thus far, but he proved to be a capable fantasy starter last year as a 3-down SLB. He lacks name recognition, which helps to keep his price low. Take a shot at buying now while he is flying under the radar.
  • DB Adrian Wilson, Arizona Cardinals: The masses are already freaking out because Wilson has not put up big numbers yet. But when you realize that Arizona has a time of possession approaching 35 minutes and that tells you that Wilson simply has not had many opportunities. It is hard to make plays from the sidelines. His past history is stellar and you may be able to land him now from those who don't realize how little he has been on the field.
  • DB Richard Marshall, Carolina Panthers: Marshall has been the biggest enigma in IDP football. Even though he has not been a starter, Marshall has still put up strong tackle numbers in the past. That allowed his owners to start him if they had to. This year, Marshall only has two solo tackles and two assists in the two games. That has caused a major panic for some of his owners, especially those who need roster space. I can tell you now that when he does start, he will be a top-5 DB. He is a great and willing tackler with tremendous ball skills. Simply put, Marshall is an elite DB. If you have roster room, go get yourself a stud DB and reap the rewards when he earns a starting spot.

Sell High

  • DL Patrick Kerney, Seattle Seahawks: This is a sell high only for certain situations. If you are in a rebuilding situation, this is the kind of player you should be looking to move, but only at your price. Kerney is an elite fantasy DE and those are not easy to find, but he is heading to his mid 30s and that is the age where defensive ends typically slow down. His value will never be higher and when you are rebuilding, you need to move players like Kerney before they lose their value. If you are a contender, by all means keep Kerney. This is only for rebuilding teams.
  • DL Kendall Langford, Miami Dolphins: Most of the time, I like to keep my younger players to build my team around. But occasionally, there are players who I am not high on who have burst on the scene out of nowhere. Langford fits the bill. He has two sacks in as many games and some may see that and think that he may be a potential stud. But Langford is a 3-4 DE and they rarely have a great deal of value. Sell now while there is a buzz about his two sacks. He does not have great value, but you should get something decent in return.
  • LB Lamar Woodley, Pittsburgh Steelers: Woodley is just outside the top 15 LBs right now, but his fantasy numbers are skewed by some big plays. He only has six tackles and those low tackle numbers are not likely to change. Unless you are in a big play league, you should try to move Woodley to someone who is just looking at the current ranking and not the reasons for it.
  • DB Brian Williams, Jacksonville Jaguars: Williams has put up solid tackle numbers so far, but the Jaguars have played poorly and the defense has spent a lot of time on the field. Williams has some very good LBs in front of him and when the defense improves, he figures to lose some tackle opportunities. I would be looking to move Williams now and use his current tackle numbers as a selling point.
  • DB Mike Adams, Cleveland Browns: Nobody in their right mind ever thought Mike Adams would be mentioned as a sell high candidate. Nobody could have thought he would be leading all DBs in solo tackles either. But the injury to Sean Jones has put Adams in a great short-term situation and the journeyman has taken advantage of it. If you are a contender, and really don't need Adams, you can probably get something for him from a team with injury issues, and there are a bunch of top DBs who are hurt. Rebuilding teams should be aggressively trying to move him before Jones comes back and shoots his value down the drain. Contenders will be interested if they have a glaring need. A month or two from now, Adams will not have any value. So make a move now. I would not trade Adams if I was a contender and needed a short-term starter. Other than that, I would be moving him.