IDP Buy Low / Sell High - Week 1

  Posted 9/4 by Anthony Borbely, Exclusive to Footballguys.com

This will be a weekly feature to assist IDP owners in creating deals in their leagues. In theory, players listed as "Buy Low" candidates should have a perceived value that is lower than they merit while the "Sell High" players are overvalued. Use this knowledge to offer viable trades to your leaguemates.

Buy Low

  • DL Justin Smith, San Francisco 49ers: This may be risky, but Smith could be a great buy low right now. There were rumblings that he would be classified as a LB, which would severely lower his value. In fact, his position designation was changed at myfantasyleague.com for a day, but they realized that Smith should remain at DL and changed it back. Some owners are paranoid about this and that tells me to go get him.

  • DL Kelly Gregg, Baltimore Ravens: Gregg does not put up big sack numbers, but he has averaged over three solos per game in the last six years. Those high tackle numbers make him a solid DL3, if not higher, and you can likely get him for a very low price. Players who do not put up high sack numbers are usually undervalued.

  • LB Stewart Bradley, Philadelphia Eagles: I am not the biggest Bradley fan, but I know his value is lower than it should be and he can be acquired for a relatively low price right now. I try not to let my personal opinion get in the way of common sense. A good buy low is a good buy low.

  • LB Mike Peterson, Jacksonville Jaguars: Peterson is capable of LB1 numbers but despite that, he is being overlooked mainly because of his age. Peterson can still play at a high level and depending on who owns him, you may be able to get for a decent price. In dynasty leagues, it can be a good thing to buy low on older players, provided they can still produce. Peterson fits the bill.

  • DB Leigh Bodden, Detroit Lions: Bodden has been a polarizing player during preseason. The Lions have not yet named him as a starter and that has fantasy players questioning his value. It is just a matter of time until he starts. Now is the time to try and make a deal for Bodden. He had a huge season with the Browns last year and there is no reason he can't have another. The Tampa-2 defense is a perfect fit for his skill set and he has a legit chance to be a top 10 DB.

Sell High

  • DL Adewale Ogunleye, Chicago Bears: Ogunleye had a career high 53 solos last year, which vaulted him into the top five in DL scoring. I don't expect him to repeat those numbers. His value is very high right now and I would move him while you can get something. He is a solid player, but not as good as his value.

  • LB James Harrison, Pittsburgh Steelers: Harrison had a monster 2007 season, but 3-4 OLBs are very inconsistent from one year to the next. No OLBs have been in the top 20 LBs more than one time over the past five seasons. Harrison's value will never be this high and that is the time to sell.

  • LB Zach Thomas, Dallas Cowboys: There are still several fantasy players who are high on Zach Thomas, but I see an older LB with way too many red flags. I would probably sell as soon as he has a good statistical game. I would be surprised if he played the entire season.

  • LB Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens: This is a tough one. I am a big fan of Lewis, but his body is breaking down. He still plays at a high level, but I question how much more his body can take. I would only sell if I got solid value and would likely hold if I had a strong chance to win right now.

  • DB Michael Lewis, San Francisco 49ers: I am always leery of players with a glaring weakness and Lewis is not good in coverage. I would use his high tackle numbers as a selling point and move him now. If you wait and he gets benched as he did in Philadelphia, you will get nothing for him. I'm not saying he will be benched, but players like Lewis are always a risk to own.