Footballguys' Survivor Draft - Rounds 7-12 Analysis

  Posted 8/7 by John Huckeby, Exclusive to

Cecil Lammey

After I second guessed Cecil for not taking a stronger RB#2 in the early rounds Cecil alleviates his RB situation by nabbing potential starters Brandon Jackson and Lendale White. I'm not a huge fan of early handcuffs, but Turner is the one guy worth taking early. That being said, I would have nabbed a starting WR instead of Turner at that juncture in the draft. I really like the Leftwich grab in round 10 as he's a perfect match to pair up with the reliable Tom Brady.

Best Pick: 11.01 Lendale White - Has a great chance to start for the Titans
Worst Pick: 12.12 Malcolm Floyd - better WR options on the board
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B+

Next Six Rounds: With a fairly balanced team Cecil can concentrate on nabbing value at all the positions. I would recommend targeting some of the WRs that have a chance to start and a top defense in the coming rounds.

Andy Hicks

I recommended that Andy emphasize WR/TE/QB in rounds 7-12 and that's exactly what he did. Roethlisberger and Rivers make a great QB tandem and the Miller/Cooley tandem should be well above average at TE. I'm not a big fan of the Dwayne Bowe selection and I may have gone WR a bit earlier in this set of rounds. That being said, you can manufacture WR points with depth so we'll see how Andy fares at the WR position in the coming rounds.

Best Pick: 8.11 Roethlisberger - Could be in for a big year and is a safe play
Worst Pick: 11.02 Dwayne Bowe - A lot of starting WRs still on the board
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B+

Next Six Rounds: At least three WRs in the next six picks

Mike Anderson

Mike was wise to draft heavily at WR in this set of rounds after taking just two in the first six rounds. Jones, Mason, Marshall and Carter all fill a significant need but I'm not particularly high on these players so it will be interesting to see if this group works out. I would have liked to have seen Mike secure a better QB#2 than Schaub, but barring injury Schaub should be starting every week so the selection isn't a bad one considering not too many QB at that point were as safe. Mike has a well balanced team up to this point and can concentrate on value in the coming rounds.

Best Pick: 7.03 Vince Young - Waiting on QB paid off
Worst Pick: None
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B

Next Six Rounds: Continue to build depth at flex eligible positions.

Jeff Pasquino

Julius Jones was just an absolute steal in the 7th round and the Muhammad selection will certainly bolster the WR depth. After these two picks there wasn't much for me to get excited about through round 12. Leinart and Grossman are just an okay QB tandem as both come with a bit of risk given their youth. Lastly, Leon Washington is in a committee at best so I probably would have stayed away from him for a few more rounds given the WR quality still on the board.

Best Pick: 7.04 Julius Jones - Another great RB grab in the 7th round
Worst Pick: 11.04 Leon Washington - Would have gone WR.
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B

Next Six Rounds: RB/WR depth and perhaps a third QB

David Baker

I gave Dave the strongest grade after drafting all WRs and RBs in the first six rounds and he started off strong again until he hit round 9 and drafted a player that may be out for the first half of the season in Kevin Jones. That pick is just too early in the survivor format when valuable WRs are flying off the board. I do really like what David did at QB as he nabbed three starting QBs that all have job security in Losman, McNair and Garcia. With this roster size having a third starting QB is advisable given bye weeks and injury concerns.

Best Pick: 8.08 Jerry Porter - A potentially explosive WR in round 8…yes please
Worst Pick: 9.05 Kevin Jones - Too early for a boom/bust pick
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B+

Next Six Rounds: WR and TE in the next four rounds at a minimum.

David Dodds

This is tough team to grade for rounds 7-12 because I like all the picks made and I like several of them a lot. What I don't like is that David only has 4 WRs through 12 rounds. David used 3 of his six pick at the QB position which is a nice luxury to have if you can afford it but I don't think David was in a position to afford that luxury. I would have definitely nabbed the few remaining starting WRs in rounds 11 and 12 over Brown and Pennington. This team had enough strength at QB and RB at that point in the draft and WRs were starting to get scarce. It will be interesting to see what David can get for WR depth in the coming rounds. I do like the aggressive selection of the Bears D in round 11.

Best Pick: 9.06 Brett Favre - Terrific Survivor QB even at this stage in his career
Worst Pick: 10.07 Chris Brown - Several WRs would have been more prudent
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B

Next Six Rounds: WR and TE should be the only positions selected in the next Six Rounds.

Jeff Tefertiller

I suggested RB depth and at least one QB for Jeff's squad in these rounds and he filled these positions nicely. Great selections of Chester Taylor and Mike Bell in the 9th and 12th rounds respectively to add some much needed RB depth. I also like the additions of Romo and Campbell at QB. Kennison and Glenn add some great depth to what was already a strong WR group. This is really just a nice set of picks at positions of need for Jeff's team.

Best Pick: 10.06 Eddie Kennison - Great spot for a #1 WR
Worst Pick: None
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: A

Next Six Rounds: With a well balanced team I would look to add a few of the top remaining TEs and continue to nab value at RB and WR.

Jason Wood

The good part in this set of selections for Jason is that he added great value at WR with Horn, Vincent Jackson and Reggie Williams. WR depth was a concern headed into these rounds and Jason did a great job of building quality depth here. Vernon Davis is a bit of a risk in the 7th round given the other "safe" TE choices still available. Additionally, a second QB would have been much more valuable to this team instead of the round 12 Pittman selection in my opinion so we'll see what Jason comes up with for his QB depth.

Best Pick: 11.08 Reggie Williams - Is great when Leftwich is healthy
Worst Pick: 12.05 Michael Pittman - Pennington would have been real nice here
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B+

Next Six Rounds: Backup QB and value at various positions.

Jeff Haseley

I suggested that Jeff hit the WR position hard in these rounds and he did select WRs with three of his next six picks. Stallworth, Berrian and Jenkins are all deep threats which are extra valuable in survivor formats because their potential scoring volatility can be an asset given the mathematics of survivor scoring. Foster was a steal at 11.09 as he could very well have some big games at the scarce RB position and Jake Delhomme is a solid backup for Peyton Manning. I thought the 9th round selection of LJ Smith was a bit premature with more valuable WRs and RBs still on the board.

Best Pick: 11.09 DeShaun Foster - Great value here for a potential starting RB
Worst Pick: 9.09 LJ Smith - A starting WR would have looked nicer here
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B+

Next Six Rounds: With a balanced team I would go for a top defense and wait on value at each of the flex-eligible positions.

Sigmund Bloom

Sigmund selected four different positions in rounds 7-12 including the Ravens defense. I particularly like the Bruce, Alex Smith and Morency selections as all three should provide solid depth at their respective positions throughout the season. I may have held off on the Ravens defense and/or Alge Crumpler as I would have liked to have seen Sigmund add some RB depth. Thus far this squad is looking pretty solid at all positions with the exception of RB.

Best Pick: 10.03 Alex Smith - A nice late grab of one of the few remaining "safe" QBs
Worst Pick: 7.10 Alge Crumpler - Jamal Lewis would have been a nice selection here
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B

Next Six Rounds: Almost every position has been covered so I would put emphasis on WR and RB value picks.

David Yudkin

I was tough on David's team after the first six rounds as he came away with only one WR but it appears we were on the same page as five of David's next six selections were WR. The beautiful part here is that I really like all five selections quite a bit. All of these WRs have great upside and TD potential and in the survivor format a WR with a TD is usually a WR that will score for your team. The only non-WR taken was Tatum Bell and he appears to be getting more valuable by the day.

Best Pick: 11.11 Devery Henderson - A great survivor WR for the 11th round.
Worst Pick: None
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: A+

Next Six Rounds: I would hunt for value at all positions with emphasis on defense.

Marc Levin

In this set of rounds Marc was able to lock up both Hasselbeck and Eli Manning as both should make for a very solid QB committee. My favorite selection here though was the choice of Jamal Lewis in the 8th round. Jamal was really a great value pick and a need pick at the same time. I may have selected one or two more WRs in these rounds but other than that another pretty solid set of players drafted by Marc here.

Best Pick: 8.01 Jamal Lewis - Filled a Glaring Need
Worst Pick: 9.12 Ben Watson - Would rather see a WR here
Rounds 7-12 Draft Grade: B

Next Six Rounds: I would definitely emphasize WR in the coming rounds with only 4 on the roster.