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WDIS Pick 'em Contest Rules


First note that there are actually 18 contests here: one for weeks 1--17 of the season (prize pool of $150 each week) and an overall contest that includes weeks 2--16 (prize pool of $500 + FBG subscriptions). The basic idea is: answer a bunch of Who Do I Start (WDIS) questions. The more accurate you are, the more points you'll score. High score wins.


You can answer as many as 25 questions per day: three each at QB and TE, five each at RB, WR, and FLEX (RB/WR/TE), and two each at PK and Defense/ST.

You can answer questions on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So you can answer as many as 100 questions per week.

For each weekly contest, you must answer at least 60 questions to be eligible for prizes. Among those eligible, the three with the highest percentage correct will be awarded prizes as follows:

1st: Your choice of 3-year subscription or $75
2nd: $50
3rd: $25

First tiebreaker: who answered more questions on Wednesday.
Second tiebreak: who answered more questions on Thursday.
and so on.
If still tied, the next tiebreaker will be who submitted questions earlier on Saturday.

For the overall contest, your score will be determined by the following formula:

SCORE = 3*(your highest weekly score) + 2*(your second-highest weekly score) + (your third-highest weekly score)

Here, the "highest weekly score" refers to your percentage for that week, with only weeks where you qualified for weekly prizes counting toward the overall scoring.

The top 12 scorers will also win these bonuses:

1st: $250
2nd: $150
3rd: $100
4th-6th: FBG 3-year subscription
7th-12th: FBG 1-year subscription

A question is considered correct if the player you picked outscores the other in the following scoring system:

0.1 points per yard rushing/receiving
0.04 points per yard passing
6 points per TD rushing, receiving, or passing
-2 points per INT thrown
(no points for return TDs, two-point conversions, or anything else not listed above)

3 points per field goal made
1 point per PAT

6 points per return TD
2 points per fumble recovery
2 points per interception
1 point per sack
add (24 - points allowed) / 2
add (325 - yards allowed) / 20
(note that either of the two items directly above might be negative.)

A pick is incorrect if the other player outscores the one you picked. If the two players score the same number of fantasy points according to the above system, the question is voided for all participants. NOTE: for the purposes of weekly scoring, ties will be removed before computing the percentage.

For the purposes of this contest, a "day" ends at 11:59:59 EASTERN time (9:00 PM Pacific). So your picks for Wednesday are the picks you make when it's Wednesday in the eastern time zone, even though it's possible that you submitted them on Thursday morning your time (for our friends in Europe) or on Tuesday night (for you west coast types).

Make picks by visiting this link right here. From there, ONCE YOU HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON, YOU ARE INELIGIBLE TO MAKE ANY MORE PICKS FOR THAT DAY. So make sure you've answered all the questions you want to answer BEFORE hitting the button. Also note that picks are counted on the day that the submit button is hit, not on the day the questions were displayed. For example, if you visit the picks page at 11:45 PM central time on Wednesday night, but don't submit them until 12:03 AM, then they'll count as Thursday picks, not Wednesday picks. So be careful.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE OVERALL SEASON CONTEST: The season contest will include only weeks 2--16. The reason for this is the possibility that we will have to do some de-bugging during week one.