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Los Angeles Chargers red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Philip Rivers63548865797270
Tyrod Taylor0
Easton Stick0
QB TOTAL63548865797270
Austin Ekeler332332432328
Melvin Gordon III271672126
Justin Jackson32117
Derek Watt1113
Troymaine Pope33
RB TOTAL753659610105167
Keenan Allen3121123316
Mike Williams2131122113
Dontrelle Inman11
Jason Moore0
Geremy Davis0
Travis Benjamin22
Andre Patton0
Dylan Cantrell0
WR TOTAL43313432233132
Hunter Henry3123110
Virgil Green112
Lance Kendricks11
Sean Culkin11
Stephen Anderson0
TE TOTAL141241114


Philip Rivers41041351525571673280
Geno Smith11
QB TOTAL41041351525581673281
Melvin Gordon III1637351433238
Austin Ekeler1422212213121
Justin Jackson11417
Detrez Newsome213
Derek Watt11
RB TOTAL210595621582354370
Keenan Allen121111221315
Mike Williams1213215116
Tyrell Williams1111217
Travis Benjamin11
Geremy Davis0
WR TOTAL2331132225157239
Antonio Gates1211319
Virgil Green21115
Sean Culkin0
Mike Windt0
TE TOTAL1412131114


Philip Rivers342698371010623477
Kellen Clemens22
QB TOTAL342698371010823479
Melvin Gordon III3227941743544459
Austin Ekeler1161110
Branden Oliver123
Derek Watt11
Andre Williams22
RB TOTAL33389517104844675
Keenan Allen1123121272224
Tyrell Williams11
Travis Benjamin112
Mike Williams224
Dontrelle Inman0
Geremy Davis0
WR TOTAL1143123284231
Hunter Henry1131211212
Antonio Gates21121111111
Sean McGrath0
Jeff Cumberland11
Mike Windt0
TE TOTAL3241422311124


Philip Rivers8108649108115126397107
Kellen Clemens0
QB TOTAL8108649108115126397107
Melvin Gordon III39465654125160
Kenneth Farrow13149
Danny Woodhead55
Ronnie Hillman224
Derek Watt0
Andre Williams11
Dexter McCluster33118
Branden Oliver0
RB TOTAL897957651251316387
Tyrell Williams132221211217
Dontrelle Inman211217
Travis Benjamin311117
Keenan Allen0
Griff Whalen11
Jeremy Butler11
Steve Johnson0
Isaiah Burse11
Geremy Davis11
Javontee Herndon0
WR TOTAL462213214125235
Antonio Gates131233312322
Hunter Henry12122211112117
Sean McGrath0
Mike Windt0
Asante Cleveland0
Jeff Cumberland0
TE TOTAL23224553211122439


Philip Rivers913331354513486178
Kellen Clemens11
QB TOTAL914331354513486179
Danny Woodhead81635417237
Melvin Gordon III111251314
Donald Brown11529
Branden Oliver22
RB TOTAL81117525102117262
Keenan Allen211217
Malcom Floyd1214
Steve Johnson2112410
Dontrelle Inman2226
Javontee Herndon213
Tyrell Williams0
Vincent Brown0
Jacoby Jones0
WR TOTAL514142262330
Antonio Gates25131113
Ladarius Green213118
John Phillips112
David Johnson0
Asante Cleveland0
Mike Windt0
Kyle Miller0
TE TOTAL2228113111123


Philip Rivers29837738145274878
Kellen Clemens0
QB TOTAL29837738145274878
Branden Oliver59223212127
Donald Brown72211417
Ryan Mathews31239
Ronnie Brown1113
Danny Woodhead134
Shaun Draughn11
RB TOTAL43728102344333561
Malcom Floyd1111121311
Eddie Royal13212312
Keenan Allen11312111213
Dontrelle Inman0
Seyi Ajirotutu0
WR TOTAL31313122123233636
Antonio Gates2124431219
Ladarius Green213
David Johnson0
John Phillips11
TE TOTAL2212414131223


Philip Rivers884514566578546798
Charlie Whitehurst0
QB TOTAL884514566578546798
Ryan Mathews132112324735539
Danny Woodhead1148532523313243
Ronnie Brown22411212
LeRon McClain11
Fozzy Whittaker0
RB TOTAL3455128529491048795
Keenan Allen1321212134121
Eddie Royal3411111214
Vincent Brown2112118
Malcom Floyd11
Seyi Ajirotutu0
Lavelle Hawkins0
WR TOTAL6513521323235344
Antonio Gates122311111114
Ladarius Green1124
John Phillips11
Jake Byrne0
TE TOTAL123311331119


Philip Rivers9615442107229215372
QB TOTAL9615442107229215372
Ryan Mathews31122411318
Ronnie Brown22114213117
Jackie Battle7631219
Curtis Brinkley67114
LeRon McClain1113
RB TOTAL91648437522431371
Malcom Floyd31122110
Danario Alexander1113
Eddie Royal213
Robert Meachem213
Micheal Spurlock0
Seyi Ajirotutu0
Richard Goodman0
WR TOTAL3122112132119
Antonio Gates1113211111
Dante Rosario131117
Ladarius Green0
Randy McMichael11
TE TOTAL231113331119


Philip Rivers7341053272753557176
Billy Volek0
QB TOTAL7341053272753557176
Ryan Mathews2411111411421
Mike Tolbert11326483111352252
Curtis Brinkley1214
Jacob Hester411118
RB TOTAL11567910332533492385
Vincent Jackson1123111111
Malcom Floyd21238
Vincent Brown1113
Patrick Crayton11
Bryan Walters0
Richard Goodman0
WR TOTAL122134135123
Antonio Gates11111133113
Randy McMichael1211117
Kory Sperry112
TE TOTAL1112111123151122


Philip Rivers76122521133353245376
Billy Volek0
QB TOTAL76122521133353245376
Mike Tolbert44232135911742
Ryan Mathews11221332217
Darren Sproles11112123113
Jacob Hester1111122110
Curtis Brinkley0
RB TOTAL2654745827111476382
Malcom Floyd4311122216
Patrick Crayton123
Legedu Naanee2226
Vincent Jackson213
Seyi Ajirotutu112
Craig Davis22127
Kelley Washington112
Richard Goodman0
Gary Banks11
WR TOTAL62612151122233340
Antonio Gates1431212115
Randy McMichael2114
Kris Wilson11
Kory Sperry0
TE TOTAL1432212121120


Philip Rivers298416333453243464
Billy Volek358
QB TOTAL298416333453246972
LaDainian Tomlinson22411316644516156
Darren Sproles3591234222538
Mike Tolbert2113119
Michael Bennett14611
Jacob Hester3115
RB TOTAL561525125171510674118119
Vincent Jackson1111221111113
Malcom Floyd112111310
Legedu Naanee11114
Chris Chambers11114
Craig Davis22
Kassim Osgood0
WR TOTAL123214321312111533
Antonio Gates11212121213
Kris Wilson11
Brandon Manumaleuna11
TE TOTAL112113121215


Philip Rivers2773477973354811794
QB TOTAL2773477973354811794
LaDainian Tomlinson427537384243535671
Darren Sproles221225317
Mike Tolbert1225
Jacob Hester2158
Michael Bennett0
RB TOTAL749557396283104514101
Vincent Jackson111131211111116
Malcom Floyd1211128
Chris Chambers331111111
Legedu Naanee1124
Craig Davis11
Kassim Osgood0
WR TOTAL15114444213144140
Antonio Gates12122131113119
Brandon Manumaleuna11226
Kris Wilson0
TE TOTAL12122232115325


Philip Rivers872871564341884682
Billy Volek11
QB TOTAL872871564341884783
LaDainian Tomlinson83663364242575266
Michael Turner2136
Darren Sproles77
Lorenzo Neal1113
Andrew Pinnock112
RB TOTAL1146633652426165584
Vincent Jackson1122111122115
Chris Chambers11111218
Craig Davis13116
Malcom Floyd112
Legedu Naanee0
Kassim Osgood0
WR TOTAL1115313221234231
Antonio Gates23122113122323
Brandon Manumaleuna112
Scott Chandler0
TE TOTAL23122113133325


Philip Rivers281646225514711257
Charlie Whitehurst11
Billy Volek33
QB TOTAL291646225514711561
LaDainian Tomlinson6715931498541162384
Michael Turner26311215
Lorenzo Neal2111229
Andrew Pinnock0
RB TOTAL101418114341085413823108
Eric Parker1111116
Vincent Jackson1111116
Keenan McCardell112
Malcom Floyd112
Kassim Osgood0
Greg Camarillo0
WR TOTAL21111221211116
Antonio Gates12111412124121
Brandon Manumaleuna121217
TE TOTAL241115122125128


Drew Brees941524236591354
Philip Rivers22
Cleo Lemon0
A.J. Feeley0
QB TOTAL9415242365913256
LaDainian Tomlinson525367324716531262
Michael Turner213224216
Lorenzo Neal21422112
Darren Sproles0
Andrew Pinnock0
RB TOTAL728679321013110631290
Keenan McCardell5111321115
Eric Parker21112119
Reche Caldwell1113
Vincent Jackson0
Kassim Osgood11
WR TOTAL72113114133128
Antonio Gates12112121112
Justin Peelle21115
Ryan Krause0
TE TOTAL2122121212117


Drew Brees51266338848633470
Doug Flutie6814
Philip Rivers11
QB TOTAL572663388486334985
LaDainian Tomlinson614510815511101228391
Jesse Chatman113229
Lorenzo Neal11121118
Michael Turner11
Andrew Pinnock33
RB TOTAL624612859612101321034112
Eric Parker2211111110
Keenan McCardell1331210
Reche Caldwell11
Kassim Osgood11114
Tim Dwight11
Malcom Floyd33
Bobby Shaw0
WR TOTAL2221114422112429
Antonio Gates1223123252124
Justin Peelle1111217
Ryan Krause22
TE TOTAL133411432531233


Drew Brees11063426144353
Doug Flutie192361325
QB TOTAL11063426192361147378
LaDainian Tomlinson25451926231115662
Lorenzo Neal232321114
Jesse Chatman0
Leon Johnson11
RB TOTAL277741126241126677
David Boston111231151218
Tim Dwight1113
Kassim Osgood21126
Eric Parker134
Reche Caldwell112
Dondre Gilliam0
WR TOTAL161312412451233
Antonio Gates1111228
Justin Peelle11125
Josh Norman33
TE TOTAL111131112416


Drew Brees1019644175627769
Doug Flutie0
QB TOTAL1019644175627769
LaDainian Tomlinson81453833610424364
Terrell Fletcher5117
Fred McCrary3111111110
Jesse Chatman22
RB TOTAL161464944711625483
Curtis Conway3122112113
Tim Dwight141114113
Eric Parker1214
Reche Caldwell111216
WR TOTAL313712143314336
Stephen Alexander1111116
Josh Norman112
Justin Peelle0
TE TOTAL11211118