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Philadelphia Eagles red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Carson Wentz699782748
Nick Foles3912
QB TOTAL39699782760
Wendell Smallwood4136115
Corey Clement224411115
Jay Ajayi253313
Josh Adams1124
Darren Sproles33
RB TOTAL778461032350
Nelson Agholor4122110
Alshon Jeffery2232110
Jordan Matthews11
Kamar Aiken0
Shelton Gibson0
DeAndre Carter0
Golden Tate11
Markus Wheaton0
Mike Wallace0
WR TOTAL4152322322
Zach Ertz12221321317
Dallas Goedert11125
Josh Perkins11
TE TOTAL23322341323


Carson Wentz3844655156631167
Nick Foles3112622
Nate Sudfeld0
QB TOTAL3844655156931212689
LeGarrette Blount3133233122244134
Jay Ajayi211113211
Corey Clement11114213216
Wendell Smallwood11125
Darren Sproles33
Kenjon Barner1113
RB TOTAL35554361865586272
Alshon Jeffery211112223116
Nelson Agholor11111112114318
Torrey Smith121116
Mack Hollins0
Marcus Johnson0
Shelton Gibson0
WR TOTAL1412312253177140
Zach Ertz123211112317
Trey Burton111227
Brent Celek112
TE TOTAL113421111134326


Carson Wentz5945379113536910998
Chase Daniel0
QB TOTAL5945379113536910998
Darren Sproles24111451142430
Ryan Mathews8431358113441
Wendell Smallwood4318
Kenjon Barner211116
Byron Marshall415
Terrell Watson33
RB TOTAL101054228119414474893
Jordan Matthews31112210
Dorial Green-Beckham21212210
Nelson Agholor311221111114
Paul Turner0
Bryce Treggs0
Josh Huff2114
Cayleb Jones0
WR TOTAL333415541321338
Zach Ertz2111321415
Trey Burton211217
Brent Celek1113
TE TOTAL3121111451525


Sam Bradford5633616442135352
Mark Sanchez213
QB TOTAL56336164612135355
DeMarco Murray54151325211131
Darren Sproles4112124116
Ryan Mathews13312421118
Kenjon Barner22
RB TOTAL64728246924452267
Jordan Matthews221212111215
Riley Cooper11
Josh Huff11125
Nelson Agholor111216
Miles Austin1113
Seyi Ajirotutu0
WR TOTAL2424235113330
Zach Ertz11111229
Brent Celek11215
Trey Burton0
TE TOTAL11213112214


Mark Sanchez348810117850
Nick Foles378584439
Matt Barkley0
QB TOTAL3785844348810117889
LeSean McCoy193134243278428263
Darren Sproles21231111111116
Chris Polk223122618
RB TOTAL31051374646911559997
Jeremy Maclin1322121113
Jordan Matthews131212221116
Riley Cooper1112114314
Josh Huff11
Jeff Maehl0
Brad Smith112
WR TOTAL1544432363613146
Zach Ertz12111113112
Brent Celek11111112110
James Casey11
Trey Burton0
TE TOTAL1121311114113223


Nick Foles114527555746557
Michael Vick3836525
Matt Barkley123
QB TOTAL393795327555746585
LeSean McCoy31254512233415445
Bryce Brown221113111
Chris Polk1113
RB TOTAL532275512233419559
DeSean Jackson11222111112
Riley Cooper111223111
Jason Avant1132111111
Jeff Maehl11
Brad Smith11
Damaris Johnson11
WR TOTAL13245321312413237
Brent Celek1121211110
Zach Ertz121116
James Casey112
TE TOTAL2121141211218


Michael Vick5632686122454
Nick Foles11228101034
Trent Edwards0
QB TOTAL563268612312281010488
LeSean McCoy472464213235
Bryce Brown1211111234118
Dion Lewis112
Stanley Havili112
Emil Igwenagu0
Chris Polk0
RB TOTAL17825753112354357
Jeremy Maclin3111112222117
DeSean Jackson311218
Jason Avant112116
Damaris Johnson112
Riley Cooper11114
Marvin McNutt0
Mardy Gilyard0
Greg Salas0
WR TOTAL313111342121443337
Brent Celek1112131111
Clay Harbor11111139
Evan Moore22
TE TOTAL222314113322


Michael Vick51061128734327876
Vince Young95418
Mike Kafka0
QB TOTAL51061128734954327894
LeSean McCoy2675397422463565
Ronnie Brown2211118
Dion Lewis1157
Owen Schmitt213
RB TOTAL4810631085234635683
DeSean Jackson2121111110
Jeremy Maclin221211312
Jason Avant12111118
Riley Cooper44
Steve Smith213
Chad Hall1113
WR TOTAL32431331172114440
Brent Celek3222112111319
Clay Harbor11
TE TOTAL3322112111320


Michael Vick553101111141488493
Kevin Kolb5447727
QB TOTAL553544710111114148847120
LeSean McCoy3415235337373251
Jerome Harrison21126
Owen Schmitt1113
Eldra Buckley33
Mike Bell11
Joique Bell0
Leonard Weaver0
RB TOTAL34163655374942264
DeSean Jackson124321114
Jeremy Maclin11111233316
Jason Avant12232212116
Chad Hall11237
Riley Cooper131117
Hank Baskett0
WR TOTAL32122655686451460
Brent Celek11211221112
Clay Harbor11114
Garrett Mills11
TE TOTAL11211113212117


Donovan McNabb5115211567610564
Kevin Kolb13619
Michael Vick1114310
Jeff Garcia0
QB TOTAL51371162115711910593
LeSean McCoy244212243226
Leonard Weaver11112125216
Brian Westbrook4311413
Eldra Buckley1124
RB TOTAL685222637237659
DeSean Jackson2111221212
Jeremy Maclin1111228
Jason Avant5211211114
Reggie Brown2114
Kevin Curtis112
Hank Baskett0
Brandon Gibson0
Jordan Norwood0
WR TOTAL84111444514340
Brent Celek14121611321124
Alex Smith112
Martin Rucker0
TE TOTAL14121612322126


Donovan McNabb863831274941121256100
Kevin Kolb2316
QB TOTAL10638312749431121356106
Brian Westbrook46462319361449
Correll Buckhalter12510220
Kyle Eckel11
Lorenzo Booker123
Tony Hunt123
RB TOTAL6747410623110361676
DeSean Jackson11214112112219
Hank Baskett121149
Kevin Curtis12227
Jason Avant312118
Reggie Brown112
Greg Lewis1113
WR TOTAL1224282171169248
Brent Celek1112218
L.J. Smith61121122117
Matt Schobel11
TE TOTAL611121213241126


Donovan McNabb3123277104323109782
A.J. Feeley37414
Kevin Kolb0
QB TOTAL312327710435743109796
Brian Westbrook35542833545146361
Correll Buckhalter112312111
Thomas Tapeh224
Tony Hunt22
Reno Mahe0
RB TOTAL38102421133647147378
Kevin Curtis311211122216
Reggie Brown2111113112115
Jason Avant111115
Greg Lewis11114
Hank Baskett1113
Michael Gasperson0
WR TOTAL16234231251135443
L.J. Smith11111117
Brent Celek1113
Matt Schobel112217
TE TOTAL1132311111217


Donovan McNabb437453654344
Jeff Garcia83743429
A.J. Feeley77
QB TOTAL4374536541137434780
Brian Westbrook131113444313635
Correll Buckhalter12222213116
Thomas Tapeh1111127
Ryan Moats1135
Reno Mahe1113
Bruce Perry0
RB TOTAL125331436764267666
Reggie Brown1221121311116
Donte Stallworth2114
Hank Baskett1113
Greg Lewis11
Jason Avant112
WR TOTAL1221212215211326
L.J. Smith213124111117
Matt Schobel1113
Mike Bartrum0
TE TOTAL121312141111120


Donovan McNabb1481021036246
Mike McMahon70254220
Koy Detmer112
Andy Hall0
QB TOTAL15810210362701254268
Brian Westbrook1333114261429
Ryan Moats112
Lamar Gordon321111110
Reno Mahe123
Josh Parry11
Bruce Perry22
RB TOTAL16352342726112247
Terrell Owens522110
Reggie Brown1214
Greg Lewis111132110
Billy McMullen22
Darnerien McCants11
Carl Ford0
WR TOTAL163314421227
L.J. Smith2134121115
Chad Lewis0
Stephen Spach112
Mike Bartrum112
TE TOTAL21541121219


Donovan McNabb43544472382834162
Koy Detmer314
Jeff Blake44
QB TOTAL4354447231128341570
Brian Westbrook41232213526233
Dorsey Levens111142314119
Reno Mahe0
Josh Parry211116
Eric McCoo0
Thomas Tapeh0
Jon Ritchie0
RB TOTAL412453218757161158
Terrell Owens31111321112118
Todd Pinkston0
Freddie Mitchell1113
Greg Lewis112
Billy McMullen11
WR TOTAL3111142211311224
L.J. Smith111111118
Chad Lewis112228
Mike Bartrum1113
TE TOTAL12211313112119


Donovan McNabb32104214374448421072
Koy Detmer112
QB TOTAL42104214374448421174
Brian Westbrook11222235212124
Duce Staley111311112512525
Correll Buckhalter1412351131325
Jon Ritchie112116
RB TOTAL427742674766612980
James Thrash1221211111
Todd Pinkston1211211110
Freddie Mitchell1135
Greg Lewis0
Billy McMullen0
WR TOTAL241212113212426
L.J. Smith211121210
Chad Lewis11
TE TOTAL2111212111


Donovan McNabb696710961011579
A.J. Feeley1224817
Koy Detmer123
QB TOTAL69771096101153224899
Duce Staley2733463237153554
Dorsey Levens121211122114
Brian Westbrook32111210
Cecil Martin22
Brian Mitchell0
RB TOTAL3975474571021263580
Todd Pinkston1231211111216
James Thrash1221213231119
Antonio Freeman12111129
Freddie Mitchell12126
WR TOTAL123453365312236150
Chad Lewis311218
Jeff Thomason1113
Mike Bartrum11
TE TOTAL321221112