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Tennessee Titans red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Marcus Mariota56944937
Zach Mettenberger0415
Charlie Whitehurst0
QB TOTAL5694441942
Antonio Andrews4211311
Dexter McCluster1124
Bishop Sankey23229
Terrance West33
Jalston Fowler33
David Cobb0
RB TOTAL539422530
Kendall Wright4116
Justin Hunter112
Dorial Green-Beckham12126
Harry Douglas112
Tre McBride0
WR TOTAL12721316
Delanie Walker12238
Anthony Fasano11111117
Craig Stevens11
Chase Coffman11
Phillip Supernaw0
Beau Brinkley0
TE TOTAL221313517


Charlie Whitehurst524415425
Zach Mettenberger425718
Jake Locker6441015
Jordan Palmer0
QB TOTAL64564442571015458
Bishop Sankey122143316
Shonn Greene523313219
Dexter McCluster213221112
Leon Washington145
Jackie Battle112
Antonio Andrews11
RB TOTAL721462387734155
Kendall Wright1122118
Nate Washington111121119
Justin Hunter111227
Derek Hagan11
T.J. Graham0
Kris Durham0
WR TOTAL22332314111225
Delanie Walker2221121112
Chase Coffman1124
Craig Stevens0
Taylor Thompson0
Richard Gordon0
Matthew Mulligan0
Brett Brackett0
TE TOTAL222121221116


Ryan Fitzpatrick82837612450
Jake Locker13652118
QB TOTAL13658221837612468
Chris Johnson9215435441240
Shonn Greene3221614
Jackie Battle1112319
Collin Mooney0
Darius Reynaud0
Quinn Johnson0
Leon Washington0
RB TOTAL1032737356627263
Kendall Wright1112211110
Nate Washington111115
Justin Hunter11114
Damian Williams0
Kenny Britt1225
Michael Preston33
Devon Wylie0
WR TOTAL1124311313727
Delanie Walker121212123217
Taylor Thompson11
Craig Stevens11
Visanthe Shiancoe0
TE TOTAL221213123219


Jake Locker246454611134
Matt Hasselbeck42466022
Rusty Smith0
QB TOTAL64624660454611156
Chris Johnson22122613112528
Darius Reynaud112
Quinn Johnson0
Jamie Harper13116
Javon Ringer0
Collin Mooney0
Darren Evans0
RB TOTAL221123924212536
Nate Washington13127
Kendall Wright112121121113
Kenny Britt11311121112
Damian Williams21216
Lavelle Hawkins11
Michael Preston0
WR TOTAL435125534231139
Jared Cook1211229
Craig Stevens1113
Taylor Thompson0
Brandon Barden0
Beau Brinkley0
TE TOTAL2121112212


Matt Hasselbeck1942746417222455
Jake Locker33511
QB TOTAL194274641372372466
Chris Johnson2521213321325
Javon Ringer3222110
Jamie Harper2215
Ahmard Hall1214
Quinn Johnson0
RB TOTAL482222414523544
Nate Washington3222111214
Damian Williams1121211110
Lavelle Hawkins211221211
Kenny Britt1416
Donnie Avery22
Marc Mariani112
WR TOTAL173151631332151245
Jared Cook112116
Craig Stevens112
Daniel Graham11
TE TOTAL111112119


Kerry Collins5623683336
Vince Young2222222519
Rusty Smith44
QB TOTAL27222625254683359
Chris Johnson651114324131344355
Javon Ringer113218
Ahmard Hall112
RB TOTAL851314624131365365
Kenny Britt2121211111
Nate Washington211221110
Justin Gage11114
Damian Williams11
Randy Moss1113
Lavelle Hawkins0
Marc Mariani0
WR TOTAL4122223212223129
Jared Cook12216
Bo Scaife12211310
Craig Stevens1124
TE TOTAL12312235120


Vince Young486261123547
Kerry Collins53282727
QB TOTAL532824862611723574
Chris Johnson11210426911643
LenDale White512321216
Ahmard Hall1214
Javon Ringer112
Chris Henry0
Alvin Pearman0
RB TOTAL161141344271131765
Kenny Britt11125
Nate Washington214112112116
Justin Gage312129
Lavelle Hawkins11
Mark Jones0
Dominique Edison0
WR TOTAL322621311251231
Bo Scaife111323213
Alge Crumpler1113
Jared Cook11
Craig Stevens0
TE TOTAL2111423317


Kerry Collins246467633122248
Vince Young123
Chris Simms0
QB TOTAL1246467633322251
Chris Johnson213833724111339
LenDale White234637261361347
Ahmard Hall13116
Quinton Ganther0
Chris Henry0
RB TOTAL44714331112952474392
Justin Gage211127
Brandon Jones11114
Justin McCareins112
Lavelle Hawkins11
Chris Davis0
Paul Williams0
WR TOTAL212121112114
Bo Scaife11144112
Alge Crumpler1214
Craig Stevens11
TE TOTAL2131441117


Vince Young755243529115150
Kerry Collins01414
QB TOTAL755201443529115164
LenDale White85528161536656
Chris Brown334151112223
Chris Henry61310
Ahmard Hall0
Chris Barclay112
Casey Cramer0
Quinton Ganther11
RB TOTAL11891214271105872592
Justin Gage111115
Roydell Williams2251122419
Eric Moulds11114
Brandon Jones2114
Mike Williams0
Chris Davis0
Biren Ealy0
WR TOTAL14416114315132
Bo Scaife112411111
Ben Hartsock213
Ben Troupe112
TE TOTAL1126111316


Vince Young443727396222758
Kerry Collins516
QB TOTAL54143727396222764
Travis Henry3215553412435
LenDale White12216
Chris Brown213
Ahmard Hall2114
Casey Cramer0
Quinton Ganther0
RB TOTAL321175276512648
Drew Bennett1112117
Bobby Wade11114
Brandon Jones11114
Roydell Williams1113
David Givens123
Courtney Roby0
WR TOTAL2233121212221
Bo Scaife11122131113
Ben Troupe1111116
Ben Hartsock112
Cooper Wallace0
TE TOTAL21111332311221


Steve McNair3546954165848270
Billy Volek1135
Matt Mauck11
QB TOTAL354695241658483376
Chris Brown41763324313138
Travis Henry432312
Jarrett Payton1111138
Troy Fleming112
Damien Nash22
RB TOTAL421174132473264262
Drew Bennett111221313217
Courtney Roby1113
Brandon Jones12126
Roydell Williams11114
Tyrone Calico11
Bobby Wade0
O.J. Small0
Andrae Thurman0
Sloan Thomas0
WR TOTAL123351221414231
Erron Kinney11211122112
Ben Troupe112312111215
Bo Scaife12115
Gregg Guenther11
TE TOTAL21451111343121333


Billy Volek112812615146
Steve McNair2324421523
Doug Johnson22
QB TOTAL2321144481152615371
Chris Brown251342252228
Antowain Smith521412621
Troy Fleming1113
Robert Holcombe11237
RB TOTAL85137328214512759
Drew Bennett11311113416
Derrick Mason1121132114118
Eddie Berlin111115
Jason McAddley0
Tyrone Calico11
WR TOTAL1316231413158140
Ben Troupe1416
Erron Kinney1124
Shad Meier4113110
TE TOTAL11411217220


Steve McNair321127262243711365
Billy Volek16613
Neil O'Donnell44
QB TOTAL32112726234971163482
Eddie George447231483492243969
Robert Holcombe121341212219
Chris Brown235
RB TOTAL448252712461024651293
Derrick Mason112221110
Justin McCareins2111121211
Drew Bennett51112111
Tyrone Calico1131112212
Eddie Berlin0
WR TOTAL229141312313612344
Erron Kinney11112212112
Frank Wycheck2114
Shad Meier11114
TE TOTAL11111143321120


Steve McNair644577395574144479
Neil O'Donnell22
QB TOTAL664577395574144481
Eddie George33729362335989577
Robert Holcombe13127
John Simon12115
Mike Green1214
Greg Comella1124
RB TOTAL43104193843561299797
Derrick Mason2111211212115
Drew Bennett122211110
Kevin Dyson11111139
Justin McCareins1122219
Eddie Berlin0
WR TOTAL4214552434412243
Frank Wycheck2111128
Erron Kinney112
Shad Meier11
TE TOTAL2111211211