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Miami Dolphins red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Brock Osweiler14512417
Ryan Tannehill54110
QB TOTAL54114512427
Kenyan Drake3212211214
Frank Gore23312213
Kalen Ballage0
Brandon Bolden0
Senorise Perry0
RB TOTAL52135313427
Danny Amendola11
Albert Wilson112
Kenny Stills112
Jakeem Grant112
DeVante Parker11
Leonte Carroo0
Tanner McEvoy0
WR TOTAL2111128
Mike Gesicki2114
Nick O'Leary11
A.J. Derby112
Durham Smythe0
TE TOTAL212117


Jay Cutler431353564376353
Matt Moore25714
David Fales99
QB TOTAL43135556973763976
Kenyan Drake3111352117
Jay Ajayi434213
Damien Williams11215
Senorise Perry0
DeVeon Smith0
RB TOTAL435213321352135
Jarvis Landry41111231242325
Kenny Stills1112111210
DeVante Parker111413112
Jakeem Grant11
Leonte Carroo11
Rashawn Scott0
WR TOTAL6213323732551649
Julius Thomas12112111111
Anthony Fasano112
MarQueis Gray0
A.J. Derby224
TE TOTAL12112211112217


Ryan Tannehill63319573471655
Matt Moore3249
QB TOTAL63319573471632464
Jay Ajayi2582422313638
Damien Williams11421232117
Kenyan Drake1214
Arian Foster224
Isaiah Pead0
RB TOTAL21361445423657163
Jarvis Landry111111129
DeVante Parker12111219
Kenny Stills1111116
Leonte Carroo112
Jakeem Grant0
Rashawn Scott0
Justin Hunter0
WR TOTAL211422125111326
Dion Sims1111127
MarQueis Gray2114
Dominique Jones11
Jordan Cameron11
TE TOTAL1113121313


Ryan Tannehill939125115628129477
Matt Moore33
QB TOTAL939125415628129480
Lamar Miller311214315223
Jay Ajayi112124213
Damien Williams21115
Jonas Gray369
LaMichael James0
RB TOTAL24417215422210450
Jarvis Landry4135112213124
Rishard Matthews11
DeVante Parker411219
Kenny Stills1111217
Greg Jennings213
Matt Hazel11
WR TOTAL6178111126116345
Jordan Cameron22221121114
Dion Sims2215
Jake Stoneburner112
Jake Stoneburner0
Brandon Williams0
TE TOTAL2123431211121


Ryan Tannehill10646674117884458199
Matt Moore22
QB TOTAL106486741178844581101
Lamar Miller8252825415214352
Damien Williams12711111217
Daniel Thomas21412212
Knowshon Moreno6612
Orleans Darkwa22
LaMichael James0
RB TOTAL141298103161645326595
Mike Wallace3112221111211221
Jarvis Landry112111132114
Brian Hartline2121118
Brandon Gibson111216
Rishard Matthews224
Damian Williams0
WR TOTAL55255334235223453
Charles Clay11112144111220
Dion Sims1113
Gator Hoskins11
TE TOTAL111221451111324


Ryan Tannehill1143710636445105271
Matt Moore0
QB TOTAL1143710636445105271
Lamar Miller112332526126
Daniel Thomas12211341329130
Mike Gillislee11
Tyler Clutts0
RB TOTAL214514541326117157
Brian Hartline1121121211
Mike Wallace14212111
Rishard Matthews2125
Brandon Gibson111317
Marcus Thigpen1113
Marlon Moore0
WR TOTAL1121553323343137
Charles Clay122122124118
Michael Egnew11
Dion Sims11
TE TOTAL1122123124120


Ryan Tannehill934323133115554153
Matt Moore44
QB TOTAL934323533115554157
Reggie Bush2221111139629
Daniel Thomas423421322225
Lamar Miller1113
Jorvorskie Lane1111116
RB TOTAL2374515413226116163
Brian Hartline2122211112
Davone Bess21115
Armon Binns11
Rishard Matthews11
Marlon Moore11
Jabar Gaffney112
Marcus Thigpen0
Legedu Naanee0
Anthony Armstrong11
WR TOTAL5122121211111223
Anthony Fasano3111122213
Charles Clay112
Kyle Miller0
Will Yeatman0
Michael Egnew0
Jeron Mastrud0
TE TOTAL31121212215


Matt Moore154226786234454
Chad Henne108624
J.P. Losman33
QB TOTAL1086154226786534481
Reggie Bush41111745324134
Daniel Thomas245462212230
Lex Hilliard121116
Steve Slaton44
Larry Johnson11
RB TOTAL545364613773361275
Brandon Marshall3313121222121
Brian Hartline31111111111
Davone Bess132212111216
Clyde Gates0
Roberto Wallace0
Marlon Moore0
WR TOTAL774313425343248
Anthony Fasano11111128
Charles Clay11114
Jeron Mastrud11
Dante Rosario0
TE TOTAL111112221113


Chad Henne1291146556132349
Tyler Thigpen11
Chad Pennington0
QB TOTAL1291146566132350
Ronnie Brown214121254222331
Ricky Williams12311311114
Lousaka Polite11112118
Patrick Cobbs11
Lex Hilliard11
Deon Anderson0
Clifton Smith0
RB TOTAL444253297234655
Brandon Marshall1143112215
Davone Bess112131110
Brian Hartline1211218
Marlon Moore0
Roberto Wallace11
Kevin Curtis0
WR TOTAL126113523432134
Anthony Fasano21211119
Mickey Shuler0
Jeron Mastrud0
Dedrick Epps0
John Nalbone0
TE TOTAL21211119


Chad Henne2482113516487254
Chad Pennington437
Tyler Thigpen11
Pat White2114
QB TOTAL45482133517497366
Ricky Williams113435112574461351
Ronnie Brown138910513242
Lex Hilliard11327
Lousaka Polite112111411
Patrick Cobbs11
Kory Sheets0
RB TOTAL25121515112445768745112
Davone Bess112
Greg Camarillo111137
Brian Hartline111212210
Ted Ginn Jr11215
Patrick Turner0
WR TOTAL11121111444324
Anthony Fasano12313111
Joey Haynos11111117
Kory Sperry112
TE TOTAL12311121213220


Chad Pennington102235341524110153
Chad Henne44
QB TOTAL106235341524110157
Ronnie Brown76125531613242
Ricky Williams21313312925
Patrick Cobbs112
Lousaka Polite11
Casey Cramer11
RB TOTAL286436831110251271
Ted Ginn Jr111115
Greg Camarillo2211118
Davone Bess11111229
Derek Hagan0
Brandon London11
WR TOTAL422231222323
Anthony Fasano2111113111
David Martin3115
Ernest Wilford11
Joey Haynos112
Sean Ryan0
TE TOTAL5111111115119


Cleo Lemon37422376236
Trent Green4243114
John Beck1135
QB TOTAL42434742211376555
Ronnie Brown4110455130
Jesse Chatman3121141114
Lorenzo Booker3148
Samkon Gado27110
Patrick Cobbs21115
Ricky Williams0
Reagan Mauia11
RB TOTAL7110565522412103568
Marty Booker111238
Ted Ginn Jr11114
Chris Chambers21126
Derek Hagan123
Greg Camarillo11
WR TOTAL1421231331122
David Martin112127
Justin Peelle1121229
Aaron Halterman11
TE TOTAL112221114217


Joey Harrington106623510446
Daunte Culpepper624719
Cleo Lemon143715
QB TOTAL6247106623610443780
Ronnie Brown45413284141441
Sammy Morris11523113
Travis Minor213
Lee Suggs0
Darian Barnes11
Patrick Cobbs0
RB TOTAL46414294111242458
Chris Chambers41411121313123
Marty Booker11251111
Wes Welker11521111
Derek Hagan13116
Cliff Russell0
WR TOTAL525934231023351
Randy McMichael2111112312
Justin Peelle112
Tim Massaquoi0
Jason Rader0
TE TOTAL21111212314


Gus Frerotte5552357511732428377
Sage Rosenfels1212
Cleo Lemon0
A.J. Feeley0
QB TOTAL55523575117314428389
Ronnie Brown44612141211142135
Ricky Williams252132625230
Sammy Morris11114
Heath Evans1113
Travis Minor0
Jesse Chatman0
Darian Barnes11
RB TOTAL6571429252431046373
Chris Chambers231211421621329
Marty Booker11121129
Wes Welker1111116
Bryan Gilmore235
David Boston0
Cliff Russell0
WR TOTAL231142264310225249
Randy McMichael223123211219
Lorenzo Diamond112
Alex Holmes0
Will Heller11
TE TOTAL22311232122122


A.J. Feeley2322245533132
Jay Fiedler167016728
Sage Rosenfels11
QB TOTAL332690169455331161
Sammy Morris2112721218
Travis Minor1111332214
Leonard Henry0
Lamar Gordon112
Rob Konrad1113
Brock Forsey426
Vick King11
Jamar Martin11
RB TOTAL116323942444245
Chris Chambers11611111
Marty Booker111216
Derrius Thompson11114
Bryan Gilmore311117
Ronald Bellamy0
WR TOTAL1114712211321128
Randy McMichael1111131211
Donald Lee11
TE TOTAL11111311212


Jay Fiedler14233666145647
Brian Griese4228
Sage Rosenfels0
QB TOTAL14233642266145655
Ricky Williams36431063236115659
Travis Minor212117
Rob Konrad11114
Obafemi Ayanbadejo1214
RB TOTAL156551263237137874
Chris Chambers1111113111113
James McKnight1111116
Derrius Thompson11114
Kendall Newson0
Oronde Gadsden0
WR TOTAL22122224122123
Randy McMichael211121311
Donald Lee11
TE TOTAL211131312


Jay Fiedler75597685153
Ray Lucas13429120
Sage Rosenfels0
QB TOTAL75597134291685173
Ricky Williams472784265112654578
Rob Konrad11131119
Robert Edwards211116
Travis Minor13228
RB TOTAL79691242751328755101
Chris Chambers211211411115
James McKnight111216
Oronde Gadsden11
Dedric Ward11
Cris Carter213
Robert Baker0
WR TOTAL21231115252126
Randy McMichael13111111111
Jed Weaver1315
Desmond Clark0
TE TOTAL1311111141116