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Footballguys Staff Bio: Craig Zumsteg

Craig Zumsteg's mug


Age: 40

Birthplace: Seattle

Education: University of Arizona, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Occupation: Househusband

Hometown: Elmsford, NY

Family: Married with 1.0 wives and 2.0 children.

Years playing fantasy football: One. Just the one.

Favorite FF smack talk: None. I let my mediocre performance speak for itself.

Years writing about fantasy football: Four. Somehow, I started writing about it before playing it.

Favorite FBG feature: Anything by Jene Bramel, as he's the best at cutting through all the NFL injury B.S.

Organized football experience: Does organizing a viewing party count?

Favorite NFL team: New England Patriots

Favorite college team: I don't understand how anyone has time for college sports.

Favorite fan moment: Malcolm. Butler.

Favorite player of all time: Haven't really had one single favorite since Welker left New England.

NFL rule(s) I would change if I could: No doubt, players should be allowed to celebrate. Some taunting should slide by too.

Favorite movie(s): Dolls. Stuart Gordon's horror movie about killer, well, you can probably figure it out. No joke, it's a great movie.

Favorite musical genres/albums/artists: Wuss rock like Wilco, The National, Lucero.

What I read: An unhealthy mix of crime mysteries, zombies, and anything having to do with risk, uncertainty, gambling, or the fallacies of the human brain.

Hobbies: Tinkering beyond my abilities on my house.

Favorite TV show(s): Seinfeld absolutely at the top, then maybe the Simpsons, Better Call Saul, The Goldbergs.

Least favorite household chore: Trying to quash the ant rebellion that rises up in the kitchen every few weeks.

Dream job: This, but with more ice cream.

Quote: "No way, why should I change? He's the one who sucks." -Michael Bolton, Office Space