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Footballguys Staff Bio: Justin Bonnema

Justin Bonnema's mug


Age: 36

Birthplace: Iowa

Education: University of South Dakota, Madison Media Institute

Occupation: Writer

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Family: Married with two cats.

Years playing fantasy football: 12

Years writing about fantasy football: Heading into year number seven.

Favorite FBG feature: Maurile Tremblay's Interactive Value Charts, and the Data Dominator

Organized football experience: Madden NFL #AllMadden

Favorite NFL team: Dallas Cowboys by choice. Tennessee Titans by proximity.

Favorite college team: Wisconsin Badgers (I didn't attend UW but I lived in Madison for a few years. Great town and impossible not to fall in love with all things Badgers)

Favorite fan moment: Watching the Dallas Cowboys comeback and almost defeat the Packers. It didn't work out but it's the proudest I've been as a fan in several years.

Favorite player of all time: Dez Bryant

NFL rule(s) I would change if I could: The Calvin Johnson rule, obviously, but I'm also in favor of eliminating the coin toss.

Favorite movie(s): Rounders, Snatch, Boiler Room, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Office Space

Favorite musical genres/albums/artists: Indie rock, classic country, underground hip hop, highlights: Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams, Radio Head, Sage Francis

What I read: Faces

Hobbies: Photography, mixology, cooking and occasionally creating music.

Favorite TV show(s): Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, the first three seasons of Dexter, West Wing, Friday Night Lights, Westword, The Wire

Least favorite household chore: Cat litter related things.

Dream job: Food and beverage writer

Quote: "Write drunk; edit sober" - Ernest Hemingway

What are the names of your cats?: Cosmo Brown Schwartau-Bonnema is the older one. He's six. Dexter Megatron Schwartau-Bonnema is four. They enjoy steak, open windows and running around the backyard.

Which of these cats is your favorite.: It's impossible to pick and I love them equally for different reasons. I will say that Dexter is very special to me and he has really cool stripes.

Do you see yourself acquiring a third cat?: It's something that my wife and I have talked about but we're just not at that point in our lives. Frankly, our house is barely big enough for the four of us when you consider we need two home offices, and the cats require a large box for defecation purposes. Maybe when we upgrade to something bigger we'll consider a third one.

What's your favorite time signature?: 6/8. Definitely 6/8.