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Dec 19 2007
2007 Volume#23 - The Five Minute Drill - Fantasy Football 2008 Mock Draft (#23)
As 2007 winds down, The Drill performs an early mock draft of the top 12 picks for 2008. With so much turnover in fantasy football's top 10 every season, there will be plenty of tough calls to make -- even the first pick is up in the air. Still, we think we've got a bead on where everyone from Adrian Peterson to Joe Addai to Randy Moss belongs heading into next year. The NFL offseason starts here at the 5 Minute Drill!
Dec 13 2007
2007 Volume#22 - The Five Minute Drill - Fantasy Football College Bowl Preview (#22)
Newsflash: there are a lot of college bowl games on TV over the holidays. This week, The Drill helps you pare down your viewing schedule by highlighting the college players most likely to have a major impact on fantasy football in 2008. Colt Brennan, Mike Hart, Malcolm Kelly, and others will make their mark next year, and we'll help you form your own early scouting report.
Dec 5 2007
2007 Volume#21 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 14: What Almost Was & What Will Be (#21)
It's easy to forget all the little things you learned during the NFL season, especially by the time your next fantasy draft rolls around. That's why this week the Drill reviews some of the 2007 surprises and discusses their impact on next season. We'll make sure you don't forget names like Sidney Rice, D.J. Hackett, Michael Bush, and Chris Henry... a.k.a. the kinds of sleepers that'll help you bring home the '08 trophy.
Nov 28 2007
2007 Volume#20 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 13: The Final Push (#20)
Unless you're one of the lucky few who's already locked up a playoff spot, this is a crucial week for your fantasy football team. To help you make that final push for the postseason, we're focusing on the key players to start and sit. Owners of Thomas Jones, Reggie Bush, Steve Smith, Vince Young and others have tough line-up decisions this week -- fortunately, the Drill is here to help.
Nov 21 2007
2007 Volume#19 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 12: Giving Thanks (#19)
Thanks to the Jets for remembering why they traded for Thomas Jones, and thanks to the schedule-makers for making Tampa Bay's schedule oh-so-enticing down the stretch. We could go on, but you get the idea - during this, the week of giving thanks, The Drill takes stock of the plays and situations for which we're thankful... and a few others to which fantasy owners should say "no thanks."
Nov 14 2007
2007 Volume#18 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 11: Opposite Day (#18)
Rex Grossman saved the day. The Bengals defense tore it up while the Titans D was gashed all day. Oh, and rumor has it that Peyton Manning was less than stellar Sunday night. What on Earth happened to the NFL and our fantasy boxscores last weekend? Well, curl up next to the warm glow of your monitor while The Drill spins a tale about a magical event known as "Opposite Day."
Nov 7 2007
2007 Volume#17 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 10 Under the Radar (#17)
Kudos to the Patriots and Adrian Peterson for their performances, but don't let the media bonanza surrounding them distract you from lesser-known players making noise in fantasy football. This week, the Drill seeks out the running backs, a draft pick, and a penalty that deserve your attention. If the names Kolby Smith, Justin Fargas, and Maurice Morris aren't on your mind, maybe it's time for the Drill.
Oct 31 2007
2007 Volume#16 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 9 Scary Scenarios (#16)
You know what's scary? The Patriots. And the new-look Chargers with Chris Chambers. And the way Braylon Edwards is playing the NFL like a video game. However you slice it, there are plenty of teams and players to be afraid of... especially Cedric Benson and his mouth. Come celebrate Halloween Drill-style in our Week 9 fright-fest as we uncover who scares the opponents and who scares their own teammates.
Oct 24 2007
2007 Volume#15 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 8 Answering the Bell (#15)
Nobody imagined Jesse Chatman would have to serve as a feature back this year. Not many people thought much of Kevin Walter as a starter, either. And remember how many prognosticators were ready to write of the Giants' defense heading into the season? This week, The Drill takes a closer look at the fantasy football players and units rising to the occasion this season to help their team and yours.
Oct 17 2007
2007 Volume#14 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 7 Rebounds (#14)
What happened to Shaun Alexander? And Santana Moss? And how's Michael Bennett going to do for Tampa Bay now that he's coming off the Chiefs' bench? All of these questions and more are answered in our week 7 look at fantasy football's rebounders. There are players and teams who've been quiet or disappointing all season, and if you're looking for reasons why (not to mention whether they'll amount to anything), you've come to the right place. You know The Drill!
Oct 10 2007
2007 Volume#13 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 6 Longshots (#13)
During the next several weeks, finding bye week fill-ins will be crucial. That's why in this episode the Drill digs deep into the fantasy football waiver dirt to unearth the hidden gems and help you separate the diamonds from the quartz. You may have heard the name Selvin Young in Denver, but have you heard of Andre Hall? Or maybe you think Brodie eCroyle can help your team. What about Brad Smith or Ted Ginn? These players and more are discussed right here on The 5 Minute Drill!
Oct 3 2007
2007 Volume#12 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 5 Teams In Turmoil (#12)
Quarterbacks like Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington are racking up fantasy points while players like David Carr and Philip Rivers struggle. Along with injuries to stars like Santana Moss and the recovery of backs like Kevin Jones, these developments have made the fantasy fortunes of several teams go topsy-turvy. This week the Drill examines 10 teams in transition and/or turmoil and helps fantasy football players tell their fortunes.
Sep 28 2007
2007 Volume#10 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 4 New World Order (#10)
Fantasy football isn't about panicking from week to week, but we also have to accept that change is part of the game. Our "New World Order" special looks under the hood of some of the new and surprising developments through week 3 of the NFL season to see which ones are built to last and which ones may go up in smoke.
Sep 26 2007
2007 Volume#9 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 4 Preparation (#9)
So much happened in week 3 of NFL action that we couldn't wait to bring you our preparation show heading into week 4. QBs have been benched, running backs have been hurt, and stunning wideouts are emerging. On top of all of that, the bye week cycle has begun. The 5 Minute Drill will help you make sense of the sudden flurry of fantasy football chaos.
Sep 21 2007
2007 Volume#8 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 3 Preparation (#8)
In This Episode: In our second show of the week, The 5 Minute Drill breaks down the most intriguing NFL games from last weekend and offers some short-term and long-term advice on managing your roster. The fantasy football season's still taking shape, so you'll want to see what we have to say about the running game in Oakland, the passing game in Pittsburgh, and why Cedric Benson didn't prove a thing last week. 0-2? 2-0? Either way, this Drill's for you!
Sep 19 2007
2007 Volume#7 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 3 Mailbag (#7)
In This Episode: In a special mailbag episode, The 5 Minute Drill answers the burning fantasy football questions posted by the audience on the footballguys.com message boards. Heading into week 3, we respond to queries about the Andre Johnson knee injury, the disappointing seasons of Laurence Maroney and Maurice Jones-Drew, waiver wire rookies to keep an eye on, and more!
Sep 14 2007
2007 Volume#6 - The Five Minute Drill - Week 2 Preparations (#6)
In This Episode: Whether you won or lost big after week 1, it's important not to overreact. The Drill's second episode of the week evaluates the big names who surprised or disappointed us and how this changes their outlook for the upcoming matchups.
Sep 12 2007
2007 Volume#5 - The Five Minute Drill - Week One Waiver Special (#5)
In This Episode: It's always important to build depth -- and even find some potential starters -- for your fantasy football team from the waiver wire. In the first of two episodes this week, The Drill breaks down the available players to be added and avoided.
Sep 5 2007
2007 Volume#4 - The Five Minute Drill - Week One Preparation (#4)
In This Episode: Heading into week 1, fantasy football players usually face some of their toughest decisions of the year. The 5 Minute Drill sifts through the uncertainty and unanswered questions so you can start the best lineup possible to begin the season.
Aug 29 2007
2007 Volume#3 - The Five Minute Drill - Drafting Quarterbacks and Tight Ends (#3)
In This Episode: Reliable quarterbacks and tight ends are the key to consistent fantasy football point production. In the third The Five Minute Drill draft special, Cecil and Sigmund reveal the secrets of this year's crop and provide tips for your kicker and defense. Catch our final Draft Special to make sure you pluck the right guys at the right time.
Aug 22 2007
2007 Volume#2 - The Five Minute Drill - Drafting Wide Receivers (#2)
In This Episode: Of all the fantasy football positions, wide receiver is one of the hardest to predict year-to-year. In the second of The Five Minute Drill's 3 draft specials, hosts Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom cut through the confusion to provide a winning receiver draft strategy. This year's studs, sleepers, and busts can be found right here in our WR Draft Special.
Aug 14 2007
2007 Volume#1 - The Five Minute Drill - Drafting Running Backs (#1)
In This Episode: Cecil Lammey covers the offseason news you need to know to Dominate Your Draft! Today Cecil breaks down the top RBs in the league from a fantasy perspective.
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