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WR Tyrell Williams - San Diego Chargers

6-4, 205Born: 2-12-1992College: Western OregonDrafted: ---

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17 vs KC 62 0 0 0 7 6 70 0 0 7

Recent Game Summaries

2016 Week 17 vs KC (7 / 6 / 70 / 0 rec)

Williams has become a master at the crossing route, constantly beating defenders off the line and coming over the field wide open time after time. He always seems open on crossing patterns, and he's typically being trailed by a defensive back who wasn't quick enough off the line to keep up with him. His usual crossing route over the middle picked up 20 for his second catch of the game, and added several more to eclipse the 1,000-yard receiving mark for the first time in his career. He was targeted once on a deep ball, but the pass had almost no chance of being completed. Depending on what San Diego does in the upcoming draft, Williams will pair with Keenan Allen in 2017 to form quite a formidable duo in the San Diego passing game.

2016 Week 16 vs CLE (9 / 4 / 64 / 1 rec)

Williams hasn't quite seen the volume of targets in his direction that he was seeing earlier in the season, but he has learned to become very efficient with the ones he is seeing. He picked up 27 yards on a crossing route over the middle early on. He turned up the sideline and actually sought out contact with the defender to try and fight for more yardage. In the second half, he turned in consecutive nice receptions - the first a 20-yard gain to convert a 3rd and ten pass play. And the next went for 16 yards despite taking a big hit at the end of the sliding grab. That hit forced him to the sideline where he was seen squatting on the ground in apparent pain. But he returned soon thereafter to demonstrate his tremendous athleticism on a goal line pass play. San Diego has tried getting the ball to Williams in the red zone on many occasions this season, with varying success. On this play, he ran a crossing route from right to left as Philip Rivers flipped a floater up over his head. Williams reached up, cradled the ball with one hand against his body, and secured it for the score. This wasn't simply a case of batting the ball to himself or getting lucky; he showed tremendously soft hands in guiding it all the way in. He nearly added a second score late in the fourth quarter that could have gone for the game-winner, but the pass from Rivers was knocked away by a defender at the last second. If the ball had led him a bit more, he might have hauled it in. But the pass seemed to get there a split second late.

2016 Week 15 vs OAK (9 / 4 / 20 / 0 rec)

Williams had a rough game, with his first catch coming with 1:47 remaining in the first half, a minimal gain on a quick out to the sideline (where he was drilled by a defender). He had earlier dropped what would have been a really nice gain on an outside curl. The ball was thrown right where it needed to be, but Williams didn't quite stretch his arms far enough and it bounced off incomplete. In the second half, he took a swing pass for a nice gain up the sideline and followed that up with a tough third down conversion where he needed two yards and fought to get three. But it was his final reception that was his undoing. He made a grab on a third down crossing route and appeared headed for the first down, but the defender absolutely stuck the hit and drove Williams backward before he could reach the marker. He left the game and did not return, and afterwards it was reported he was in the concussion protocol. If he is unable to go next week, Dontrelle Inman would become the team's clear-cut top option in terms of the wide receiver passing game.

2016 Week 14 vs CAR (5 / 2 / 68 / 0 rec)

Williams was the target of an early deep ball down the sideline that never really had a great chance of being completed. It was a 50-50 ball thrown into traffic, and Williams hasn't really shown a propensity to regularly bring those in a la some San Diego receivers of recent years like Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd. Williams did, however, somewhat salvage his fantasy performance with a deep ball reception down the sideline for 46 yards soon afterwards. After Carolina had jumped offsides, Rivers took a shot downfield to Williams, who positioned himself well this time to bring in the catch even though there were now TWO defenders covering him. He added another reception on a short crossing route in the second half. The ball was actually thrown a bit behind him, but he reached back and got it, and looked like he was shot from a cannon as he darted up the left side for 22 yards.

2016 Week 13 vs TB (4 / 2 / 47 / 1 rec)

Williams entered the game questionable to play with a shoulder after only practicing once all week. He didn't so much as see a target until midway through the third quarter, and dropped that one. Even Dontrelle Inman had hauled in a long score early on and was doing more in the passing game. But just when Williams appeared on his way to a goose egg, he ran a really nice route by head-faking the defender off of him. He broke back outside, and Rivers floated one deep in the end zone that actually hung up a bit so Williams had to wait for it to come down. But he had beaten his man so badly that it didn't matter. After that score, he added just one more reception on a short comeback sideline route. Williams was also the target on Rivers' first interception, a pass that the defender got in front of and batted up in the air where it was picked off by another defender.

2016 Week 12 vs HOU (14 / 8 / 70 / 1 rec)

The entire San Diego offense pretty much ran through Williams all game long until his injury. He made a tough grab with the defender all over him on an inside slant on the first pass of the game, and it only got better from there. Defenders trailed Williams on quick slants and crossing routes all game long, as usual. He showed good hands in going up and snatching one out of mid-air despite the ball being on him a bit quicker than he might have anticipated. And soon after, he displayed tremendous athleticism and concentration to haul in the post route for the score from 21 yards out. He did a great job of catching it all hands despite the defender's hands right in his face. Williams registered his career-best eight reception on a crossing route midway through the third quarter, but that was his last big contribution of the afternoon. Shortly after that catch, he was targeted along the sideline on a back shoulder fade. It appeared the defender knocked it away, but replays showed he simply dropped the ball. It would have been a tough catch, but it was a catch he should have made and was a clear drop. Soon after that one, he went high over the middle but the ball was thrown a bit behind him. It deflected into the waiting arms of a defender for the interception. And to cap off the rough second half, he went high for a pass in the fourth quarter and came down grimacing in pain. He left the field with the trainer and did not return. It was later reported that he had suffered an arm injury, but there were no immediate updates available.

2016 Week 10 vs MIA (11 / 5 / 125 / 1 rec)

With Travis Benjamin out with an injury, there was no question who would be the go-to guy for Philip Rivers in this game. And for most of the afternoon, these two connected well en route to a big game for Williams. But late in the game, they kind of lost their mojo a bit and it ended up costing them a win in a game they led late. Williams didn't register his first catch until about ten minutes remained in the first half. He was falling down as he hauled it in to ensure he secured the pass, so there wasn't anything to be had after the catch. In the second half, he began attacking the middle of the field as he often does, with crossing routes and slants. He was making it look easy picking up decent yardage after the catch as well. After San Diego got down near the goal line, Williams was the target of a corner fade that probably would have gone for an easy score, but the defender held him. That set up a first and goal, and two plays later Williams again found himself the target of an end zone fade, this time across the back line. Except Williams never found the ball, and the defender made a perfect play to go up high for the interception. On the ensuing San Diego possession, Williams made two huge catches. The first was a key first down grab following a sack where he went high in the air to haul in a crossing route. Soon after, he was the beneficiary of a perfect touch pass from Philip Rivers that was dropped right in his lap over the top of the defense. Williams did the rest in outracing the defense to the end zone for the 51-yard score. That play gave San Diego a brief lead, but the defense was unable to hold. Following a game-tying field goal by Miami and the Chargers knocking on the doorstep of the end zone, Rivers fired a pass intended for Williams that was intercepted for a pick-six. And on the ensuing desperation drive, Rivers was picked again looking for Williams (this time even screaming at him for not coming back to the football, displaying the lack of communication the two still have at times).

2016 Week 9 vs TEN (7 / 6 / 65 / 1 rec)

As was the case for the majority of the San Diego passing game, Williams did most of his damage prior to halftime. He has been bothered by a knee injury in recent weks, but he looked healthy in picking up 12 yards on a quick slant for his first catch of the game. He then closed out the first quarter with a tough grab falling away from the defender on a back shoulder fade for another 19. In the second quarter, he managed to find the end zone. On multiple occasions this season, the Chargers have targeted Williams near the goal line and have mostly failed to punch it across. In this one, he grabbed a quick slant (that was actually thrown a bit behind him) and did a great job of plucking it out of the air before lunging into the end score for the score. He added two more quick inside slants over the middle for decent yardage before Melvin Gordon and the running game basically took over the game late. Williams isn't on the talent level that Keenan Allen was, but he has very adequately replaced Allen's production in the passing game thus far and has proven to be a viable weapon for Philip Rivers.

2016 Week 8 vs DEN (6 / 1 / 4 / 0 rec)

Williams was questionable to play in the game, and had missed a lot of practice time during the week. Couple that with the tough defense he was facing, and it wouldn't have been a stretch to see Williams have a quiet game. His owners may not have been prepared for just HOW quiet it would be. He wasn't even targeted until early in the second quarter, but the defense was right on him very quickly and gave him no room to run. He later had a crossing route bounce off his hands for an interception. It looked like the ball got on him a bit quicker than he expected, and the throw was a bit high. But it still should have been caught. Soon after, he bobbled another one on a crossing route. It wasn't intercepted, but this time he looked to be in a lot of pain as he hit the ground. There weren't a lot of immediate updates on his condition, but he managed to come back out for the second half although he didn't catch any passes. About the only time all game he came close to anything of significance was early on a crossing route where he picked up about a 20-yard gain. But that catch was negated by an illegal formation flag on San Diego.

2016 Week 7 vs ATL (10 / 7 / 140 / 0 rec)

Despite a few inconsistent performances, Williams appears to have a high upside on a weekly ongoing basis. He took over early in this game, bringing in a short crossing route and getting up the field for a first down on his first reception. Soon after, he beat a linebacker in single coverage deep down the field for a 49-yard catch to the 10-yard line. Rivers hoisted a floater, and Williams just ran it down for the big play. He continued to wreak havoc over the middle on slants and crossing routes. On one play, he did a terrific job of reading his blocks and showed some really nice skills after the catch to pick up an additional fifteen yards despite the defense seemingly having him covered. Late in the game, he saw another deep target and it was really the only time his name was called in the second half. A good defensive play knocked the ball away at the last second. He followed that up with a touch catch midway through the fourth quarter with a defender hanging all over him. That catch put the ball down to the 5-yard line and helped convert a key third down play.

2016 Week 6 vs DEN (3 / 3 / 28 / 0 rec)

Williams has explosive potential each week, but to this point he has been inconsistent on a week-to-week basis. The stifling Denver secondary is likely at least partly to blame for this week's sub-par performance. Williams made a terrific grab on a floater thrown over his shoulder near the sideline. He had beaten his man off the jump, so the only question was whether he'd be able to actually find the ball in time. He made a terrific adjustment with the ball in the air to put his body in the right place to catch it, and despite juggling it a bit he managed to cradle it in before reaching the sideline. Williams came close to scoring from close range, catching a short crossing route inside the 5-yard line. But he was dragged down from behind as the defender was right on him. It was the second time in three weeks that Williams was targeted from near the goal line and came up just a bit shy of the end zone.

2016 Week 5 vs OAK (6 / 5 / 117 / 1 rec)

Williams was involved early on, with a quick inside slant reception for minimal gain on the first drive. It was only a few yards, but he was at least involved very early unlike last week. He made sure this was going to be an effective fantasy game when he hauled in a 29-yard strike down the seam in the end zone for the first Charger touchdown of the game, as two defenders badly trailed him. In the second half, he hauled in a long reception down the seam for 50 yards as two defenders once again trailed him. He was consistently beating double teams, and looked outstanding in the game. Late in the contest, he added another grab down the sideline. He beat his man on the double move and ran right by him after a slight hesitation. The pass from Rivers hung up just a bit, but Williams had beaten his man so badly that he had time to wait for it to come back down, readjust, and still haul it in for a nice gain.

2016 Week 4 vs NO (8 / 5 / 40 / 0 rec)

The young wideout was given a lot of hype leading into this matchup. The up-and-comer who has seemingly taken the reins as San Diego's top target in the passing game was squaring off against a very poor defense in a game that was supposed to feature an offensive explosion. The script didn't quite go according to plan, as Williams wasn't even mentioned in the first half. Meanwhile, teammate Dontrelle Inman was getting all the looks in the passing game, including a 57-yard touchdown reception. In fact, Williams wasn't even mentioned until early in the second half and it was for a negative reason (a false start penalty). He finally recorded his first reception midway through the third quarter, a 12-yard quick slant. Soon after he saw another target down the field with a diving attempt. The ball fell incomplete, but more importantly the defender sort of landed on him as he hit the ground, and he briefly left the game with some sort of arm injury. Upon return, he made two more nice grabs - one on a comeback and one a sliding grab near the end zone. He showed excellent hands in particular on the second one, snatching the ball that was thrown a bit out in front of him while he slid to the ground. A few plays later the Chargers had the ball at the goal line. While just about the whole stadium expected Melvin Gordon to get a handoff, Philip Rivers turned and fired a quick screen to Williams who caught it at the 1-yard line. A terrific tackle by the defender was the only reason Williams was unable to cross the plane for the score. It's important though to remember that they tried to get it to him on first down.

2016 Week 3 vs IND (9 / 6 / 69 / 0 rec)

Williams had a rough start to his day, dropping what would have been an easy first down conversion on third and long. On a crossing route, the defender was trailing him and there was a lot of room to roam in front, but the ball bounced off his hands. A few plays later, he was targeted along the sideline on a comeback route but couldn't bring that one in either. He wasn't thrown to again the rest of the half. In the second half, however, he really picked it up. He brought in a crossing route in stride for 22 over the middle, a similar play to the first one he had dropped on the team's opening drive. He quickly picked up 19 more on another crossing route, and the Colts were suddenly having some trouble keeping up with him. Williams was targeted twice in a row near the end zone, once on a 6-yard cross to the 4-yard line where he was quickly surrounded by Colts. And on the ensuing play, he looked to be open on a crossing route to the left side but River didn't see him in time. By the time the ball got there, the defender was already on top of the play (plus the ball was thrown too low anyway). Later in the game, he converted a huge third down and six pass play for seven yards and another quick slant inside for 11 yards kept the clock moving. It was Williams, not Travis Benjamin, who was seeing the majority of the key receptions with the game on the line.

2016 Week 2 vs JAX (6 / 3 / 61 / 1 rec)

Williams did not start the game across from Benjamin but he did the most damage outside of him. His biggest play came when he took a short crossing route to the house after leaving Paul Posluzny in the dust and then outrunning several bad angles to the goal line, where he would then break 2 tackles to cross the goal line. His volume was nothing to balk at but he made the most of his chances.

2016 Week 1 vs KC (5 / 2 / 71 / 0 rec)

Williams had 2 catches for 71 yards on 5 targets today and becomes an interesting name going forward with the injury to Allen. Williams has already almost matched his 90 total yards from last year and figures to see a lot more action. Williams reeled in a 38-yard pass from Rivers in the longest play from scrimmage for the Chargers on the day. Williams has the size and speed to make a difference for the Chargers this year but needs to work on his route running and chemistry with Rivers.


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